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Liqua E Liquids - Real Classics In Top Quality

Classic tastes. Particularly high quality. Particularly intense. The liquid manufacturer Liqua thinks about what really matters when it comes to vaping: creating a great consumer experience for the customer. Instead, they do without unnecessary bells and whistles and instead concentrate on the essential elements. Characteristic taste nuances worked out in detail are combined in a full-bodied and intense steam feeling.

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E Liquid Liqua

Liqua e-liquid

Liqua's e-liquids are produced in the Czech Republic and supplied to the entire European market. Flavors from the e-liquid line vary from tobacco, (soft) drinks and of course fruit! Liqua has two different lines:

  • Liqua Element - The Liqua Element line of e-liquids that are a bit simpler than the Liqua Mix line. The liquids consist of 50% VG, making them also good to vape in smaller e-cigarettes!
  • Liqua Mix - The Liqua Mix e-liquids are combination e-liquids of which different flavors are mixed into a liquid. The e-liquids consist of 65% VG, which makes them a bit more viscous than the Liqua Element line.
  • Liqua 4S - The Liqua 4S e-liquids are all made with nicotine salt. They consist of 50% VG, making them suitable for smaller e-cigarettes.

However, the high intensity is never at the expense of consumability. In other words: Every move is soft and harmonious. You don't have to worry about scratching your throat with Liqua Liquids. First and foremost, these are products for daily use, so-called Allday Liquids. Behind the brand name Liqua is the company Ritchy, which has been on the market since 2009. This makes it one of the most experienced producers in the industry and has significantly shaped the development of modern vape technology. The production takes place according to the highest industrial standards and in compliance with the strictest quality regulations. The basis for the flavors are highly concentrated raw materials from nature.

The result: liquids whose taste is confusingly similar to the original. With several locations in Europe, Asia and America as well as a steadily growing number of fans in over 100 countries, Liqua is now one of the best-known manufacturers in the industry. If you are looking for high-quality liquids at a reasonable price, you should buy Liqua. Under the product overview we explain the most important facts about the manufacturer's recipe for success. We'll also tell you about our personal favorites.

Buy cheap liquids for e-cigarettes

Nowadays there are almost innumerable manufacturers for eJuice, serious, but also less serious. That's why we at pay particular attention to only working with the most renowned liquid brands in the industry. We assume that these brands are manufactured according to the European Pharmacopoeia, which ultimately ensures that purity and quality are guaranteed thanks to the use of the best raw materials in the liquids.
The liquids consist of propylene glycol (PG), as well as a proportion of vegetable glycerin and water. However, this combination alone would be devoid of any taste and would not be useful for enjoyable vaping. The aroma is an important component of every liquid, the icing on the cake, so to speak, but with the smallest amount. The flavors contained in liquids are also used in the food industry. So don't worry when filling your e-cigarette!

Vaping nicotine-free - with liquids from Liqua

Every e-vaper can decide for himself whether he wants to buy the liquids and use them with or without nicotine: Since the tastes are different, you cannot give a clear recommendation here. Our liquids are available with different nicotine content, each variant marked. Last but not least, they are also suitable for quitting smoking and consuming less and less nicotine in the respective liquid, right up to the liquid without nicotine.

Liqua Liquid flavors

E-vaping has long ceased to be the only alternative to smoking. Thanks to liquids with an infinite variety of flavors, vaping offers a completely new attitude to life. In our shop you will find countless varieties, starting with tobacco and menthol, also sweet variations with a fruity taste and experimental liquids in unique designs. The huge amount of liquids is a huge advantage of e-vaping. Nowadays, for example, a regular fruit basket or cheesecake can be steamed. Everyone should have tried such liquids once! The bottom line, however, is which liquid suits you best personally. There is no logical recommendation for this, in the end every vaper has a different liquid taste, or varies between different ones. There are no limits to the imagination, as liquids can also be mixed with each other. In addition to the premixed liquids, there are also flavors that you can mix completely yourself, which you can also find in our e-cigarette shop.

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