British researchers: e-cigarette less harmful


British researchers: e-cigarette less harmful 

The London Cancer Research Center has declared the e-cigarette as much nontoxic in a study than the conventional one. Overall, the nicotine substitute provides for less carcinogenic chemicals, but provides the user with nicotine.The Institute Cancer Research UK has observed the study participants for more than half a year. A total of 181 men and women were divided into five different groups. So, for example, people who smoked only traditional cigarettes and people who used only e-cigarettes, but also participants who smoked both. The researchers examined both saliva and urine.

The result: significantly fewer carcinogenic chemicals were detected by the users of the e-cigarette. The concentration was roughly comparable to the amount of chemicals which are supplied, for example, via a nicotine patch.

E-Cigarrette seems to relieve body

The researchers report the result of the investigation on the functioning of the e-cigarette. This is because only a liquid is evaporated, a mixture of alcohol or alkanol, nicotine and aromas. Really healthy is the E-cigarette but of course not. Because only nicotine is already very harmful to the body. And the amount of nicotine remained unchanged in the experiment, no matter what type of cigarette it was. Criticism from cancer researchers. The  CRC sees more harm than good in the e-cigarette. Even if the tobacco is not burnt in the e-cigarette, not only the vaporising liquid can become diseased, but also the evaporation process itself. Thus, the battery used in the inhalation devices plays a not unimportant role: with higher voltage even more chemicals such as acetaldehyde , Acetone and formaldehyde. Substances which also form when smoking tobacco cigarettes and are all harmful to the body. Other researchers have found that the smoke of the e-cigarette affects two human genes - the smoke of a tobacco cigarette, on the other hand, affects 123 genes - which is a huge difference. But healthy does not make an e-cigarette because of it, it is only less harmful than tobacco consumption.

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