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Buy Aspire coil heads

Aspire has been selling e-cigarettes and accessories in the Irish market for some time now. But if you have an Aspire e-cigarette or tank, you also need coils. A coil lasts on average 1 to 2 weeks before it needs to be replaced. Fortunately, we have a wide range of Aspire coils. Whether you're looking for sub-ohm, mouth-to-lung, direct-lung or a starter kit coil, you'll find them here at! Do you want to buy an Aspire coil but don't know which one you need? Contact us for advice!

Aspire Coil Heads

Want to buy Aspire coil heads?

Aspire coils – quality coils

Aspire has been a manufacturer of Aspire e-cigarettes for quite some time and they have built up a great deal of expertise with it. Aspire coils also have to be made for e-cigarettes, and Aspire has a lot of experience with that too. That experience in e-cigarettes and coils is showing itself! After the huge success of the Nautilus tank with the Nautilus coils, Aspire managed to maintain its fame by bringing even more good coils to the market! Do you want to buy Aspire coils? Then read on quickly for more information!

The success of Aspire coils

Aspire coils are known for their long life and great taste. The coils last a long time before they lose their taste. How Aspire does this exactly is the chef's secret, of course. In any case, it is noticeable that Aspire does something different than other manufacturers of coils because the Aspire coils are head and shoulders above it. In addition, the taste of the coils is excellent. Where you often have to go to an extreme wattage with other coils to get a good taste, that is not necessary with the Aspire coils. Aspire's high resistance, Mouth-To-Lung coils taste almost as good as heavy sub-ohm coils! A relief for the flavor chaser who likes to use mouth-to-lung tanks!

A coil for every wattage

Would you like to buy Aspire coils? Then you have to know for which tank you want to buy the coil! A coil does not just fit in every tank. A coil is made for a specific tank.

Aspire makes coils for different types of Aspire clearomizers. There are coils for the smaller Mouth-To-Lung tanks and for the more powerful, larger Sub-Ohm tanks. Aspire sub-ohm coils are often much larger than the other coils. The wattages for these coils are often above 40 watts. Sometimes the coils can even be vaped up to 90 watts! These kind of sub-ohm coils from Aspire give a lot of vapor. Because more e-liquid is evaporated, more flavor is also released. It is therefore not surprising that a sub-ohm coil uses more e-liquid and that you will have to top up more. If you want to buy Aspire coils then it is definitely worth looking at the sub-ohm coils from Aspire!

In addition to powerful sub-ohm coils, Aspire also makes a lot of Mouth-To-Lung coils. Aspire is known for the excellent quality mouth-to-lung coils they make. As mentioned before, this fame started with the coils of the Nautilus tank. Despite the age of the Nautilus tank, these coils can still be found on the market. Moreover, these coils are still used with great pleasure by all kinds of vapers all over the world. Mouth-to-Lung coils from Aspire give a lot less vapor and therefore consume a lot less e-liquid. So you don't have to refill your tank so often! Despite the fact that these coils use less e-liquid and give less vapor, these coils give off a good taste! Aspire is known for their great tasting mouth-to-lung coils. According to some, the Aspire coils are even the best!

On average, coils last between 1 to 2 weeks before you need to replace them. Then you notice that the taste has decreased and that you may even taste a burnt taste. This means that the cotton in the coil is no longer good and that you have to replace the entire coil. The same applies to Aspire coils: they last between 1 and 2 weeks. Although you will notice that the Aspire coils last longer than other coils that you know. Buying Aspire coils guarantees quality coils!

People looking for a coil for their e-cigarette should ask themselves an important question: which brand should you choose? There are many brands to choose from, but few brands are as high in quality as Aspire. Aspire has been one of the best providers when it comes to e-cigarettes and coils for a very long time. Time to show you a little more about this brand.

A company with a vision

America is a country known for vaping. They are therefore a major producer of various types of products, also for the Aspire coils. This brand has been active since 2013, thanks to these years of experience, you will know for sure that you have quality in your hands.

One of the things this company stands for is innovation. The team at Aspire has made it possible to optimize the Aspire coils. This brand is really characterized by the strong housing and the high-quality wires that are used. Due to this high quality, the taste will be better preserved during vaping.

Wide variety of Aspire coils

If you take a look at the site you will see that there are many possible Aspire coils to choose from. By looking for the coils that match your electric cigarette, you will also have a high-quality coil in no time. You will be able to use this for a long time while vaping your electronic cigarette.

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