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Clearomizer problems? What may be wrong and how to solve the problem 0

Clearomizer problems? What may be wrong and how to solve the problem

You probably had problems with your clearomizer Especially as a beginner you often encounter difficulties, because the handling of the device is not yet accustomed. Here are some common mistakes and problems you may have to struggle with. There is e-liquid in the tube in the middle of the tank. Clearomizer free blow If you fill your clearomizer with E-Liquid, ensure that no e-liquid enters the small tube in the center of the tank. If E-Liquid comes into this air tube, flood your vaporizer and will notice a gurgling sound. Remove the bottom from the clearomizer and blow out your vaporizer. Hold a paper towel under the clearomizer to catch the liquid that you blow out. The clearomizer was used immediately after filling (and now provides a burnt flavor). By giving the E-Liquid time to distribute properly in the clearomizer, you protect your coil head and ensure a good taste right from the start. You should leave your clearomizer standing for 3-5 minutes after filling, so that the E-Liquid can penetrate properly into the wick. Ultra long trains. There are vapers that like to pull your E cigarette for up to 20 seconds. This can damage your coil head. In particular, low-resistance coil heads are susceptible to damage caused by too long trains.

E-Cigarette CaseThe E-Cigarette was not turned off before plugging in.You sit on your e-cigarette and you sizzle until the evaporation head burns out. Most refillable e-cigarettes have a button for switching on and off. Of course, this button can also be pressed in the pocket, but since it often has to be pressed 5 times to react, it is far more unlikely that your e-cigarette will be activated in your pocket if you have switched it off before. If you are a forgetful type, it can be a good idea to wear the e-cigarette with an e-cigarette case around your neck. So you can not sit down and avoid losing them too. Too little e-liquid in the clearomizer. Another mistake that occurs more frequently is that the e-liquid was not filled in time. If the E-Liquid level has fallen below a certain level, you can let the clearomizer starve, thus shortening the lifetime of your coil head or even burning it out.

With the Aspire CE5-S, for example, you can see small holes on the coil head through the window in the tank. Because these holes provide the wick with E-Liquid, we recommend that the E-Liquid stand is always above these holes. The clearomizer was filled from the wrong side. Standard clearomizers are filled from above, Bottom Coil clearomizers, e.g. Of the Aspire CE5-S are filled from below. Make sure you know from which side you need to fill your vaporizer and ask if you are unsure. No matter which side of your vaporizer is filled, you should always take care not to get an e-liquid in the small tube in the middle. Press the activation button before steaming. The e-cigarette gives this pleasant hissing sound when you press the button and activate the battery. However, if you do this without pulling the e-cigarette, E-Liquid can collect and condense in the mouthpiece.

This can result in a throat sound and reduced performance. To solve the problem, you should clean your vaporizer and rinse the mouthpiece. Keep in mind that you will immediately inhale when you press the activation button.clearomizer-explained". Tips for cleaning clearomizers and other useful tips can be found here. Place the coil head in the clearomizer When you screw in your coil head, it is a good idea to screw a half turn counter-clockwise until you hear a click. Then screw in the right direction. This way, make sure that you screw in the clearomizer correctly and do not force it into the thread incorrectly.

  • Use a weak battery. In order to get better performance from a good clearomizer, you should use a strong battery, such as. Use a Vision Spinner 2. This allows you to regulate the volts to get the perfect steam (depending on your personal preferences and your e-liquid).

    To find out which voltage you should use with different resistances, you can click on the table below to get a larger view. If you buy a new battery, you should always charge it 4-5 hours before using it. A first really good charge often prolongs the life of a battery. You can find more information about rechargeable batteries in our beginner guide.

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