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Dekang is the world's largest e-liquid manufacturer for vaping device and has a 10 years long experience in producing  liquids. Dekang contain the finest natural ingredients and are mainly bought in Europe and the United States. Taste, steam development, long shelf life distinguish the e-Liquids from Dekang. In particular, Dekang's tobacco quotas have received great approval worldwide. The flavors of the Dekang come only from natural extracts. About Dekang Changning Dekang Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is a leading high-tech enterprise in the pharmaceutical production and distribution of raw materials, plant extracts, food additives, feed additives and fine chemical products.

The Dekang quality controls comply with the highest national and international health and pharmaceutical standards. Decang products consist mainly of pharmaceutically pure raw materials such as tomatoes, alcohol, coenzyme Q10, ginseng Rg3 saponine Rh2, etc. The tobacco series include flue-cured tobacco, spices and oriental aromas. The Dekang philosophy: "customer service, quality and righteousness". Early on, Dekang sought cooperation with universities and research facilities in the USA and Europe.

The result of this long-standing research and collaboration are excellent and high-quality e-cigarette liquids. Liquid Ingredients:

Propylene glycol (75%), 3-methylcyclopentane 1-2-dione (2.5%), 1-malic acid (3%), beta-damescenone (0.2%),

acetylpyrazine (0.2%), 2 acetylpyradine ethanol (10%), rhodinol (0.3%), vanillin (2.5%), ethyl acetate (0.5%),

ethyl maltol (1%),2-methylbutyric acid (5%)

  • 18mg nicotine content (1.8% nicotine content)
  • 12mg nicotine content (1.2% nicotine content)
  • 6mg nicotine content (0.6% nicotine content)
  • 0mg nicotine content (0% nicotine content)

The Dekang refill liquids produce top-notch steam and fit to any electronic cigarette. The fumes do not contain any carcinogenic substances or any other harmful substances other than nicotine. Studies show that this applies to both active and passive vapers. Dekang are developed according to a unique formula, which gives this liquid the special taste. In our shop we present the original classic Dekang in the best quality directly from the manufacturer. The difference to the Dekang Silver label Liquids is only the design of the bottle.


 The Dekang are produced by the global market leader Changing Dekang Biotechnology in cooperation with The e-Liquids are produced according to high international safety and quality standards, which has been very important from the outset. Regular quality controls ensure the quality of the liquid. Dekang Biotechnology is not only the largest liquid producer in the world, but was also one of the first in the market - with over 10 years of experience, it is among the best. The liquids contain finest and natural flavors, the demand of which is enormous both in the European market and on the American market.

 The E-Liquids from Dekang are very popular because of their price-performance ratio. Dekang is therefore one of the largest producers worldwide.


Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural and artificial flavors, water and (optional) nicotine.

E-Liquids from Dekang consist of 80% PG and 20% VG. The E-Liquids are filled in a bottle of plastic with a content of 10ml.

E Liquids Dekang

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Mega Shot 15 X E Liquid Mega Shot 15 X E Liquid
Price: €39.99

Mega Shot 15 X E Liquid. Discover magic special offers for E-Liquids, find exclusive E-Juices & special offers only on our official website. Choose your favorite flavor of e-juice. Best offer in Ireland.

Apple Dekang Apple Dekang
Price: €3.40

Apple Dekang best Price in Ireland. Sales until stock lasts. E juice Apple possesses an intriguing sweet -sour taste. 10ml

Blackberry Dekang Blackberry Dekang
Price: €3.40

Blackberry Dekang. Blackberry Flavor Extract is formulated to satisfy the appetite of supporters that e vaping 10ml

Blueberry Dekang Blueberry Dekang
Price: €3.40

Blueberry Dekang. E juice Natural Blueberry flavor is made up of only natural ingredients . 10ml

Cherry Dekang Cherry Dekang
Price: €3.40

Cherry Dekang. Cherry is flavored with a combination of flavors of black cherry and wild. This combination gives a unique taste 10ml

Desert Dekang Desert Dekang
Price: €3.40

Desert Dekang Best Price in Ireland. Sales until stock lasts. Every smoker knows the taste of tobacco cigarette. Desert is the essence of the taste of this brand.10ml

Fruit Combo Dekang Fruit Combo Dekang
Price: €3.40

Fruit Combo Dekang. Composition of fresh fruits flavours. 10ml Keep out of reach of children. Rich aroma and colour can easily mislead.

Menthol Dekang Menthol Dekang
Price: €3.40

Menthol Dekang. Only for lovers of hard knocks :) 10ml

Strawberry Dekang Strawberry Dekang
Price: €3.40

Strawberry Dekang. For everyone who loved strawberries. Deep and ideal taste of fresh strawberry. Keep out of reach of children. Rich aroma and colour can easily mislead.

USA MIX Dekang USA MIX Dekang
Price: €3.40

USA MIX Dekang Best Price in Ireland. Sales until stock lasts. Tobacco blend, perfectly conveying the flavor of American Classic Tobacco 10ml

Watermelon Dekang Watermelon Dekang
Price: €3.40

Watermelon Dekang. Has a great and refreshing taste of ripe watermelon.10ml Keep out of reach of children. Rich aroma and colour can easily mislead.

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