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British Mix E liquid Eirhorse British Mix E liquid Eirhorse
Price: €3.40

British Mix E Liquid Eirhorse 10ml. I guess we've all experienced at some stage the wonderful flavor of Cigarettes. What a special aroma this is! How would you describe it? Tantalizing? Exciting? Awesome? Alluring? :) The sad thing is that most of us won't experience this anymore after quitting traditional cigarettes. E Liquid from British MixEirHorse, it is a work of art which in an amazing way lets you immerse yourself in the aroma of tobacco. Dublin - Cork - Limerick

E Liquid COSMIC FOG The Shocker E Liquid COSMIC FOG The Shocker
Price: €4.99

E Liquid The Shocker, Sweet Strawberries paired in a perfect medley of tropical fruit draw you in just in time for the shocking burst of citrus lemonade to dance along your taste buds. Whether you are trying to stay cool, or just want to remember those relaxing summer days. "The Shocker" is a must have for vapers worldwide.

Giga Shot 40 x e liquid Giga Shot 40 x e liquid
Price: €99.99

Giga Shot 40 x e liquid. Our E-Cigarette shop loves to surprise its valuable customers with best quality products, quick doorstep delivery, and unbeatable offer of the day. Yes, you see it right! Buy 40 x E Liquids 10m. If you want to save money and receive your order quickly – look no furthe. We offer cheapest e liquids on the market that will help you to save a lot of funds.

Joyetech eGo AIO Eco 1.2ml 650mAh Kit Joyetech eGo AIO Eco 1.2ml 650mAh Kit
Price: €26.99

Joyetech eGo AIO Eco 1.2ml 650mAh Kit, the all-in-one styling pen in stylish design, featuring a 1.2ml tank and innovative eco technology.

Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO Starter Kit - 1500mAh Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO Starter Kit - 1500mAh
Price: €28.99

Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO Starter Kit - 1500mAh - Aspire Ireland

The Sub Ohm Set ASPIRE PockeX is an AIO (All-In-One) device in handy pocket size. It is available in four colors, these are black, pink, white and silver. The AIO device is charged via a micro USB port on the bottom.

aSpire Zelos TC50W Full Kit aSpire Zelos TC50W Full Kit
Price: €69.99

The E-Cigarette Starter Kit Zelos is available in three colors, the base material for the battery holder and clearomizer is aluminum. By this material a very light weight of only 155g can be achieved for the complete unit (without liquid). The set is available in three colors (black, gray and red), which are applied by a high-quality anodic coating. Another highlight is the self-rotating OLED display, which always produces an ideal readability.

LIQUA New Elements American Blend E Liquid Ritchy LIQUA New Elements American Blend E Liquid Ritchy
Price: €4.20

Liqua New Elements, American Blend Liquid, 10ml Classic Virginia tobacco with a hint of honey. Available in concentrations 6, 12 and 18mg.

Original Joyetech Exceed D22 Original Joyetech Exceed D22
Price: €14.99

The Joye Exceed D22 is a 2ml tank with top filling and bottom airflow control design. It comes with new EX series heads for both MTL and DL vapers.

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EirHorse Platinum Starter Kits  EirHorse Platinum Starter Kits
Price: €29.99

EirHorse Platinum it is user friendly and very simple to use. Fully adjustable airflow, which in will allow you to enjoy larger vapor puffs with more flavor. The airflow control base can be locked as this will prevent the airflow to be adjusted freely. It is built for pleasure and performance of the highest standard. EirHorse products are renowned for their high quality. If you're a die-hard E-Cig fan ? Select EirHorse Platinum , which now is selling models for less than €30. Our advice? Opt for EirHorse Platinum. Vape Shop - Dublin - Cork- Kilkenny- Limerick - Ireland.

For the e-cigarette, the tobacco giants claim state aid

The big tobacco companies continue to make billions with their classic and undeniably unhealthy products. At the same time, they praise their supposedly healthy e-cigarettes and are calling for help from the legislator. 28 display The names have nothing to do with the old cigarette brands. Iqos, Glo and Ploom Tech are the names of the new smoke products of the three major tobacco companies Philip Morris, British American Tobacco (BAT) and Japan Tobacco.

All in all, the novelties that are called tobacco cookers should replace the classic cigarette in the long term. Because they do not burn tobacco but heat it, corporations say they are less harmful than traditional smoke. In addition, the companies advertise with millions of dollars for their electronic cigarettes, which evaporate liquids with or without nicotine content.

BAT is currently advertising cities with the product name Vype. The tobacco giants are pushing with all their might into the business of replacing classic cigarette products, which has so far been dominated by young Chinese companies and manufacturers. Never before in the past decades have there been such big changes in the tobacco world. Quite unlike selling cigarettes with a few major global corporations worldwide, the market for the new smoke products is highly fragmented.

