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All ASPIRE products sold by us in the Onlineshop are 100% originals. There are mainly cigarettes and accessories from ASPIRE, such as Cleito, Nautilus, Plato, Proteus and Triton. Since these are very high quality and still have a reasonable price. For this the products have a very attractive design, produce a very good taste and are processed excellently. ASPIRE's e-cigarettes are the best value for money on the market and we sell them to our customers.

We would like to offer our customers the best price and the shortest possible delivery time, coupled with an unbeatable service for our best e cigarettes. We also have all parts available for all current ASPIRE products in order to ensure the service. Due to the abundance of different parts, these are often not listed in our Onlineshop. If you are looking for a spare part, do not hesitate to contact us.

About the Aspire manufacturer

Aspire was founded in 2013 and quickly became a well-known figure in the Vaping. Aspire is a manufacturer of e-cigarettes, which manufactures the products in its own home with more than 10 years of experience in the e-cigarette sector. In doing so, Aspire is committed to high quality and customer loyalty.

Aspire's success is based on, among other things, On the following points:

1. Aspire has high-level R & D teams, which include experienced engineering engineers. Aspire itself writes that they own more than 25 patented products and have a new product every 3 months.

2. As a result, Aspire is able to offer a customizable production and a guarantee system, which ensures a consistently high quality.


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Aspire Atlantis BVC Replacement Coils Heads Aspire Atlantis BVC Replacement Coils Heads
Price: €4.20

The current and the power of an Clearomizer increase as the resistance goes down. The Aspire Atlantis Clearomizer coil heads, with their 0.5 Ohm, are therefore able to convert the liquid into steam without affecting the power of 20 watts to 30 watts. In this head, the wire spirals are arranged vertically and are surrounded by a nonwoven of ceramic wool. The ceramic wadding used in the Aspire Atlantis Clearomizer heads is designed for the enormous performance. The liquid transport is capillary, so that no glass fiber cores are required. This design ensures that the flavor of the liquid remains completely clear and unadulterated.

✓Suitable for the Aspire Atlantis, Atlantis2, Atlantis Mega

✓BVC Clearomizer with enormous steam development

✓Patented Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC Coil Head)

✓Very pure and unadulterated liquidity

✓Winding Made in USA ✓Available in 0.5 SUB

Aspire Pocke X Replacement Coils Heads Aspire Pocke X Replacement Coils Heads
Price: €4.20

The Aspire Pocke X coil heads are for the Aspire PockeX - Pocket AIO Starter Kit. It is a dual coil (two coils) made of SS316 stainless steel. Aspire calls its new coil technology U-Tech. Since it corresponds to the path from winding to winding in a U-shape.

✓Now better Buy

✓Best Price

Aspire Nautilus X U-Tech Coil Heads Aspire Nautilus X  U-Tech Coil Heads
Price: €4.20

Aspire Nautilus X Coil Heads The Coil heads have a resistance of 1.5 Ohm and are equipped with a double canthal winding. Thanks to the new U-Tech technology, special airflow and resistance, the coils are ideal for mouth-to-lung inhalation. The "Vapers" will love this intense and powerful taste despite high pull resistance. The insertion of the Coil heads into the tank is done in a few hands.

✓ Suitable for the Aspire Nautilus X

✓ Specifically for "Normal-Dampers" (mouth-to-lung inhalation)

✓ With traditional Kanthal winding

✓ Resistance 1.5 Ohm (14 Watt - 20 Watt)

✓ New Aspire U-Tech Airflow technology

Aspire Triton Mini / Nautilus / K3 Replacement Coils 1,8 Ohm Clapton Coils Aspire Triton Mini / Nautilus / K3 Replacement Coils 1,8 Ohm Clapton Coils
Price: €4.20

Aspire Triton Mini / Nautilus / K3 Replacement Coils 1,8 Ohm Clapton Coils / Nautilus Mini Clapton, Nickel, Kanthal. Nautilus fans watched! With the release of the Triton Mini, Aspire is also launching new coils for the well-tried Aspire Nautilus (and Mini). The coils are vertically wound, equipped with Japanese organic cotton.

