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Beginner Guide: Clearomizer explained

Beginner Guide: Clearomizer explained 

In this post you will be provided with everything you need to know about Clearomizer The topics covered here cover what vaporizers are actually, what are different types, how to fill and clean them, how long you hold and when and how to exchange clearomizer or their replacement coil heads. Also: clearomizer with AirFlow Control, problem handling, Ohm / resistors and the use of different evaporator heads to personalize your personal steamship experience. If you are a beginner in electronic cigarettes, all this information can come to you. If you would like to get some general information, please read this beginner guide on the subject of e-device first.
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The Clearomizer has come to stay In the e-cigarette industry, new technologies and devices are emerging. Many of them disappear just as fast as you have come, others remain. A piece of technology, which has not been a short-term fashion phenomenon, is the  Clearomizer (the upper part of the E cigarette that contains the E-Liquid)

This type of Clearomizer has been around for a few years, but lately you have gained more and more popularity and now you can not imagine the e-cig industry.

What is actually an clearomizer?

First of all, it is important to understand what is at issue here. In English, one often speaks of a clearomizer, a clear or transparent form of a cartomizer. These are called clearomizers, because you are now just clear (clear = clear). Of course, this is not all, and the predecessors of Clearomizer were often made of metal. We usually talk about clearomizers here and their most important property is basically that you do not contain any filling material.

In early clearomizer (cartomizers) there was an absorbing filling material in which the E-juice was stored and from which it was passed on to the built-in clearomizer replacement coil heads. In recent evaporators, ie, in English clearomizers, no filling material is left. Instead, you have a clear E-juice tank, from which the E-Liquid goes directly into the coil head. All modern evaporators work basically with the same principle, but the individual execution can vary greatly.

Clearomizer types

The first models that get attention in the market (and overcome technical limitations) have been called CE2. These models were about the same size as traditional models (with filling material). The hallmark of this first Clearomizer was a shaft that passed through the entire body. At the head of this shaft was a ceramic "cup" in which the heating coil (head) was located. From there, wicks ran through the entire clearomizer.

These models worked well and allowed the user to see how much E juice was in the evaporator. The filling up of these early models was however somewhat complicated and demanded in the normal case a syringe. Another problem with this design was that the clear sleeves often got jumps.

The third generation

Before turning to the actual clearomizer  models, there was a phase in which manufacturers experimented with different designs. One of the biggest changes was that the coil head had been moved into the lower end of the clearomizer. This was a good theory, but initially failed completely.

CE3 was introduced to the market during this time. Compared to the predecessor CE2, radical changes were made in the design and a bottom coil (coil head in the ground) was introduced. The new design was not as easy as many of his contemporaries, but it was difficult to fill due to an added stopper and has never really entered the market.

Apart from the fact that the coil head has been installed in the bottom of the clearomizer , many manufacturers have also started experimenting with CE2-like but larger designs. Here began the trend of large clearomizer  tanks. A variety of models came on the market, some better than others. And then came a model on the market with which the industry was brought on the way of the modern clearomizer.

Modern clearomizer

The Vivi Nova tank was the first modern clearomizer and is still quite popular. The Vivi Nova had a whole new design compared to the old CE2 and offered an innovative modular design. This means that in the Vivi Nova all parts were interchangeable: top cap, mouthpiece, bottom, tube and most importantly the heating element, called evaporation head. So you did not have to throw away a worn-out clearomizercompletely, but could simply replace this one part and continue to use the rest.

Another advantage that came with the design of the replaceable coil head was variety. It was not only possible to replace worn coil heads, but also to use coil heads with various resistors. Before this innovation, a new clearomizer was needed to change the resistance. With the new interchangeable coil heads, changing the resistance in an clearomizer was as easy as replacing the complete clearomizer This idea became so popular that it did not take long before the industry incorporated interchangeable coil heads in all new models.

The Vivi Nova, however, still had a different property, which lifted him from the older models. It was extremely easy to replenish. There were no seals in the way and a syringe was also no longer necessary. Easy filling was also a trend from this point onwards. The CE4 (and later CE5) came on the market shortly after the Vivi Nova. These unfamiliar clearomizers had a conical design, larger e-liquid capacity and were easy to fill. With this design you also thought of larger eGo batteries and shaped them to match the battery connection for a complete look.

