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E-cigarette liquids from Dinner Lady - award-winning and world-famous

We all love cakes, pies, creams and puddings. The liquid manufacturer Dinner Lady, founded in 2016, took up this fact and launched a range of excellent dessert liquids on the market. For its outstanding commitment, the company received numerous awards, such as first place in the “Best Stand & Exhibitor Awards” at the Vape Expo 2016 in Birmingham. The Lemon Tart Liquid also received the “Liquid of the Year 2018” award. In addition to the dessert liquids, Dinner Lady has other great flavors ready. From fruity-sweet to tobacco-heavy, the manufacturer from Great Britain presents a large number of exciting flavors, located in the upper quality segment. In its almost three-year history, the company had a decisive influence on the market. Contributions to “BBC the one show” and “The Huffington Post” underscore the brand's popularity. Even if you have already tried many different flavors for your e-cigarette: Liquids from Dinner Lady are guaranteed to leave a special impression on you. Do you have a special taste and are wondering whether the manufacturer also provides liquids that suit you? Then read on below the products.

Do you accept the invitation of the Dinner Lady Liquids !?

Who better to invite you to a fine afternoon tea with the finest pastries, delicious cakes and tempting desserts than a true dinner lady from the United Kingdom? Be part of the fine vape society, fill Dinner Lady Liquids into your vaporizer and enjoy the delicious vapor in many flavors!

The hostess has been pampering sophisticated and sophisticated vapers with her excellent premium e-liquid creations since 2016. Dinner Lady achieved great popularity with the incredibly delicious Lemon Tart Liquid. Often attempts have been made to copy the Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Liquid, but none of these lemon cake liquids can match the original Dinner Lady taste.
Pure steam madness: the world of Dinner Lady Liquids

While Lemon Tart and Apple Pie Liquid are part of the dessert line, Dinner Lady captures the taste of a free, carefree summer with the Summer Holiday series: A Cola Cabana at the beach bar or a Guava Sunrise Cocktail in a deck chair? The main thing is that the pretty woman in the Strawberry Bikini is there!

It's only even sweeter with the small Dinner Lady Tuck Shop Liquids. But beware! Bubble trouble can quickly arise in the Tuck Shop when Apple Sours and Watermelon Slices combine to create a Sweet Fusion.

Vaporized to success: The Dinner Lady story

Usually simply called Dinner Lady in Ireland, the e-liquid producer is correctly called Vape Dinner Lady. A lot has happened at the manufacturer of "e-cigarette juice" since it was founded in 2016 by the entrepreneur Mohammed Patel. The number of employees grew from 2 to over 100 and the British have received more than 60 awards for their taste creations from steamer magazines, at steamer fairs or directly from the steamer community. The Summer Holidays, Dinner Lady Dessert and Lady Tuck Shop liquid series are now available in over 80 countries - and of course you can buy the Dinner Lady Liquids at

Shake it, vape it! For every taste, in different nicotine strengths and in many sizes

In our shop you get the Vape Dinner Lady seductions in different sizes from 10 ml up to 60 ml. You can order classics like Lemon Tart, Strawberry Custard or Blackcurrant Orange with or without nicotine. For the variants with nicotine in size 60ml you will receive a bottle with over-flavored liquid and fill it up with the matching, enclosed nicotine shot. To vape nicotine-free, simply fill the bottle with base. Shake and vape - the Shake and Vape or Shake'n'Vape principle is so easy!

Incidentally, the mixing ratio of the base for Dinner Lady Liquids is different: The High VG variants contain 30% PG and 70% VG. Many of the Dinner Lady varieties in the smaller bottles have a base mixing ratio of 50% VG and 50% PG (50/50). This ensures a good refill in your e-cigarette vaporizer.

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