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E juice Dekang Gold Cristal Menthol E juice Dekang  Gold Cristal Menthol
Price: €1.99 €4.20

E Liquid Dekang Gold Cristal Menthol Designed with a unique technology, using only natural high quality ingredients, Dekang Gold label series embodies unique flavors and aromas and will provide an unforgettable taste sensation with soaring elec...

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E Juicy Feellife Gold Uk E Juicy Feellife Gold Uk
Price: €4.99 €10.00
Great taste of tobacco. Reminders brand cigarettes , B & H 30ml
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EirHorse LM x 10 Special Deal EirHorse LM  x 10 Special Deal
Price: €20.00

Special Deal - EirHorse LM eliquid 10 BOTTLES FOR ONLY EUR20.00 EirHorse LM is ideal for those who prefer traditional tobacco flavours.

EirHorse Starter Kits plus 20 e liquids  EirHorse Starter Kits plus 20 e liquids
Price: €69.00

Buy E Cigarette Stareter Kits EirHorse and grab 20 x E Liquids EirHorse Extra Free

EirHorse Platinum PLUS  EirHorse Platinum PLUS
Price: €9.99

The EirHorse Platinum PLUS is the new upgraded version of EirHorse Platinum. The upgraded product offers a shorter glass drip tip for a more stylish and more optimal way of vaping.

Giga Shot 40 x liquid Giga Shot 40 x liquid
Price: €78.99
Buy 40 x 10ml E Liquids Choose any e liquids . Write Their names under Comments . Eirhorse e liquids , first in Ireland , have been tested by CMA Laboratory ( Trinity College Dublin) . Made from Propylene glycol 98.95 % fragrance and deionized water ...
Dekang Green Tea 30ml ! Dekang Green Tea  30ml !
Price: €2.99 €8.50
E liquid Green Tea 30ml Offer valid while stocks last
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Clearomizer CE6 Clearomizer CE6
Price: €4.99 €7.50
An elegant Clearomizer 2,5ml CE6 is an e-smoking system intended for the most demanding e-smokers. Due to its construction, Clearomized CE6 creates lots of dense smoke and gives the perfect taste of nicotine liquid. The number of air holes was reduce...
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EirHorse E Cig Platinum PLUS New!!!! EirHorse E Cig Platinum PLUS New!!!!
Price: €29.99

The EirHorse Platinum PLUS is the new upgraded version of Platinum . The upgraded product offers a shorter glass drip tip for a more stylish and more optimal way of vaping. Also it brings a bigger airflow which in turn will allow you to enjoy larger vapor puffs with more flavor. The airflow control base can be locked as this will prevent the airflow to be adjusted freely. It is built for pleasure and performance of the highest standard.

Vape Rover Tank clearomizer Vape Rover Tank clearomizer
Price: €9.99 €14.99
Description The Rover tank kit by Boge is their latest carto-tank. Normally cartomisers draw their air through a central tube running the length of the cartomiser body. In the case of the Rover, it uses specially designed narrow 1.6-1.8ohm cartomiser...
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eRoll e cig Battery  eRoll e cig Battery
Price: €4.99 €10.00

3.7v constant voltage output, intensified short circuit protection, atomizer protection, low voltage protection, 90mAh high-safety, and high-stability dedicated lithium battery

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5 X EirHorse Without Nicotine 5 X EirHorse Without Nicotine
Price: €10.00

5 X E Liquids Nicotine FREE . Use as an alternative to nicotine liquids, or simply as an inexpensive way of trying out new flavours.

4 x Dekang Premium Series 4 x Dekang Premium Series
Price: €2.99 €5.99

4 X ELIQUIDS 10 ml- Four-season DEKANG is introducing a new line of PREMIUM VAPOR FLAVOR (PVF) Liquids « Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter » are made from an original recipe and developed. Official partner of Dekang ...

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E Cigarette EirHorse Titanium Pink New E Cigarette EirHorse Titanium Pink New
Price: €18.99

EirHorse Pink Titanium for women. EirHorse is a superior e-cigarette specially designed for women, sleek, and extremely unique.

Multi-Pack 25 x for the eRoll /eGo C Multi-Pack 25 x for the eRoll /eGo C
Price: €14.99

Replacement atomizer for the eRoll /eGo C comes in a pack of 5. Available in standard resistance and low resistance.

Mega Shot 15 X E Liquid Mega Shot 15 X E Liquid
Price: €33.90

BUY 15x E LIQUID EIRHORSE/ DEKANG SILVER 10ml ONLY € 33,90!!! (2,26 unit)  Choose any fifteen e-liquids and write their names under Comments.

Clearomizer EirHorse Titanium 1.8ml Clearomizer EirHorse Titanium 1.8ml
Price: €6.99

Clearomizer EirHorse Titanium with improved air flow through holes located at the bottom provides greater satisfaction with e-smoking. The use of metal parts and placing the fiber inside the device makes the EirHorse Titanium claromizer even more Fea...

Innokin iTaste DRV Kit Innokin iTaste DRV Kit
Price: €89.00

The DRV is designed solely for vaping in the car. It is a perfect vaping device that offers comfort, convenience and extensive features while you are on the road.

