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Replacement Coils Heads for Electronic Cigarette

Replacement heater heads for e-cigarettes - only original products. In this section you will find replacement coil heads for all models of clearomizers available on the vape market in Ireland and Europe. Remember, without high-quality coil heads, you won't enjoy vaping! Our electronic offers a wide selection of replacement heaters from manufacturers such as: innokin, Joyetech, Aspire, Eleaf, SMOK, Kangertech and all at very attractive prices.

Coils Heads

Vaporesso EUC Coil Heads X 5 Vaporesso EUC Coil Heads X 5
Vendor: Vaporesso


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Aspire Breeze 2 Coil Head Aspire Breeze 2 Coil Head
Vendor: aSpire


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Aspire Revvo ARC coil Aspire Revvo ARC coil
Vendor: aSpire


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The best coil heads, prefabricated coils and sub-ohm coils

E-cigarette coil heats are the fastest wearing parts of e-cigarettes. The level of their exploitation increases with each puff of smoke. It is the heater that is responsible for the right taste and strength of the e-liquid, heating it up during inhalation. That is why it is so important to regularly replace the e-cigarette coils - not only for the sake of taste, but also for health. The optimal time to replace the coil in an e-cigarette is one month of use.

The heating wire of the coil heads or coils turns liquid into steam. The material of the heating wire determines its properties, in practice kanthal wire is often used, as this has the same resistance at every temperature and thus keeps the required wattage constant in the e-cigarette. In addition to Kanthal, stainless steel and nickel-chromium (abbreviated: NiChrom wire) are widely used as heating wires in the coils. Some coils ensure particularly good steam development, others try to offer the steamer the best aroma from the liquids. Some prefabricated coils are more suitable for back-steaming (MTL), other coils have been optimized for the requirements of DL steamers (direct lung inhalation).

How long do coils last in practice? How do I recognize a defective coil?

E-cigarette coil heads are consumables, and the frequency of replacing the heaters depends on many factors. The most important criterion is of course how often and how long the heating element has been used. Not without significance is also the power with which the coil is used, especially in the case of MODs that can give coil heads over a hundred watts. Another important factor is the choice of liquid, which also affects the life of the coils: it's no secret that sugary e-juices shorten the life of the coils.

You can use the coil head for a relatively long time. However, the taste of the liquid will deteriorate over time. Especially if you often change types of fluids.

The coil lasts from 2 days to several weeks, depending on how intensively you use it and what liquids you vape. The finished scroll breaks immediately if fired without liquid - i.e. dry: the cotton immediately chars and the head of the scroll is useless.

Which coils can I use? Which resistance in ohms is the right one?

Of course, the coil itself has to match the tank or be made for the atomizer of a certain brand. That usually makes the choice of the coil head easy. Since coil heads are always designed for a specific power range due to the material and thickness of the wire and the number of windings, some manufacturers leave you spoiled for choice. The performance range of the coil is always mentioned in the product descriptions and is often engraved directly on the coil head. Just try out the performance classes available for your e-cigarette, whether and how the taste of the liquids changes. A few devices give users a choice and offer coils for both DL (direct lung inhalation) and MTL (cheek vaping).

Heaters for the latest and older e-cigarettes

In our Vape Shop you will also find e-cigarettes and clearomizers, which disappeared from the market some time ago. We will have the right clearomizers for your old Aspire Nautilus, Joyetech Ego Aio and older versions of Eleaf Melo Tank for a long time. Of course, you will find an equally large selection of coil heats for the latest atomizers.

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