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Smoking and vaping among the celebrities 0
Smoking and vaping among the celebrities

Smoking and vaping among the celebrities

Bad for your health, but also bad for your image? There are plenty of celebrities who smoke. This usually doesn't affect their careers, but many of them try not to openly present their vices. Because especially the classic cigarette does not have a good reputation.

Since famous people always have a role model function, they like to hide their vices. In vain. Many stars have been photographed with cigarette smokes in the past and are still caught today. A special case is the electronic cigarette. It is currently on the rise - and in turn it is often presented or even understood as a fashion accessory.

Are you a smoker but maybe you want to switch to a vape? Or are you already, and yet you're now wondering if it was such a good idea? Or maybe you're just a non-smoker who wants to try one of the two methods. In all three cases, you've come to the right place to see all the advantages and disadvantages.

E-cigarette: Popular and everywhere

Less conspicuous, less frowned upon, less problematic: electronic cigarettes. Although experts do not classify e-cigarettes as harmless to health, for many people - whether famous or not - they are a good alternative to classic tobacco cigarettes.

In so-called vaping, liquids are vaporized. This is said to be less harmful to the lungs. At the same time, e-cigarettes can even help with smoking cessation and many stars take advantage of this. Because the liquids can be used to limit or even give up nicotine consumption. The fact that the liquids are available in all possible flavors from strawberry to biscuit dough also helps to get away from tobacco.

Steaming celebs include:

  • Johnny Depp
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Cara Delevingne
  • Kate Moss
  • Katy Perry

Even on the red carpet or on the set of a film, you often discover these and other stars with their electronic cigarette. Of course, not just any model is chosen, they are often custom-made products that can even match the outfit.

The classic cigarette: hardly seen, but not gone

There are still many celebrities who continue to smoke. But like I said, you don't necessarily brag about it. Stars used to show themselves at photo shoots or in interviews with fags. That would usually cause an outcry these days. However, celebrity news likes to report on which stars have given up their vices.

And yet, in the recent past, many stars have been "caught" with cigarettes. Not all of them want to hide their smoking at all, but they don't usually show their cigarettes to TV or paparazzi cameras either.

Celebs who have recently been spotted smoking:

  • Ben Affleck
  • Cole Sprouse
  • Emma Roberts
  • Bella Hadid

Some of the smoking stars - like Kate Moss - are seen sometimes with tobacco cigarettes and sometimes with e-cigarettes. Especially in times of a pandemic, however, many stars have given up smoking, such as Kristen Stewart. Michelle Pfeiffer admitted in an interview that while she wouldn't smoke anymore, she's always happy when her film roles do. She likes the ritual from before, but of course she is proud to have given up the vice. In her 20s, she is said to have smoked up to two packs a day.

Marijuana: Become socially acceptable

While laws in Ireland still prevent cannabis from being consumed in public without any problems, the situation in the USA is very different. Several states have legalized the purchase and consumption of "weed." The celebrities also appreciate that.
Stars who are open about their cannabis use:

  • Jonah Hill
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Rihanna
  • Lady Gaga
  • Seth Rogan

Of course, there have always been celebrities who have directly or indirectly shared cannabis use with the public. But at the latest with the legalization in many states of the USA it seems as if all inhibitions are falling. However, many stars also take the trouble to educate their younger fans about the dangers.

The Vape


There is absolutely no health threat to vaping. The risk of lung damage is equivalent to that of a non-smoker, so vaping here is a clear win. In addition, it is significantly cheaper.

Even passive smoking is no longer an issue! You will no longer have to cough when a "smoker" is next to you. Vaping doesn't produce the pollutants that would otherwise make you smell like smoke and make you cough. This is an immense advantage, especially for non-smokers, and one that is often mentioned.

Finally, we want to mention that vaping is quite acidic. There is no odor in clothing or mouth and the e-cigarette does not have to be thrown in the garbage either!


Inhaling substances is generally not that healthy. Compared to smoking, that's not an issue at all. Of course, if you're single, it's safer if you don't smoke at all. This is only the case, however, if you approach vaping incorrectly and do not pay attention to correct application and execution!

There is also a lack of controls and laws because the products are so new. Manufacturers can sell whatever they want and receive no guidelines for doing so. This can backfire for you as a buyer. The purchase is also a bit annoying if you are a beginner. Namely, you have to invest money without knowing whether you like it.

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