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Efest Purple IMR 20700 3000mAh
What is e liquid ?

What is e liquid used in vaping devices?

E liquid is a mixture of flavors, nicotine (the only toxic substance in combination), 1,2 propylene glycol (PG), deionized water and vegetable glycerine ( VG ) . Each ingredient has its purpose and effect on the final result . Propylene glycol is the main component of the e juice. The larger percentage ratio of glycol to the rest of the ingredients, the less steam you will get. Conversely, increase in glycerol amount relative to the rest of the ingredients, makes the cloud generated by your cleromizer more smooth and silky. Gradually fades " scratchy throat ", for the feelings of deep flavor and density of the clouds. Based on many years experiences and deep research work we believe that optimal ratio 70-80% PG/ 30-20% VG is optimal. If you smoked a lot of strong analog cigarettes, start eliquids with high nicotine strength ( 18 - 26 mg / ml). If you smoked traditional cigarettes sporadically, start fluids with medium nicotine content (12 - 18 mg / ml).

e liquid

Some cartomizer wicks (eg CE5 + ) can not cope with 100& VG density and you may need to change your cleromizer unit type to BCC ( bottom coil cartomizer - low- Heting cartomizer) . If you're a fan of fruit flavors optimum effect provide 70% PG/30 % VG combination. You can find it in EirHorse eliquids. E - cigarette gives an imitation of smoke, a specific flavor and provides an important ritual for them to continue smoking . Many of them, over time begins to use flavored liquids without nicotine. Relative proportions of the rest of the ingredients (except nicotine ) , enough to meet the body's needs remaining after addiction.

Each has its own expectations relative to the fluid , and what will be suitable for Dermot, do not always meet with the approval Gealdine. Therefore, it is important to determine your needs at the stage of purchase of equipment to e smoking. Whether it is worth dilute the e juice? Not necessarily. The network flared up with a discussion that e liquid can be diluted with a plain water. Do not be crazy! It is known that the heated water will produce large quantities of steam (i.e. at the end of its natural behavior at temperatures above 100 degrees). To all who wish to inhale vapor recommend a visit to a Turkish bath or sauna.

You do not need for this purpose e-cigarette. In the final e juice we indeed find water, but with the tap water it has little in common a liquid ionized, pharmaceutical grade! The percentage of ingredients in a mixture of e liquid: not normally exceed 10 %. There are good reasons. The most important is the proper liquid viscosity (density, paradoxically, there is no significance).

Why viscosity of the fluid is so important? Because through the liquid e devices provides to e smokers impressions similar to those that accompany to traditional smoking! Adding to the mixture another portion of water, changing its physico-chemical properties can nullify the end result ! The decrease in viscosity of the fluid can cause problems with its transport to the heater, faster wear of the equipment , and even the proverbial " beaver " ( bad taste ). Keep sense! The two basic components of any e liquid: 1,2-propylene glycol and glycerin plant are available " for the buck". Depending on what end result you want to achieve, you can increase the participation of one or the other component at the expense of fluid power

After such a treatment fluid to keep the parameters necessary for correct operation. If, however, you care about maintaining an adequate level of nicotine in the mixture, we use a ready nicotine base (usually available in several power) to create your own e liquid . Bases taste (eg tobacco, or menthol ) will keep leading the flavor and aroma. "It's finally diluted, or not?" - Anyone asks. Sure, but with his head! Water from the tap, it's really stupid idea ...

This is a special liquid, Which is used only in the electronic cigarette. While inhaling it is heated and turned into mist. Liquid nicotine comprises a purified and a predetermined concentration of substances for creating a mist. Is the synthetic nicotine used in the e liquids?Synthetic nicotine is not used in the preparation of e liquids. All manufacturers of products containing nicotine (gum, patches), use of natural products derived from tobacco leaves.nicotine in e liquids carcinogenic? Ejuice not contain any carcinogenic compounds .

How to safely use E Liquid ?

E juice should be stored in tightly sealed, dark, cool place. It is recommended to limit its access to light. For these reasons, the ideal place for holding it can be for example a drawer or cabinet. All information about the sustainability of e liquid can be found on its packaging. These dates should be treated as seriously as the expiry dates of food products. The fluid should not be exposed to light and excessive heat such as on the windowsill or near electrical equipment. E juice can be also be stored in the refrigerator and freezer. Nicotine exposure to light and oxygen, loses its properties. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN

E Liquid or simply liquid is e cigarette liquid. In its composition we find: propylene glycol (PG), glycerin (VG), nicotine (3.6%) and flavor (depending on taste.)  You can also find liquids without nicotine

Your choice E Liquid

Smokers are free to choose the corresponding concentration of nicotine. As with traditional cigarettes fluids can be strong, medium or weak. There is a wide range of different kinds of flavors, from tobacco types to fruity ones. You can add yourself to the liquid: the chosen flavor. On the market there are flavors taste like coffee, chocolate , tobacco, vanilla, cherry or other fruit. Each smoker himself filled his cigarette and has a choice of flavor and nicotine strengthoffer e liquid offer a wide selection of flavors with different concentrations of nicotine so there is something for every person and every taste!

What you should know about e liquid

The formulation contains nicotine, as well as natural and artificial flavors that make taste, which is the vape starter kit is similar to tobacco or menthol cigarettes, or anything else that you want.Note that e liquid consists of three basic components. Nicotine, flavorings and the liquid carrier consisting of glycerol plant or propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is a food additive. Some people may be allergic or sensitive to this ingredient, but generally the propylene glycol is considered safe. While the glycerin plant is its excellent alternative. It is important to understand how the e-liquids and how much nicotine is in the vaping. E luqids may in fact contain different amounts of nicotine, which are given in milligrams (mg) per milliliter (ml).We may also receive an e-liquid free nicotine (0 mg) in the "strongest version", which is about 20 mg. However, keep in mind that companies that produce e-cigarettes may also propose lower or higher portions than 20 mg of nicotine.


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