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Eleaf Coils Heads

Eleaf is a well-known player in the Irish vape market. If you are an Eleaf e-cigarette user, you will also need replacement parts such as heater heads. In our Vape Shop you will find all models of Eleaf coils, which are usually made of kanthal and organic cotton. However, you can also find models in which stainless steel or mesh is used instead of kanthal. Familiarize yourself with our offer, and in case of doubt, contact us.

Eleaf Coils Heads

Eleaf Coils Heads Buy Online

As a vaper, you've probably come across the Eleaf brand! Eleaf manufactures many different types of products for the e-cigarette market. And of course that includes the coils! Because as everyone knows: you can't vaporize without a heater! Are you going to buy Eleaf Coils? You've come to the right place.

Eleaf Coils - Oral-Lung and Sub-Ohm!

Eleaf coils come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are mouth-to-lung coils and subohm coils from Eleaf. Mouth-to-lung coils are mainly found in the Eleaf e-cigarette starter kit. The noticeable difference between the two types of coils is mainly in the amount of steam released. A sub-ohm coil will use much more e-liquid, but will also give you more vapor and more flavor. The mouth-to-lung coil most closely resembles a regular cigarette in terms of inhalation and the amount of vapor released.

Eleaf mouth-to-lung coils are known for their durability and quality. Want to buy Eleaf coils? Eleaf coils use unbleached organic cotton so you don't get any weird chemicals and it tastes great too! These coils last an average of 1 to 2 weeks before they need to be replaced. These coils often have a resistance greater than 1 ohm.

Eleaf sub ohm coils are much more powerful than other coils. These coils often have a low resistance, often below 0.5 ohms. Thanks to this, they can be vaped at higher powers. Eleaf subohm coils provide larger vapor clouds and intense flavor! Eleaf sub ohm coils are also made from unbleached organic cotton! It's good for the taste and for your e-liquid!

Eleaf coil for each tank

Which coil you need depends on the e-cigarette you have and what you're looking for in a coil. Of course, the coil must physically fit your Eleaf clearomizer, so always check that the coil fits your tank. The coil product page lists the products the coil is suitable for. In addition, you can choose between different resistances and coil types. Often, the lower the resistance, the higher the power can be set. For the exact wattage of the Eleaf coil, you can look at the coil. It says there what powers are recommended. In addition to standard kanthal coils, Eleaf coils are also available with mesh. Eleaf mesh coils are often made of kanthal. Kanthal is pressed flat and holes are made in it. Instead of a spiral as with ordinary coils, the mesh coil is a circular ring. Eleaf mesh coils have a larger contact area with the cotton for better flavor release!

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