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E juice Dekang Gold Cristal Menthol E juice Dekang  Gold Cristal Menthol
Price: €1.99 €4.20

E Liquid Dekang Gold Cristal Menthol Designed with a unique technology, using only natural high quality ingredients, Dekang Gold label series embodies unique flavors and aromas and will provide an unforgettable taste sensation with soaring elec...

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Electronic Cigarette eGo CE8 Electronic Cigarette eGo CE8
Price: €29.99 €49.00

Highly reliable electronic cigarette. Everything you need to quit smoking cigarettes and start e smoking. A good set for everyone who smokes a lot. That cigarette combine unique, stringless CE8 clearomizer with 1100mah battery

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Perfect E Cig Starter Kit Perfect E Cig Starter Kit
Price: €19.99

Whether you're looking for the perfect e cig starter kit ? Just found it !!!! 1 x Clearomizer Platinum 1 x Battery 1100mAh 1 x USB Charger , 1 x Coil Head, 1 x E Liquid. Best price, best quality.

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E Liquid Usa-Mix-Menthol x 10 E Liquid Usa-Mix-Menthol x 10
Price: €20.00

Special Deal-EirHorse E Liquid UsaMix-Menthol 10 Bottles For Only eur 20. EirHorse UsaMix-Menthol is ideal for those who prefer traditional tobacco-menthol mix flavours.

EirHorse Starter Kits plus 20 e liquids  EirHorse Starter Kits plus 20 e liquids
Price: €69.00

Buy E Cigarette Stareter Kits EirHorse and grab 20 x E Liquids EirHorse Extra Free

E Cig Clearomizer EirHorse Platinum Plus E Cig Clearomizer EirHorse Platinum Plus
Price: €9.99

The EirHorse E Cig Clearomizer Platinum Plus is the new upgraded version of EirHorse Platinum. The upgraded product offers a shorter glass drip tip for a more stylish and more optimal way of vaping.

Giga Shot 40 x e liquid Giga Shot 40 x e liquid
Price: €78.99

Buy 40 x E Liquids 10m. If you want to save money and receive your order quickly – look no further. We offer cheapest e liquids on the market that will help you to save a lot of funds.

E Liquid Dekang Western E Liquid Dekang Western
Price: €1.99 €4.20

E Liquid Dekang Western. Bright Virginia tobacco flavor with a hint of fruit. A true taste of tobacco from the wild west.

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Clearomizer CE6 Clearomizer CE6
Price: €7.50

An elegant E Cig Clearomizer 2,5ml CE6 is intended for the most demanding e-smokers.

E Cig EirHorse Platinum  E Cig EirHorse Platinum
Price: €29.99

E Cig EirHorse Platinum it is user friendly and very simple to use. EirHorse products are renowned for their high quality.

Vape Rover Tank clearomizer Vape Rover Tank clearomizer
Price: €14.99
Description The Rover tank kit by Boge is their latest carto-tank. Normally cartomisers draw their air through a central tube running the length of the cartomiser body. In the case of the Rover, it uses specially designed narrow 1.6-1.8ohm cartomiser...
5 X EirHorse Without Nicotine 5 X EirHorse Without Nicotine
Price: €10.00

5 X E Liquids Nicotine FREE . Use as an alternative to nicotine liquids, or simply as an inexpensive way of trying out new flavours.

4 x Dekang Premium Series 4 x Dekang Premium Series
Price: €5.99

4 X ELIQUIDS 10 ml- Four-season DEKANG is introducing a new line of PREMIUM VAPOR FLAVOR (PVF) Liquids « Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter » are made from an original recipe and developed. Official partner of Dekang ...

E Cigarette EirHorse Titanium Pink New E Cigarette EirHorse Titanium Pink New
Price: €18.99

EirHorse Pink Titanium for women. EirHorse is a superior e-cigarette specially designed for women, sleek, and extremely unique.

Dekang Silver USA MIX Dekang Silver USA MIX
Price: €1.55

Best Price. Now only €1.55 .Sales until stock lasts. Tobacco blend, perfectly conveying the flavor of Marlboro. 10ml

Multi-Pack 25 x for the eRoll /eGo C Multi-Pack 25 x for the eRoll /eGo C
Price: €14.99

Replacement atomizer for the eRoll /eGo C comes in a pack of 5. Available in standard resistance and low resistance.

Mega Shot 15 X E Liquid Mega Shot 15 X E Liquid
Price: €33.90

BUY 15x E LIQUID EIRHORSE/ DEKANG SILVER 10ml ONLY € 33,90!!! (2,26 unit)  Choose any fifteen e-liquids and write their names under Comments.

Clearomizer EirHorse Titanium 1.8ml Clearomizer EirHorse Titanium 1.8ml
Price: €6.99

Clearomizer EirHorse Titanium with improved air flow through holes located at the bottom provides greater satisfaction with e-smoking. The use of metal parts and placing the fiber inside the device makes the EirHorse Titanium claromizer even more Fea...

Innokin iTaste DRV Kit Innokin iTaste DRV Kit
Price: €89.00

The DRV is designed solely for vaping in the car. It is a perfect vaping device that offers comfort, convenience and extensive features while you are on the road.

Economy e cig CE6 Economy e cig CE6
Price: €16.99

Great Value Economy electronic cigarette Starter Kit with CE6 clearomizer. In each set you will find: - 1 x 1100 mah battery - 1 x CE6 cleromizer - USB charger CE6 main advantages: - exchangable coil heads - standard heater with 2.4 ohms with short s...