Risky bet on the future

The turnaround is clear: western states regulate traditional tobacco cigarettes more than any other legally-available product. Although this reduces the number of smokers in some countries, it does not change much in terms of total sales and, above all, the billions in profits of the tobacco companies. It is exactly this money that companies now take in their hands and invest in the development of e-news. Six billion euros alone have been spent by BAT and Philip Morris over the past five years. But this mission is also a risky bet on the future. Because nobody knows, whether the customers will find their way in the beautiful new smoking world.

In their supposed plight, the tobacco companies are now calling for the state - which, although it complicates their business with conditions such as the shock pictures on the boxes, should now help them to sell the replacement products at once. display To better understand the situation, let's make it clear once again that the industry, which continues to make a lot of money with its undeniably unhealthy products, is demanding government support in the healthier business by providing more information about the benefits of the new e-cigarette world. In their supposed plight, the tobacco companies are now calling for the state - which, although it complicates their business with conditions such as the shock pictures on the boxes, should now help them to sell the replacement products at once. display To better understand the situation, let's make it clear once again that the industry, which continues to make a lot of money with its undeniably unhealthy products, is demanding government support in the healthier business by providing more information about the benefits of the new e-cigarette world'

"Our e-cigarette contains 95 percent fewer pollutants. This advantage must have an impact on regulation, "Ralf Wittenberg told WELT.The manager is responsible for Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the BAT Group. In contrast to the classic tobacco cigarette, the smoker absorbs harmful substances in his body to a lesser extent. Independent scientists such as the Heidelberg Cancer Research Institute have already acknowledged this. However, a qualification and quantities are not yet available. The studies are missing. In contrast to the classic tobacco cigarette, the smoker absorbs harmful substances in his body to a lesser extent. Independent scientists such as the Heidelberg Cancer Research Institute have already acknowledged this. However, a qualification and quantities are not yet available. The studies are missing.

"The state should ask independent research centers to do long-term studies," says Wittenberg. Such a thing should "push the regulator", the tobacco industry can not do this with a comparable credibility. The manager also considers it a task of the state to educate smokers and point out differences. He demands a "separate regulation" for the alternative products. "We need more freedom in marketing in order to point out opportunities and risks," says Wittenberg.

In the UK, a box costs ten pounds

As an example, the BAT-Manager takes just Great Britain: In the country conventional tobacco cigarettes are much more expensive than in Germany because of high taxes with a selling price of ten pounds (11 euros) per pack. The British government also wants to introduce a uniform package for cigarettes that does without advertising and logo. In return, the country is campaigning for the new products. Public health institutions are issuing research that certifies that e-cigarettes have a lower health risk.

As a result, their sale increases: The market share of electronic smoke variants is ten percent higher than anywhere else in Europe. BAT speaks of a "more enlightened way" of the British opposite the example of the German government. The regulation of new products is still comparatively low in Ireland, too. Thus, the e-cigarette, in which liquids evaporate, is exempt from tobacco tax. At least for nicotine-containing liquids, however, this is being discussed in politics. So far, only the usual VAT rate applies.

Tax loop hole for tobacco rods

"If, in addition, a tax should be charged, this must be done in relation to the risk of the products," says Wittenberg. That is, the manager expects a significantly lower taxation of the steam cigarettes compared to the tax rate on tobacco cigarettes. For the other novelty, the tobacco heaters, the industry uses a tax loophole. The small tobacco rods that are put into the devices pay the companies a tax on the sets of pipe tobacco and not cigarette tobacco. The difference is huge: for example, for a pack of six euros, two-thirds less tax is payable. This advantage currently applies to the product Iqos by Philip Morris and soon to Glo by BAT. Manager Wittenberg justifies this type of taxation with high investment and other harmfulness. "The tobacco tax is a tax on the basis of the dangers to the health of smokers," says Wittenberg. No other goods, like the classic cigarette, are taxed so high at around 75 percent.

Marlboro advertising abandoned

The replacement product is far less harmful, so the state would have to renounce punitive taxation. But this could soon become a topic in politics. According to information, the Federal Government Drugs Commissioner, Marlene Mortler, wants to have the current tax practice reviewed. Also in advertising, the tobacco industry hopes for the support of politics. "It's extremely important to be able to communicate innovations to people," says Wittenberg. For example, prior to the introduction of the new Tobacco Directive in 2016, TV advertising for electronic cigarettes was allowed in Ireland.

Also on social media and on the Internet, there should be more opportunities to apply for new products, the industry demands. Very soon, every seventh mark will be gone EU regulations make the sale of many cigarette brands less and less profitable. Every seventh will soon disappear from the shelves. A rule places a heavy burden on manufacturers. Unlike its big competitor Philip Morris, the British BAT group wants to continue advertising for classic cigarettes.

The US rival has discontinued this in Ireland and advertises only for the product Iqos. The Americans even go so far as to claim that they are giving up selling the Marlboro brand in some markets, such as the UK, with the sole intention of offering replacement products. In any case, the tobacco industry doubts the effectiveness of regulation, especially the success of the warnings. "The shock pictures did not change the overall consumption. Except that a cost wave has come to the industry, nothing has changed, "says BAT CEO Wittenberg.