Compatible with:

✓ Aspire Nautilus

✓ Aspire Nautilus Mini

✓ Aspire Triton Mini

Aspire Nautilus BVC Coil Heads Aspire Nautilus BVC Coil Heads
Price: €2.80

Innovative Aspire BVC evaporator heads for a pure and unadulterated E-Liquid enjoyment

✓Fits Aspire Plato

✓ Suitable for Aspire Nautilus

✓ Suitable for Aspire Nautilus Mini

✓ Available in 1.2 / 1.6 and 1.8 Ohm

✓ Power from 6 - 20 watts

Aspire Cleito Dual Clapton Coils Heads Aspire Cleito Dual Clapton Coils Heads
Price: €4.20

The Aspire Cleito Coils (Clapton winding) ensure an optimal flash, taste and vapors thanks to their innovative design. The vapor development is enormous. Thanks to the Clapton winding and structure of the Cleito Coils, your favorite e-liquid will be passionately lost

Coil Head For Aspire Plato Coil Head For Aspire Plato
Price: €2.99 €4.99

Coil Head For Aspire Plato.The 0.4 Ohm Coil from Aspire is designed for direct lung inhalation. It can be loaded with an output of up to 50 watts. The evaporator head is changed with a small tool or coin over the drip tip.

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aSpire Zelos TC50W Full Kit aSpire Zelos TC50W Full Kit
Price: €69.99

The E-Cigarette Starter Kit Zelos is available in three colors, the base material for the battery holder and clearomizer is aluminum. By this material a very light weight of only 155g can be achieved for the complete unit (without liquid). The set is available in three colors (black, gray and red), which are applied by a high-quality anodic coating. Another highlight is the self-rotating OLED display, which always produces an ideal readability.

Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO Starter Kit - 1500mAh Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO Starter Kit - 1500mAh
Price: €28.99

Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO Starter Kit - 1500mAh - Aspire Ireland

The Sub Ohm Set ASPIRE PockeX is an AIO (All-In-One) device in handy pocket size. It is available in four colors, these are black, pink, white and silver. The AIO device is charged via a micro USB port on the bottom.

aSpire Nautilus X clearomizer 2ml aSpire Nautilus X clearomizer 2ml
Price: €32.99

Aspire Nautilus X A new chapter in the success story of the legendary Nautilus. The Nautilus X from Aspire represents the top of the Aspire clearomizer. For the premium flavor, Aspire developed the innovative U-Coil technology. The air flows through a U-shaped chamber and passes through two coils before inhaling. This unique flow principle leads to an unrivaled cloud hammer. The design of the compact evaporator meets every demand for a modern elite clearomizer. It has, in addition to the leakage safety, an infinitely adjustable top airflow as well as a pothole system. The Nautilus X can be completely disassembled and is easy to clean. The matching evaporator units can be found here in our shop.

aSpire Cleito Clearomizer aSpire Cleito Clearomizer
Price: €29.99

The Cleito tank from Aspire comes with a new fireplace coil system, which provides for a better taste and a very good cloud development. It has a capacity of 3.5 ml, consists of robust Pyrex glass and all hardware parts are made of stainless steel. With its diameter of 22 mm the clearomizer makes a very good figure on a variety of battery carriers.

Aspire Battery ICR 18650 Li-Ion 2500mAh 20/40AMP Aspire Battery ICR 18650 Li-Ion 2500mAh  20/40AMP
Price: €11.99

Aspire Battery ICR 18650 Li-Ion 2500mAh 20/40AMP is an battery with a full 1800 mAh. The high-performance rechargeable battery is specially designed for use in the sub-ohm range. Besides a very high current output of fabulous 40A, the high capacity of the battery ensures a long use of your mod kit. For a low charge, you can recharge the battery at any time in your MOD, or in an external charger. The Aspire ICR 18650 battery is known for its very long durability. E cigarette shop

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