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Guide: Volt, Watts and Ohm

Box Mods are rechargeable batteries which are either equipped with a permanently installed rechargeable battery or are operated with replaceable batteries. They owe their name to their optics or their box design. The trend of the last few years goes especially with experienced Vapers to the box mod. From the manufacturers Joyetech, Wismec, Aspire, Eleaf, Kangertech accordingly correspondingly always more powerful controllable battery carriers on the market. An assortment of these special e-cigarettes can also be found here in your shop.

Box Mods are adjustable rechargeable batteries
E-cigarettes and rechargeable batteries, which are referred to as Box Mod, are characterized by a technical aspect: They have a more comprehensive control electronics than, for example, electric cigarettes in the "Basic" segment. With various current devices this is upgradeable and can be extended by new functions and achievements. With such an accumulator, control possibilities arise about the cloud behavior, which make the use of vaping device more individualizable. When cloud with Box Mods, you decide how much the vapor of your e-cigarette is developing and how the liquid should unfold.

Vaping with TC, TCR, VV and VW
For experienced Vapers with pleasure in new technical achievements, Box Mods are particularly suitable. There are numerous functional modes available, all of which serve the purpose of tailoring a steamboat experience to personal preferences. This is possible due to variable watt and volt settings, as well as by flexible temperature-controlled steam with specially developed and more durable coil heads.

Replaceable batteries and clearomizer choice
Various Box Mod models are also operated with replaceable batteries. If a battery has reached the end of its lifetime, it is no longer necessary to dispose of the entire device, as is the case with devices with permanently installed batteries. A further feature of the box-shaped rechargeable batteries is that, when choosing a clearomizer - or else several - they allow a correspondingly greater margin than with fixed set combinations.

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E Cigs Mods-Parts

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aSpire Zelos TC50W Full Kit aSpire Zelos TC50W Full Kit
Price: €69.99

The E-Cigarette Starter Kit Zelos is available in three colors, the base material for the battery holder and clearomizer is aluminum. By this material a very light weight of only 155g can be achieved for the complete unit (without liquid). The set is available in three colors (black, gray and red), which are applied by a high-quality anodic coating. Another highlight is the self-rotating OLED display, which always produces an ideal readability.

Joyetech - Cuboid Lite E Cig Kit Joyetech - Cuboid Lite E Cig Kit
Price: €64.90

Joyetech - Cuboid Lite Kit Nice steam with the smart technology of modernity Extensive information on a huge TFT touch display Updatable via website of the manufacturer

Joyetech ESPION 200W mit ProCore X TC Kit Joyetech ESPION 200W mit ProCore X TC Kit
Price: €69.99

Joyetech ESPION 200W with ProCore X TC Kit TPD Compliance The Joyetech ESPION Kit comes with a 200W ESPION Box MOD and a 2ml ProCore X atomizer. The kit brings intense flavor and clouds with ProC series coil heads.

Eleaf iStick Pico Ello Mini Full Kit 25 TC 85 Watt Eleaf iStick Pico Ello Mini Full Kit 25 TC 85 Watt
Price: €59.99

Eleaf iStick Pico 25 TC 85 Watt alternatively with ELLO Clearomizer. What's new about Eleaf? The new iStick Pico 25 Box Mod in two versions: once in the favorable starterset with the ELLO Clearomizer for 2 ml liquid and a HW1 single coil 0.2 Ohm as well as another evaporator namely the HW2 Cual coil 0.3 Ohm. If you already have a Clearomizer of up to 25 mm Ø and sufficient evaporator, choose the smaller package, which contains only the battery holder without Clearomizer or other evaporators, with the Eleaf iStick Pico 25 Box Mod TC 85 Watt. In either case, you need a 18650 battery, which is not included in both startersets and must be ordered separately for all battery carriers.

Joyetech Elitar Pipe TC 75W Joyetech Elitar Pipe TC 75W
Price: €79.99

Joyetech Elitar Pipe TC 75W is finally launching an e-whistle with many possibilities. Enjoy the cozy and relaxing feeling of steaming a pipe after a meal, a cozy TV, or a meeting with friends and acquaintances. With the included and optionally available coil heads, the Elitar is ideally suited for baking driers and liner steamers. By operating with a 18650 battery, this E-Pipe offers long operating times and can be operated with powers of up to 75 watts. The various operating modes (Power, Bypass and TC (R)) can be easily selected on the installed OLED display.

Joyetech eGo AIO ProBox 2100mAh Joyetech eGo AIO ProBox 2100mAh
Price: €29.99

Joyetech eGo AIO Box 2100mAh 2 ml tank volume. The Joyetech eGo AIO Box stands for the modern safety concept of Joyetech. For the vapers, this eGo AIO delivers everything in a sturdy box, in which a shock or blow can not impress the tank. The 2 ml volume container and the built-in battery are conveniently located inside the metal body. The user has the Joyetech eGo AIO Box firmly under control and can enjoy a powerful battery and steam in the subohm segment.

eLeaf iStick Kiya 2ml 50W TC 1600mAh eLeaf iStick Kiya 2ml 50W TC 1600mAh
Price: €54.99

Most new vapers start out by using basic variable wattage mode. This is the default mode for the iStick Kiya 50 Watt mod. The Kiya’s simple screen and control buttons make it incredibly easy to tap in the recommended wattage for your GS Air coil. After that, you just press the stylish Fire bar and enjoy the rich flavour of your chosen e juice.

Avatar VapeNut E-Cig Vapor eliminator Avatar VapeNut E-Cig Vapor eliminator
Price: €69.99

Avatars Vapenut (AVN-1) is an intelligent device for detecting and eliminating the e-cig steam. The built-in smoke sensor detects the real-time steam density in real time and adjusts the fan speed for efficient removal of e-Cig cloud. So the Subohmdampfen is fun. No sight restriction, grins; ) No high humidity in the room. The VapeNut has four modes, which vary according to the filtration speed. The VapeNut air cleaner can be used both indoors and in the car. Especially for users e-Cig, one-click operation High-quality silent fans and arc-shaped duct connections to reduce the noise Air turbocharging system, air, healthy and fun circulating High density steam filtration High - precision multi - point gas density detection technology Intelligent mode Switching, energy - efficient design

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