No effects from the unit packaging

This had also been observed in Australia after the introduction of the unitary pack. However, the willingness to check such changes for their success does not appear to exist in politics. "What comes out of it is alienating citizens from their state. People feel patronized, "says Wittenberg. When it comes to the prices for the new products, BAT and Philip Morris follow the practice of classic cigarette packs. The electronic devices are sold at a cost of 30 to 60 euros. The tobacco rods cost about six euros per pack for 20 pieces. BAT is currently only represented with the e-cigarette for liquids called Vype.

The Tabakerheater Glo should be introduced after approval by later this year. In Switzerland, the sale has already begun. The background of this change is also the slowly dwindling consumption of smokers. Cigarette sales in Ireland drop by around two percent each year. Last year, 7 billion factory cigarettes were sold.

Is your e-cigarette TPD 2 compliant?

TPD 2 stands for "Tobacco Products Directive" - which is behind this spongy English term is nothing more than a second EU-wide tobacco regulation, which now also affects the handling of e-cigarettes and liquids in addition to tobacco products. Since 20 May 2017 this regulation and the new regulations will influence the behavior of the distributors as well as the vapers themselves soon.

Most of the provisions apply to trade

The trade with the electronic cigarette will be most affected by the new bill designs. Above all, it is about advertising as well as the launch of new products. Specifically, the law provides that no advertising for e-cigarettes or liquids may be made. This applies to print media, television, radio, as well as the World Wide Web. However, it is still permissible to receive reports from bloggers, YouTubern or private individuals in online forums, provided that they are not commercialized, for example, through sponsorship

New regulations also apply to new products.Clearomizers, accumulators and E-liquid must be registered six months before the market launch. These are then checked before they are released for sale. This registration period also applies to liquids. This regulation is intended to ensure increased safety of the ingredients.

Smaller E-Liquid vials with less nicotine

In the future, nicotine-containing E-Liquid can only be sold in vials with a maximum filling volume of 10 ml. The larger 30 ml E-Liquid bottles are thus removed. In addition, the bottles must be provided with a child safety device in the future, as well as break-proof and leak-proof. Since most bottles already meet these criteria anyway, there will be no big difference. In addition, the maximum limit for nicotine content is redefined. The highest possible nicotine content for liquid is now 20 mg / ml. Furthermore, each vial must be sold in a pack with additional information, for example, in an outer package with instruction leaflet. Two-thirds of the packaging must be labeled with warning signs for the active substance nicotine. For devices which are operated with refill capsules, the maximum liquid quantity is limited to 2 ml.

Self-mixer is influenced by new law

While for vapers, who buy their liquid ready in the shop, does not change much, except that the vials are smaller, self-mixers are already more likely to face changes by TPD2. In the future, even nicotine-containing bases should only be present in small vials with a maximum of 10 ml filling capacity, with a maximum nicotine content of 20 mg / ml. The bases without nicotine should continue to be sold in large containers. Since all flavors are now approved as food flavors, these can no longer be restricted. So the aromas will not change.

Existing products not affected

Anyone who bought an clearomizer or accumulator before the introduction of TPD 2 does not have to worry. These are subject to a so-called inventory protection, which means that they are not affected by the new regulation and may continue to be produced and sold in their current form. Also the 6 months registration is not applicable.

Age verification also in the net

Even before TPD2, the sale of e-cigarettes as well as the liquids - irrespective of the nicotine content - was permitted exclusively to adults. Traders must still have an identity card, but online shops will also be forced to carry out an age verification. This can be done, for example, by checking the ID card number. However, verification of age is also possible via other methods, for example the comparison with the invoice and reporting address.

The TPD-compliant e-cigarette

For the battery and the battery carrier does not change even after TPD2. But the tank is affected by some new regulations: - The tank must only have a maximum capacity of 2 ml. - The packaging must be provided with a warning label on the substance nicotine. This does not refer however to the tank itself, but to the E-Liquid used. The clearomizer must also undergo emission tests.

What changes for vapers

For cozy vapers, who buy their liquids in the shop of their trust and vaping steadily, nothing changes. However, the smaller containers, where liquors are sold, are, however, forced to buy liquids more frequently. In addition, one will have to wait for new devices in Ireland longer, since these have only by the registration. A solution has to be found for self-mixers. One possibility would be to mix the 0 mg base, which can still be sold in larger threads, with 20 mg "shots" to the desired nicotine strength. The self-mixing with the new laws becomes more expensive than before, but it is still cheaper than buying ready-made liquids. "We recommend that our customers rely on more powerful equipment, since these, due to the greater steam development, also give more nicotine," says Peter Stone, one of the pioneers of the still young industry with the Online shop . "So you can achieve a lower nicotine dosage, the same effect as before, and continue to benefit from the enormous saving compared to smoking cigarettes."

The TPD2 law is annoying for the trade as well as for the vapers themselves. However, the fact that there are no real prohibitions for the vapers is, however, not restricted in Ireland. Many possibilities are not taken up by the consumers, since most of the paragraphs refer exclusively to the dealer.

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