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Chargers - Everything your battery could want - Here you will find a selection of different chargers

You're on the go and your battery is running low. Almost every vaper knows the uncomfortable feeling that comes over you. The sight of your cloud of steam is suddenly associated with a slight panic. Will your battery last long enough? It doesn't have to go that far.

E-Cig Chargers

The right charger for the e-cigarette

No steam without electricity. If you want to recharge your e-cigarette at regular intervals, you can't avoid one or more e-cigarette chargers - depending on the number and type of vaping devices. The model-specific charger for the e-cigarette and the universal battery charger can be distinguished from one another.

Model-specific charger for the e-cigarette

Many e-cigarettes bring their own, model-specific e-cigarette charger with them. This is mostly the case with smaller devices in which the e-cigarette battery is permanently integrated and cannot be changed. Usually, this is a USB charging cable that is connected to an appropriate interface and the steam device can even be charged using a PC or laptop. Socket adapters are sometimes also included, with which the charging cable can also be connected directly to the mains.

USB chargers or charging cables take up very little space and can usually be stowed together with the e-cigarette in matching steamer bags. Due to the widespread use of USB interfaces in public places, it is possible to recharge the steam device practically anywhere. Special car adapters even make it possible to recharge the e-cigarette via the cigarette lighter in cars. This comparatively simple form of power supply is particularly suitable for beginners who use starter sets with built-in batteries, as the question of compatibility between battery, charger and e-cigarette is less common.

E-cigarette chargers for industrial batteries

There are external chargers for the so-called industrial battery cells, with which the somewhat larger and more powerful battery carriers are usually equipped. These have one or more charging slots, in each of which a battery can be inserted. These are usually also suitable for charging battery cells of larger sizes such as 26650.

As the technology of battery mods and vaporizers advances, many vaping devices are nowadays more and more power-hungry and are operated with two or even more battery cells, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the subject of external battery chargers. In the meantime, 8-slot chargers are already available - for example from the manufacturer Nitecore, which you can also find in our range - which, thanks to intelligent charging electronics, can charge up to eight battery cells in parallel in a gentle and safe way.

It is well known that batteries, which are operated in parallel in a battery carrier, are each of the same type and should come from the same production batch from the same manufacturer and should always be charged in an external charger at the same time. If these points are observed, maximum and stable performance over the maximum service life - and above all the safety of the battery cells - can be ensured.

An external charger can be purchased with a wide variety of equipment features. Some models have displays that show the remaining charging time and the current charge level of the batteries. Other, simpler models, display this information via flashing or continuously lit (color-changing) LEDs. In addition, subtle acoustic signals are often used. E-cigarette chargers from Nitecore and XTAR have proven themselves - both in terms of equipment features and the price / performance ratio.

All battery chargers available from us are equipped with the usual safety functions to protect the batteries to be charged and have the ability to monitor each inserted battery individually and to adapt the charging behavior and the required charging current to the respective battery.

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