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Battery Safety - Are You Following These Rules? 0

Battery Safety - Are You Following These Rules?

All batteries can explode. This can also happen with e-cigarette smoking. A pity is that any incident we might have heard of. If you decide to take the right precaution, there is a risk that the battery of your cigarette will explode at 1 to 10 million. In order to steer safely, you should stick to the following simple rules. ">In order to steer safely, you should stick to the following simple rules.

It charges your battery correctly, to the following:

- Dùng char charger, preferably the included charger.

- Buy from companies you can trust.

- Charge your batteries on a safe and solid surface (e.g., table or floor).

- Turn off the battery when you are not using it.

- Clean the battery if necessary.

You should not do this:

- Do not screw the battery pack too hard with the evaporator.

- Never use damaged batteries.

- Do not expose the battery to extreme heat, cold or direct sunlight.

- Do not leave the battery unattended during charging.

- Do not allow the battery to come into contact with water.

Use the correct charger

The most common cause of problems with e-cigarettes is the use of the wrong charger. Other chargers, e.g. Which can be used for the smartphone or tablet can damage the battery. Use only charger that is supplied or recommended by the dealer. Buy from a dealer you can trust On various roads and flea markets, you can buy batteries for e-cigarettes, which are manufactured in a very worrying environment. Batteries and chargers should not be saved, and you should always insure that they are working with protective functions such as undervoltage protection. It is best to have certificates for correct tests. Of course, these security costs money but you are worth the investment. Avoid heat, cold and direct sunlight Heat melt batteries and deform them. This permits batteries to leak out and, in the worst case, to explode. You should therefore avoid storing your batteries near heaters and other heat generating devices. Direct sunlight should also be avoided. Avoid contact with water If a battery falls into the water or he gets a load of water from the tap, you should stop using it. You can either return the battery to the dealer or dispose of it at an environmental station. If your battery is damaged, it should always be disposed of in the correct manner. If you are unsure, you can get information about the city.

Clean battery connection

Clean your battery It is recommended that you clean your battery once a week. If this is too much for you, you should at least occasionally check whether the dirt, dust or similar accumulates on the battery or on the connections of your e-cigarette. Use some alcohol or the like with a cotton swab or cloth to remove the dirt. If you need more general information and maintenance tips about e-cigarette batteries, here is a beginner's guide for you. If you travel with your e-cigarette battery On board a flight Batteries must always be carried in the hand luggage. Before you pack your battery, make sure it is turned off properly. If you are using a product where you can take out the battery, many airlines recommend that you use the battery. Abroad It is not always uncomplicated to recharge batteries abroad, since Voltmengen varies from country to country. It is safest if you use the correct charger with the correct outlet socket on an adapter suitable for your Reiseland. You can check from home how much voltage and socket types are used in your Reiseland. This information is easy to find on Google. More information about traveling with the e-cigarette can be found here.

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