Bottom Coil Clearomizers (BCC)

The latest in Clearomizers is Bottom Coil Design. Thus, the coil head and thus the heating coil are located in the bottom of the Clearomizer The manufacturers rejected the old CE2 design and used a completely new approach.
Clearomizers with modern Bottom Coil (bottom coil head) designs can be found in all sorts of shapes and sizes and all have interchangeable heads. The key to a design that does not run out was to put the vaporizer upside down. Before, the lower part of the Clearomizer was frequently fixed and the upper cap was removable. With the new Bottom Coil designs, the upper cap is fixed and the bottom can be unscrewed. So you can easily exchange the coil head at the lower end and fill the tank. This makes it possible to use more solid seals and prevents the e-liquid from flowing into the battery.

Vertical Coil Technology

In a traditional evaporator design, the coil head sits, which heats up the e-liquid across the air intake. This can lead to air resistance and uneven heating of the head. Some evaporators, e.g. The Aspire Nautilus Mini, have a head that sits vertically above the air intake. This reduces the air resistance, improves steam production and thus the feeling of steam. How do I fill my clearomizer? Whether you use a top or bottom coil clearomizer, the filling principle is the same. Although there is now much greater distance between the tube and the mechanics of the clearomizer, one should pay attention to a few things when filling.The golden rule of filling an clearomizer, no matter which model, is very simple: make sure that no e-liquid enters the small tube in the middle. All modern clearomizers have a kind of air tube in the center of the main tank, from which one should keep the E-Liquid. If you fill the E-Liquid in this tube, it can lead to problems with the application, because too much liquid gets into the coil head or the liquid simply runs out. Be careful when filling, is the key.

Depending on the design of the clearomizers, it can help to use an E-juice bottle with filling needle. So you can fill the e-liquid more precisely. The best way to fill an clearomizer (with filling needle or without) is to slightly tilt the clearomizer and run the e-liquid over the outside wall of the tank. If the clearomizerhas fill marks, avoid filling more than the maximum amount of E-juice. This prevents the E-juice from spilling into the tube in the middle when you screw the clearomizer back. If you use a new clearomizer directly after filling, you can risk a burnt taste. To avoid this, allow the clearomizer to stand for a few minutes after filling, or move the liquid in the tank to ensure the wick has fully saturated before using your e-cigarette.Vaping liquid from the clearomizer If you have mistakenly overfilled your clearomizer and hear a gurgling sound when using it or notice that your e-liquid is running out, do not panic. You can solve this problem.

Remove the clearomizer from your battery and keep a kitchen towel over its battery. Then blow a few times into the mouthpiece to remove excess liquid from the air intake. If you have a Bottom Coil clearomizer, hold it to the top for copying. DO NOT take off the top cap or it comes to a real mess and again: Do not fill an e-liquid into the tube in the middle.

How do I clean my clearomizer?

Of course, clearomizers, like most electronic cigarette components have a limited lifetime. Impurities accumulate on the heating coil, the plastic jumps and parts wear out. However, you can extend the lifetime of your clearomizer if you take care of it properly.General cleaning is easy and can give your vaporizer a longer life. Easy rinsing is usually sufficient to keep impurities at the minimum. Just take all parts apart and rinse with warm water to remove impurities. Washing and dryingThe coil head and its wicks can also be rinsed, but must be properly dried. Wet wicks do not work well because water does not evaporate as easily as E-juice. Use a paper towel to remove as much water liquid mixture as possible from the wicks and allow the coil head to dry thoroughly for at least 24 hours. If you have an exchange head on hand, use it and rotate your heads. If you hurry it with drying, place the coil head overnight in a closed container with rice. The rice absorbs the liquid and accelerates drying. Especially dirty coil heads can be placed before rinsing in pure ethanol or strong white alcohol to dissolve impurities. Do not use standard cleaning / wound alcohol.