Our rich experience can help your business idea in the field of e-liquids or e cig. Constantly we collect feedback from the several companies with which we co-operate to guarantee the development of not only new combinations of flavors but so new technology. Constantly expanding our machin-ery park in order to meet the new demands placed by our customers.


E-liquids - a chemical mixture intended for refilling in e cigarettes.

Below we present answers to frequently asked questions about this topic.

The main components of most e liquids are:

Propylene glycol (PG)

- The carrier substance nicotine and aroma. Widely used in medicines and cosmetics for everyday use.

Glycerin (VG)

- The substance that can be used instead of the PG - is more dense and therefore it is worse transported to the heater heating system. E Liquid having the composition of glycerin to produce a greater amount of haze. The component of many cosmetic products.


- Used to improve the transport of E liquid in a heating system that E cigarette by reducing the density of the fluid.

Flavors taste

- Natural or synthetic substances intended to imitate the taste of e liquid concrete. These same flavors are used in the food industry

Flavor Enhancers

- Used to enhance the taste sensation. They are used in the manufacture of foodstuffs.

The descriptions e liquids can also meet the following indications:

100% PG - base entirely based on propylene glycol. The fluid is thinner and thus better transported in the heating system

 70/30 80/20 - ratio of PG to VG - e liquids maintain their good transport properties and in addition the haze is more dense than the e liquid-based entirely on propylene glycol.

100% VG - For people allergic to PG, e Liquid based entirely on glycerine. It usually contains small amounts of alcohol in order to improve transport e juice in heating systems.
  • How to choose the power of e liquid?

Power is the content of nicotine in the e liquid.

It is difficult to accurately translate the nicotine content in e cigs and e liquid. Traditional cigarette contains nicotine in addition, other additives that also make the body and affect its absorption. In the first few days you will feel "hunger" due to the discontinuation of these substances. More in the section quitting smoking

If you were burning a day 20 traditional cigarettes in a light version. The appropriate dose should be e liquids with a capacity of approx. 11 mg / ml. So it was in my case.

However, I recommend to start with the purchase of at least 2-3 bottles of e juice.
  • Another method:

Check that the nicotine content is your favorite analog cigarette (frame on the side of the package)
if it is, for example. 0,8mg to multiply this value by the number of cigarettes smoked per day. The result is a daily dose of nicotine.
0,8mg x 20 = 18mg - a suitable liquid should be the nicotine content of from 16mg / ml to 24mg / ml

The following list is a big simplification, but it should be helpful in the purchase of the first e liquid. As I wrote above, I suggest to buy at least one bottle with more power. In the first period will be the best bottle of 10 ml (until you find your favorite brand or flavor)

The most common concentrations are:

18 - 24 mg / ml - high- strong (red) traditional cigarettes

12 -16 mg / ml - medium - light (blue) traditional cigarettes

6 - 8 mg / ml - Light-super-light (silver?) Traditional cigarettes.

0 mg / ml - e liquids without nicotine. Useful for people to quit smoking.

"A cigarette is the perfect example of pleasure" - say those who appreciate the ritual of smoking. Smoking regular cigarettes but often unpleasant for the environment - bad smell settles not only on the hair and clothes, but also furniture. Traditional cigarettes are expensive - meanwhile E Cig is an expense that pays for itself. Contributions to the E Cig are in fact cheaper than normal cigarettes. The dynamic development of electronic smoking in Ireland and throughout the world proves to the fact that this is not just a temporary fashion, but the modern way to a comfortable smoking.

We offer high quality E Cig. We try to meet the expectations of the customer, so we offer only proven companies and branded products. E Cig is a device through which you can get rid of the odor that accompanies ordinary cigarettes. Odorless smoke contains harmful substances, so the E Cig is a possibility of smoking in the presence of loved ones. The family can breathe quite literally - home ceases to be smoky. E Cig does not leave the scent on your hands or clothes. This is comfort, which you can afford. E Cigarettes is definitely a healthier alternative because it does not emit carcinogens. Despite the fact that the one-time cost of e-cigarettes seem bigger - it soon becomes clear that the expense is cost effective. E Liquids e cig are in fact cheaper. Proposal? E cigarettes are not only healthier, but efficient.E Cig EirHorse a chance to return to good health and improve the quality of hair and skin. No poisonous substances causes that smoking does not adversely affect the whiteness of teeth. The ritual of smoking remains the same - e cig resembles a normal cigarette, the only difference is that you do not need to knock off the ash from it. Who is the E Cig? For smokers who appreciate comfort smoking and for those who want to reduce smoking. We invite you to read the offer and choose a model that will meet individual needs.



Shopping online are amazing. You can get several brands and products from different sellers all in one place. You can get in on the latest international trends without spending money on airfare. In our online shop A far greater selection of e cigarettes and e liquids than you will find locally are at your disposal. Apart from that, the stock is much more plentiful. Better prices. Cheap deals and better prices are available in our shop online because e cig and e liquid come to you directly from the manufacturer or dealer, without an intermediary. Our e cig store offers discount coupons and rebates as well.

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