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Hype around "Elf Bars": are disposable e-cigarettes harmful?

Younger people seem to be aware of the dangers of smoking ordinary papayas as smoking rates among young people are plummeting. At the same time, "Elf Bars" are very fashionable. How does it fit together?

According to many brazny vape magazines, there has been a sharp decline in the smoking of traditional papaieros among 12-17 year olds. While in 2001, 27.5% of young people still smoked, in 2021 it was only 6.1%. The number of people who have never smoked has reached a record high of almost 83%. in 2021. A decline in smoking can also be seen among people aged 18-25. The percentage of people in this age group who have never smoked increased from 25%. 2008 to about 40 percent in 2021.

E-Cigarettes: Are They More Popular Among Young People?

In fact, young people tend to see e-cigarettes as "cool" just look at the one-time e-papaieros that seem to be very much in vogue these days. If you type "eleven bars" into TikTok, the app will conclude that it has been searched more than two trillion times. However, this is a worldwide result. But the search for "disposable e-cigarette" also shows 2.2 million hits. So it seems to be a popular topic in Ireland as well. According to TikTok alone, approximately 69 percent of users are under 25 years of age. Therefore, it can be assumed that the trend will reach mainly young people. But what exactly is Eleven Bars?

Elf Bars: Success via Social Media

According to marketing specialists, the success of these devices is backed by entire teams of paid teams in social media. In addition, disposable e-cigarettes are readily available, do not need to be charged or refilled, and can be used immediately after purchase. Disposable cigarettes of the Chinese brand "Elf Bar" are particularly popular. The Elf Bar costs around eight euros and should last around 600 puffs. This is equivalent to two to three classic packs of cigarettes.

However, you have to remember that disposable e-cigarettes are not really healthier than "regular" cigarettes. Because they also contain nicotine. They're especially common among people between the ages of 12 and 18.

Many streamers like MontanaBlack show up with disposable e-papio, which undoubtedly tempts his fans to buy these devices. This is the result of research by journalist Felix Michels, better known as "Tomatolix". Elf bars are especially popular for their good taste and calming effect. But the new type of cigarettes is not harmless and is related to the dangers of buying a counterfeit product. We advise you to be skeptical about anything you breathe that is not clean air. By consuming e-cigarettes, consumers inhale a "cocktail" of various compounds, some of which are harmful to the lungs and the cardiovascular system.

In fact, little can be learned about the Chinese brand, one thing is for sure, disposable Elf Bars e-cigarettes harm the environment which is also a major point of criticism. Disposable cigarettes should be properly disposed of in battery boxes at stores or municipal collection points. However, the truth is different, most people just throw their used e-cigarettes in the nearest garbage can or just on the street. This is how pollutants get into the environment. Online stores are required to provide information on proper disposal. However, most Elf Bars are sold in brick-and-mortar stores that do not fulfill this obligation.

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