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Our best tobacco e-liquid with pure neutral tobacco taste. We open up new possibilities, now I can decide on the composition of your e-liquids. components offered by us are of the highest quality and purity, as confirmed by relevant documents and Technical Specifications Product.

What are the best tobacco e-liquids without sweetness with pure tobacco flavor?

The following  E-Liquid varieties are probably the best tobacco E-Liquids  which can be found here in the shop, if one is looking for neutral tobacco flavor in an e-cigarette. A sweetness is searched in vain for these liquids, but a proper flash is obtained amply. No sweetness, neutral taste. Perfect replacement for the tobacco cigarette. Ideal for all Vapers.

Again and again we are asked especially by smokers, which is the most similar to E liquid with nicotine of a cigarette. A sweetish taste is felt as unpleasant in the case of a changeover, and many smokers often refrain from permanently switching to e-cigarettes. The taste of the real cigarette, which often differs greatly from reality, is also sought.

The team of itself consists of former smokers, which has tested many flavors to produce good liquid with tobacco flavor. These liquors with nicotine and neutral tobacco flavor we can recommend (former) smokers to 100%, no matter whether you have smoked so far or are heavy smokers. The sales figures confirm this by the way, because these e-liquids are the most popular liquid and are bought most in our online shop - the customer evaluations also confirm it.

Tobacco Flavors

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Giga Shot 40 x e liquid Giga Shot 40 x e liquid
Price: €99.99

Giga Shot 40 x e liquid. Our E-Cigarette shop loves to surprise its valuable customers with best quality products, quick doorstep delivery, and unbeatable offer of the day. Yes, you see it right! Buy 40 x E Liquids 10m. If you want to save money and receive your order quickly – look no furthe. We offer cheapest e liquids on the market that will help you to save a lot of funds.

Mega Shot 15 X E Liquid Mega Shot 15 X E Liquid
Price: €39.99

Mega Shot 15 X E Liquid. Discover magic special offers for E-Liquids, find exclusive E-Juices & special offers only on our official website. Choose your favorite flavor of e-juice. Best offer in Ireland.

Liquid Joyetech Desert ship 10ml Liquid Joyetech Desert ship 10ml
Price: €3.60

Liquid Joyetech Desert ship 10ml. Tobaccos are a series of high quality e-juice developed by Joyetech, which is similar to the taste of very popular brand cigarettes.

Liquid Joyetech Tobacco 10ml Liquid Joyetech Tobacco 10ml
Price: €3.60

Joyetech Tobacco 10ml. High quality tobacco flavor e liquid for filling any kind of e cigarettes.

Liquid Joyetech Usa mix 10ml Liquid Joyetech Usa mix 10ml
Price: €3.60

Liquid Joyetech Usa mix 10ml. Delicate but intense aroma tobacco.

USA Mix E Liquid EirHorse USA Mix E Liquid EirHorse
Price: €3.40

USA Mix EirHorse was created purely to satisfy the requirements of amateurs most recognizable brand of American cigarettes. A pleasant mixture of light Virginia tobaccos flavor that will not only delight yourself but also your companions.

British Mix E liquid Eirhorse British Mix E liquid Eirhorse
Price: €3.40

British Mix E Liquid Eirhorse 10ml. I guess we've all experienced at some stage the wonderful flavor of Cigarettes. What a special aroma this is! How would you describe it? Tantalizing? Exciting? Awesome? Alluring? :) The sad thing is that most of us won't experience this anymore after quitting traditional cigarettes. E Liquid from British MixEirHorse, it is a work of art which in an amazing way lets you immerse yourself in the aroma of tobacco. Dublin - Cork - Limerick

LIQUA Dark Tobacco LIQUA Dark Tobacco
Price: €3.80

The LIQUA Liquid for e cigarettes is made with Italian flavors. Together with the aromas and the mix of the basic bases of PG and VG, a balanced relationship between steam development, flash and aroma results.

Smooth Vape Eirhorse Smooth Vape Eirhorse
Price: €3.40

Eirhorse, deliver a smooth smoke with a lively flavor. Juice Smooth Vape guarantees a truly light vaping experience. A premium e-liquid, full flavored. Eirhorse are made exclusively with quality ingredients, what combined with an effective clearomizer brings you to a smooth vaping experience

Desert Eirhorse Desert Eirhorse
Price: €3.40

Eirhorse Desert reminds closely popular United States tobacco flavor. It is one of the closest flavors of a real cigarettes. Classic taste of Eirhorse Desert makes it ideal for traditionalists. 10ml

Tobacco Eirhorse Tobacco Eirhorse
Price: €3.40

Tobacco Eirhorse. The rich taste of American tobacco, uncompromising, yet magical e-liquid. Without sweet additives. Intense aroma modelled after the oldest classic flavours of tobacco. 10ml

King Of Tobacco Eirhorse King Of Tobacco Eirhorse
Price: €3.40

King Of Tobacco Eirhorse. A good strong tobacco flavor. If you like your tobacco with some sweetness, this e cig liquid one is for you.

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