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We congratulate you! They actually managed to land in our e-cigarette Online Shop for eCig, e-liquids and everything else you would need as a "Vaper". Why this is a reason to congratulate and electronic-cigarette.ie is the right choice for your e-cigarette shopping, we explain towards the bottom of this page. Before that, however, we want to devote ourselves to our great passion - the vaping - and bring them closer to you.

Back steaming (MTL) vs. Lung steaming (DL) explained

With all the terms related to vaping e-cigarettes, it is very easy to lose track of things. Two terms that come up again and again are mouth-to-lung and direct-lung. What this is all about is explained below.

How do you vape properly: the two pulling techniques in e-vaping

First of all, it should be said that there is no such thing as 'correct' steam technology. However you like to draw, as long as the steam can build up in the coil and be carried into the lungs, everything is legitimate. However, two pulling techniques have emerged that are practiced by most, although it can also be said that the boundaries are quite fluid.

But for the sake of simplicity we will stick to both techniques. First of all, we have 'traditional' steaming, so to speak, which is also widely known as baking steam. Often the terms are used, in this case mouth-to-lung (MTL).

The counterpart is the direct pull on the lungs, also called 'subohm' or lung vaping. In English this is called Direct-Lung, or DL for short. This is especially important because the purchase decision is based accordingly, because the vast majority of devices are designed for one or the other type of train.

How to vape 'traditionally'

With baking steam, as the name almost suggests, the steam is first drawn into the oral cavity, then inhaled into the lungs and then blown out again at the end. You can see that this is exactly the same procedure that is used when smoking cigarettes.

Direct pulmonary pulls: the guide

With lung vaping, the steam is vaporized directly onto the lungs, virtually without stopping in the mouth. You may know this from smoking a shisha. Since it has a lower draw resistance and it produces more smoke, it can also be sucked directly into the lungs. This type of vaping now represents a large part of the market.

The technology: from subohm to airflow control

As already mentioned, you need different devices for the different pulling techniques. The only question left is what each of these devices must be able to do.

The coils: more or less than 1 ohm?

The most decisive factor in choosing the pulling technique is the resistance of the coil. They are available in a wide variety of designs and also with different resistance specifications. As the name suggests, "Subohm" refers to all coils that offer resistance below 1 ohm. They often have large openings that allow a lot of air to flow and sometimes even several heating coils to produce more steam.

In addition, such coils need very large holes in the metal jacket so that the liquid can easily flow through to the cotton, because subohm vaping uses a lot of liquid in a short time. If the inflow is insufficient, the cotton wool in the coil will burn.

Drip Tip - narrow, wide, long, short?

The drip tip, i.e. the mouthpiece, can generate resistance in addition to the atomizer head. This is why MTL drip tips are usually narrow and a little longer, while DL drip tips are short and wide and have a large opening so that there is as little air resistance as possible

Airflow Control

A final factor in drag is airflow control. Some vaporizers have a built-in one that can be continuously adjusted to some extent. MTL steamers are best to close the AFC so that the air is channeled through the narrowest possible channel. The best way to steam directly into the lungs is through a wide-open AFC. The maximum is reached with the so-called open draw, whereby the airflow control is completely open and the other factors are also designed for maximum pulling power.

Wattage numbers and batteries

Less ohm resistance means more watts output with the same number of volts and amperes. When using the device, a higher number of watts must be set for subohm vaping so that sufficient steam is actually produced to be able to draw it into the lungs. After all, the lungs have more capacity than the oral cavity.

However, higher wattages also mean higher power consumption. While traditional vapers often easily get through the day with a battery performance of a comparatively mediocre battery, subohm vapers even use double 18650 battery equipment or have to charge more frequently.

E-liquids: nicotine content and tank volume

We have already briefly touched on the development of steam, which is much more pronounced with lung vaping than with traditional vaping. As is well known, the e-liquid is vaporized with e-vaping and where there are more clouds of vapor, there is more liquid consumption. It is therefore not uncommon for the tanks of subohm vaporizers to be slightly larger, around 3-4ml upwards, while classic vaporizers easily get by with 2ml tanks.

The nicotine content in the liquid is also important. With lung vaping you also need less nicotine due to the higher liquid consumption per puff, since you inhale more per puff. In any case, it is important to know roughly your own nicotine requirements and it will definitely not do any harm to approach it slowly. The many e-liquids are available in 3 or more nicotine strengths.

Which technology is suitable for whom?

In principle, everyone has all the options available and is welcome to try everything. The rule of thumb, however, is that beginners, or especially those switching from conventional to electronic cigarettes, are more likely to be satisfied with an MTL device. The higher resistance mimics the draw resistance of normal cigarettes and the intensity of the vapor is not that high at the beginning, which is perhaps not bad if you are not used to e-vaping.

If you still haven't had enough, or if you want to become a cloud chaser, so to speak, who want to create huge clouds of steam and fog, then lung vaping is the right place for you.

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