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Thank you for visiting our shop. is one of the oldest online shops with e cigarettes in Ireland. Thanks to a many years experience on the electronic cigarette market we can offer you only top quality, certified and original products. In recent days, where e cigs became so popular and available from many sources, it is very important to make sure that the product is safe and good quality. That is extremly significant in relation to e liquids. We distribute only world best brands like EirHorse, Dekang, Feellife or Joytech. All product are fully tsted and certified. EirHorse even got independent check in Irish CMA Institute. Over the years we had build long time relation with our Suppliers so we are able to guarantee great after sale services which include warranties to all our products but also additional support for all our Customers. E Cigarettes are finding new followers every day and they became a symbol of a new, sophisticated and healthier alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. The spectrum of models and types is so wide that electronic cigarettes can satisfy almost every smoker. One of the first questions you should answer before deciding which model to choose is "How heavy smoker you are?" It really determines all your future decisions in aspect of e smoking. Modern e cigarettes with different clearomizer types suits different customers. Those who needs a strong HIT should focus on a e cig with a strong battery - minimum 1000mah and clearomizer with higher resistance and large capacity like EirHorse 2.5ml or EirHorse Titanium 1.8ml with bottom coil head. Both have replaceable coil heads. Also our CE8 stringless clearomizer is getting many positive reviews. For those who prefers simple solutions we recommend simple, standard CE4 clearomizer. It is a disposable unit with no possibility of changing heating elements. You will probably need to have spare battery and clearomizer. One of the most cost effective options is to choose one of our complete Starter Kits. You will find inside two batteries, two clearomizers and USB/wall charger and zippered case. All Starter Packs include one 10ml free liquid. On the top of that in EirHorse Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit you have additional lanyard, car charger and gift box. If you haven't decide yet what is the best for you or it is your first time with e cigarettes you can choose on of our Economy Single Sets with one battery, one clearomizer and USB charger. For comparatively small money you can try what might suits your needs. And finally the heart if the e smoking - e liquids. E jucies are commonly available in a basic five strengths: high - 24mg, medium - 18mg and 11mg, low - 6mg, and no nciotine. You can also pick your favourit flavour. There are three basic types of e liquids: tobacco, menthol and fruity tastes. You will probably have to try several different flavours before you find the most suitable. For the beginners we recomend medium or high nicotine e liquids. Nicotine doses in these are very close to the regular, tobacco cigarettes. With the time you can reduce strength untill you are finally ready to eliminate nicotine completly. If you still not sure what is the best for you and how you can start your adventure with e cigarettes, do not hesitate to contact us either calling us or by email. Our friendly staff will do the best to help you.

E Liquid Dekang Silver T-Blend

E Liquid Dekang Silver T-Blend
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   E liquid T-Blend produced by Dekang it is a composition similar to Turkish Tobacco - valued and popular everywhere in the world.

We recomend that e liquid to everyone who likes interesting flavours.

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