Boge Nautilus Clearomizer Boge Nautilus Clearomizer
Price: €19.00

Boge Nautilus Clearomizer produces huge clouds of smoke and allows achieve the perfect taste.5 ml, the container glass and steel and adjustable air flow, puts it high in the ranking of e cigarette clearomizers


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E Cigarette-Myths and Facts


1. E cigarette burns - False


Although the name of the e cigarette somehow makes the use of the term "burn", but in fact there is no combustion in e cigarettes. Users of these devices do not inhale smoke, but only the liquid vapor in which nicotine is dissolved. It is very important difference because during combustion - the rapid oxidation - tobacco in traditional cigarettes, there are many dangerous substances to health. Scientists estimate that tobacco smoke is at least 5,000 chemicals. In an e cigarettes their number was reduced to just a few. This makes it easier to assess their potential harmful or not.


2. E cigarettes harm passive smokers - False


The problem of passive smoking for the electronic cigarette is minor Indeed: if a non-smoker enters the club, which is up gray smoke after a few minutes, you come out of there, smelling smoke, and your lungs and circulatory system will react. When, however, comes up with even a tiny room in which to spend a few hours with a smoker, pish! - User of e cigarettes, only really jealous wife could feel a trace odor. Research in the Fraunhofer Wilhelm Klauditz-Institut in Braunschweig have shown that in a room where someone inhal fumes nicotine e cigarettes, detected only traces of nicotine and flavors. In the same "cloud" (before it went into the lungs of the user) was, however, four times less than the potentially dangerous substances in cigarette smoke, what's more - the ones that have been detected, there were also much lower concentration. Dr. John Ecakfeldt says: "In a room where someone is using the e cigarette, the amount of nicotine in the air is lower than the threshold of detection. This is her at least 30 times less than the analogues, and probably even a hundred times less. In 1 m3 cloud of e-nicotine cigarette is less than 100 grams of eggplant (10 mg / 100 g), and this amount is comparable with a small cauliflower ". Have you ever heard anyone advise against eating cauliflower or eggplant? Exactly.


3. Gums and inhalers contain the same nicotine that e-cigarettes - Truth


Yes. Although the ads can meet the definition 'therapeutic nicotine, "but the term" therapeutic nicotine "is purely a marketing procedure, used by manufacturers gum or inhalers. "Nicotine in the tobacco leaf, chewing, sliced and inhalers and the liquid e cigarette is the same compound. It is extracted from the extraction of tobacco. There is also no point in highlighting (as some manufacturers of liquids) that nicotine in a bottle is a natural. Synthetic nicotine indeed exist, but due to high production costs, it is used only in small quantities in laboratories "- explains Dr. John Eckfealdt , a doctor of chemistry and known in the environment of users of e-cigarettes blogger Old Chemist.


4. E Cig helps people quit smoking - Truth


Definitely help. "International Journal of Clinical Practice" has recently published the results of more than 100 users of e-cigarettes. It turned out that 78% of them completely given up smoking, although previously burnt an average of 25 cigarettes. The effectiveness of e cigs cessation, or at least reducing smoking is confirmed by the study of Italian scientists. Researchers persuaded 40 traditional cigarette smokers who do not intend to throw habit, they began to use e-cigs. We found that after six months, nine participants stopped smoking in general, of which only six limited to electronic cigarettes, and 3 gave up nicotine completely. 12% of respondents reduced the number of analog cigarettes by up to 80% (from 30 to only 3 a day), and 32% reduced the number of cigarettes smoked tobacco by half. Is the e cig to help wean the nicotine, is another matter. Used in them liquids usually contain nicotine, so help satisfy cravings without inhaling all much more harmful combustion products of tobacco. However, in the conventional cigarette addiction it plays a major role not only nicotine, but a variety of other substances conducive addiction. Dr. John Eckfealdt writes on his blog: "The tobacco is not only nicotine, which in itself is not as highly addictive as until recently it seemed. It has also surprisingly a lot of sucrose. In the course of combustion present in tobacco sugar produce it, what is necessary to addiction - acetaldehyde. This is one of the most powerful MAO inhibitors, responsible for increasing the amount of serotonin in the brain. " Moreover, by using e-cig can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine inhaled and eventually move all the fluids containing the substance.


5. E cigs are safe - False


No. Such a sentence would be an abuse. Since the electronic cigarettes appeared relatively recently, they are not known yet (and probably will not be long) long-term effects of their use. You have to remember, however, that while nicotine itself is not carcinogenic, it is, however, a potent neurotoxin, or poison. Just 60 to 100 mg of pure nicotine to kill a man. The much smaller doses also are not neutral. After getting into the lungs, causes almost immediate detrimental to the health of the body's response - the blood vessels become narrow and the heart rate accelerates. Such changes over time, cause permanent weakening of the cardiovascular system. So if you do not smoke, do not reach for e-cigarettes. On each box with the device it is information that says that it is intended for smokers. But if you smoke analogs, especially if you smoke a lot of them, more and more published research suggests that electronic alternatives are much less dangerous than tobacco. Some official authorities, including the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), warn against the use of e-cigarettes, indicating eg. The fact that there is no evidence that they are safe. On the other hand there is also evidence that it is safe bike riding and eating donuts. Above all, we have countless evidence that traditional cigarettes are deadly. So it would be best to give up nicotine completely. If you can not do that, reach for the e-cigarette. According to those who switched, you will feel better. And when they come to light any new facts related to their harmfulness, we will let you know.


6. Electronic cigarettes contain tar - False


Tar is the most dangerous element of smoke inhaled while smoking traditional cigarettes. There are some substances such as formaldehyde (used for the maintenance of biological preparations), arsenic, cyanide (strong poison), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and benzene. They are responsible for the formation of cancers, including particularly dangerous for men lung cancer. Tarry deposit in the lungs and bronchi and eventually are absorbed into the surrounding tissues. This is why the smoker's lungs are black, not pink. In the electronic cigarettes these dangerous substances do not arise and this is one of their biggest advantages.

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