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Beginner's guide: E-cigarette batteries explained 0

Beginner's guide: E-cigarette batteries explained

Read here everything you need to know about e-cigarette battery. Whether it is explosion risks or how you maximize the lifetime of your battery. Here you will find information that every experienced steamer knows and every beginner can use well as well as there are some more advanced tips on battery. Other guides you might be interested in are our general e-cigarette beginners guide as well as the beginner guide for clearomizers.

Use the table of contents to jump directly to the point that is important to you.Content: E-cigarettes Types of batteries Battery capacity and battery voltage< What can I expect from my e-cigarette battery? Tips for extending the lifetime of your e-cigarette battery Why e-cigarette batteries are exploding Tips to avoid exploding your e-cigarette battery Battery maintenance tips Problem treatment Travel with e-cigarettes< electronic-cigarette-batteries. Battery types - Automatic or Manual.

It is likely that your first E cigarette will have an automatic battery. Most steamers opt for one, not because it is better, but because automatic batteries are often contained in electronic cigarettes similar to ordinary cigarettes.

These batteries are referred to as automatic because a sensor "notices" through the incoming draft that you pull to your e-cigarette and activate the battery. For a manual battery, press a button to activate the battery.

 Automatic e-cigarette batteries:

are easy to use. resemble ordinary cigarettes. normally have a shorter charging time may have a delay between the pull on the e-cigarette and the inhaling of the steam. E-cigarette with manual batteryManual e-cigarette batteries :< usually have more power and produce more steam and a better throat hit (scratch sensation in the throat). provide more control and usually a longer cut-off time (number of seconds you can hold the button down before the battery turns off). require more e-cigarette knowledge (no more advanced). usually have a longer battery life than automatic batteries because you are bigger. can usually be switched on and off at the push of a button. normally last longer than automatic batteries.

E-cigarette batteries with variable voltage

Variable-voltage batteries such as the EirHorse Evod vv Twist are the next step after a manual battery.

These Batteries allow you to increase or decrease the voltage in volts of the battery. Normally this is done by turning on a wheel or pressing a switch. The volumetric setting allows you to find the right amount of volts for your e-liquid, your evaporator and your steam and throat hit preferences. See all our batteries with variable voltage here.

If you use a variable voltage battery together with a device like the Clearomizer EirHorse Platinum Plus , you can further influence your steaming experience with the choice of coil heads with different resistances. confuses many vapers of e-cigarettes is the difference between capacity and voltage. The capacity of a battery for e-cigarettes is usually given in milliamperes (mAh). The higher the mAh value of a battery, the higher its capacity and the longer it lasts. Most non-adjustable e-cigarette batteries have a voltage of 3.7 volts. A battery with a capacity of 1100 mAh can therefore produce a voltage 3.7V longer than a battery with a capacity of 800 mAh but both can have the same volts voltage. What can I expect from my e-cigarette battery? It is almost impossible to give an exact forecast here. The lifetime of your battery depends on many different factors.

These factors are: The way you use your device. How to load and maintain your device. Individual size and dimensions. The voltage you are using (only for variable voltage batteries). The coil head you use in your clearomizer. For example, if you pull only very briefly at the e-cigarette, the battery will last longer than if you always take very long trains. We generally say that you have to exchange a battery every 6-12 months. This is, of course, only a guideline but many batteries wear out during this period. This means that they no longer do the same as before and the period between the loading operations is shorter. Tips for extending the lifetime of your e-cigarette battery. The first charge: Charge your battery properly the first time. Most e-cigarette batteries are Li-Ion batteries and can not be overcharged. However, a good initial charge can extend the life. Storage: Store your battery in a dark, cool place, especially if you do not use it for an extended period of time.

If you plan to keep your battery for a long period of time, make sure it is charged at least 40%. This ensures that it can discharge itself and still have enough current to maintain the protection circuit. Often it is also recommended to charge a battery completely before longer storage. Regular use: Most e-cigarette batteries are designed to be used daily. Charge the battery before complete discharge: Some experts say that partial discharge charges a battery less than e-cigarettes charge complete discharge. Take care of your battery: Read the maintenance tips below. Turn off the battery when you do not use it: This is especially important when you have the battery pack in a hand or trouser pocket. Pressure can cause the e-cigarette to be activated in the pocket. Keep the battery away from high temperatures and direct sunlight. Use a protective cover for your battery: Batteries can get impacts and lint when stored in bags. In order to transport your battery ideally, you should put on a case for e-cigarettes. You should also keep your e-cigarette unattended.

The kicking or putting on batteries has already cost some devices life. Why e-cigarette batteries are exploding.Lithium-ion batteries are highly efficient power generators despite their small size. Unfortunately, its characteristics and the chemicals contained in a Li-Ion battery also mean that each of these batteries could explode. Included in a lithium battery are lithium, sodium, potassium and other highly inflammatory elements. Should you, for example, In your pure form in water, it would come to an explosion. If a cell is heated in the battery, it can lead to a chain reaction which can cause the battery to swell or explode. Fortunately, modern design helps to make such explosions very rare (an estimate is 1 in 10 million). However, an explosion can occur if a battery overheats. This can be caused by a defect such as a short circuit or poor insulation between the cells of the battery or by incorrect application. Most standard Li-ion e-cigarette batteries are equipped with an overload protection. This notes when too much voltage goes into the battery and ensures that the recording is stopped.

As an additional safety mechanism, an electrical safety system is installed in the battery. This is so designed that it flies out, the battery should be over-discharged. In addition, there is a circuit behind the button that limits the amount of time that the button can be held down. Also with tests, fuse and overload protection it can always lead to defects in individual batteries. To reduce the risk, you should take the following actions: Tips to avoid exploding your e-cigarette battery. Only use the associated charger. Recharge your battery only with a charger supplied. Chargers can look similar but your volts voltage can still be different. If you charge a battery with a charger from another supplier, problems can occur. This is also the most common cause of all accidents with batteries. Buy from a safe source. In the US, there was a battery explosion when a vapers bought cheap batteries to use in his e-cigarette. Always buy your batteries from a trustworthy supplier.

ROHS certification. All batteries should be sold with a ROHS certificate, which proves that the batteries have been tested. Unfortunately, certificates are sometimes faked. Safe charging. Do not charge your battery overnight or when you are not at home. To ensure safety, charge your battery pack on a non-flammable surface. If you have a manual battery, turn it off before charging. For example, there are also practical safety devices for the brand-safe charging of your batteries. Overload protection

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