Problem treatment for clearomizer

The world is not perfect and mistakes happen. Here are a few tips for situations where your clearomizer does not work as it should. First, make sure that all connections are well screwed. Most problems with leakage have to do with poor seal. Also, check that all the silicide seals on the coil head and other parts are properly seated. These small, white rubber parts have the tendency to shift over time and thus cause leakage. If your clearomizer can not be activated, make sure that the coil head is properly screwed. Sometimes the tightening loosens here with time and many users do not think of it if you are looking for a problem on the clearomizer. If you notice an unusual or burned taste, it may be that impurities have formed on the coil head. These contaminants often burn and cause unpleasant taste. To solve this problem, follow the cleaning instructions above or replace the coi head. If the head appears clean in an unusual taste, try to adjust the silicone seals on the coil head correctly. Sometimes it happens that they do not sit properly and disturb the flow of the e-liquid to the wick. A more detailed listing of ordinary clearomizer problems and what you can do against this can be found here.

How long does my clearomizer and how do I know I need to replace it?

Clearomizers do not last forever. Depending on the use, an clearomizer can work well for a few weeks or even several months. Cleaning can extend this time, but you may have to replace the entire one-way clearomizer or the clearomizer replacement coil heads.You know that your clearomizer or its head is worn out when the e-cigarette begins to taste burned, produces little or no steam, or the clearomizer just does not work anymore. Clearomizers with replaceable head are usually cheaper than disposable vaporizers in the long run, since instead of buying a new one, one can simply replace the head in the clearomizer. Coil heads are often cheaper than a new one-way clearomizer.

How do I change the coil head and wick of my clearomizer? When an coil head is burnt out or the wick is glued, it is usually much more favorable to a new coil head
Buy as a whole new clearomizer. While it can vary from model to model, replacing coil heads is usually a simple process. First unscrew the cap in which the clearomizer replacement coil heads is located, then screw it out and simply insert a new one. Screw the clearomizer back together and it is like new. Our wide selection and coil heads can be found here.

Using AirFlow Control - Airflow Control This may sound complicated but adjusting the airflow is really easy for devices like the Aspire Nautilus Mini. clearomizers with AirFlow Control have air holes in many different sizes. To use it, you only have to adjust the outer ring to the air hole with the desired size. This allows you to adjust the amount of air that flows through the device to adapt it to E-Liquids with different VG / PG distributions (thickness fluids) or flavors. Ohm and resistance Many clearomizers are now available with replacement coil heads. It is interesting if you can use coil heads with different resistances to vary your steaming experience. Self-assembled coil head How do coil heads produce heat?

The heat is produced from the head in your clearomizer. The electricity flows through the heating coil in your coil head. This coil provides the resistance. Since the entire current can not be routed, it must be converted into another form. In the case of an clearomizer, electricity is converted into heat. Resistance and ohms The amount of resistance provided by an clearomizer is measured in ohms. When the resistance is high, less electricity is passed through the coil. So if you want to produce more heat, you can use an coil head with a lower resistance. However, more power is used and your battery will be used up faster. Different steamers have very different preferences. A resistance of the one steamers satisfied, therefore, perhaps does not work for another steamer. To find the right coil head, you probably need to experiment. More detailed information on Volt, Watt and Ohm can be found here. The following table gives you an overview of combinations of Ohm and Volt :

Low resistance:

More heat More steam Less long battery life Stronger throat hit (scratch sensation in the throat) Higher e-liquid consumption High resistance: Less heat Less steam Lighter Throat hit Longer battery life Less e-liquid consumption In our wide range of coil heads, you will find products with many different resistances from Sub Ohm coil heads with very low resistance under 1.0 Ohm up to coil heads with e.g. 2.4 Ohm. However, make sure that the coil head you buy will also fit your vaporizer. For even more control over your own steamer experience, a battery with variable voltage is also available. Dual coil heads Another way to influence the resistance is to use a dual coil head. For dual coil heads, the same amount of current is passed through two spirals instead of through a heating coil. This produces more heat and more steam. Also Dual Coil heads consume more power, so use a stronger battery. In the meantime, there are even Triple Coil heads with three heating coils.

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