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E-cigarettes for fun in between As an alternative to conventional smoking, the e-cigarette is all the rage. Combustion-free enjoyment is not only a relaxing experience for the consumer, but also extremely socially acceptable. Our numerous models sweeten every break - whether at work or at home. An e-cigarette from our range is also ideal as a pleasant party companion. Visit our e-cigarette shop and discover your favorite model: The products of our top suppliers impress with their high-quality workmanship and technically optimal quality.

We also offer models with different evaporators and different liquid capacities. Aside from various filling quantities, our range also has battery mods that meet your needs. You can put together your own individual set in our shop to buy your personal e-cigarette. Test the e-cigarette - discover the difference

Big Shot 20x E Juice Big Shot 20x E Juice
Vendor: EirHorse
Price: €59.99
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Smok Alike Smok Alike
Vendor: Smoktech
Price: €43.99
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Smok Nfix POD Smok Nfix POD
Vendor: Smoktech
Price: €29.99
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Smok Nord Kit Smok Nord Kit
Vendor: Smoktech
Price: €28.99
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Smok Scar P5 Pod Smok Scar P5 Pod
Vendor: Smoktech
Price: €42.99
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NOVO kit from SMOK NOVO kit from SMOK
Vendor: Smoktech
Price: €24.99
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Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit
Vendor: aSpire
Price: €38.99
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Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit
Vendor: aSpire
Price: €34.99
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Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit
Vendor: aSpire
Price: €48.99
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Aspire Tigon AIO Kit Aspire Tigon AIO Kit
Vendor: aSpire
Price: €34.99
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Aspire Gusto Mini Device Aspire Gusto Mini Device
Vendor: aSpire
Price: €18.99
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Aspire Nautilus GT Kit Aspire Nautilus GT Kit
Vendor: aSpire
Price: €74.99
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E Cigarette

In particular, newcomers or interested parties often ask about the exact differences to conventional smoking before they buy an e-cigarette.

At this point we would like to help with our expertise: The specialty of the e-cigarette is that nothing is burned when used. While dried tobacco is gradually cremated in a conventional cigarette, the technology of an e-cigarette vaporizes a liquid with the help of a so-called coil. This liquid, which is also known as liquid, is used for inhalation by the user after it has evaporated. We offer liquids for you in our e-cigarette shop in various quantities and with numerous different flavors. In our selection of liquids, there is certainly the right aroma for every taste, no matter how unusual. Choose your preferred product or try something new!

E-cigarettes themselves differ in terms of their power supply, among other things: On the one hand, you will find models in our e-cigarette shop that have their own power supply and are charged using a charger. On the other hand, we offer battery-operated e-cigarettes, in which the battery can be charged separately and replaced independently. No matter which of the two variants you choose, you will receive the all-round carefree package including charger for both models from us. Buy an e-cigarette with a holistic service included Good service is particularly important to our team! We are happy to assist you with your questions as a competent contact and advise you on your selection. We put together your e-cigarette set according to your wishes and requirements and combine them according to your taste.

You can buy e-cigarettes from us free of charge for orders of EUR 20 or more! We also give our customers the option of choosing between various secure payment methods. Look out for special discounts and exclusive promotions in our e-cigarette shop - you save real money.

This is how an e-cigarette works

E-cigarettes are available in various designs. Some are reminiscent of normal cigarettes, while others are not. They then resemble pens, asthma sprays, even lipsticks or USB sticks. And there are variations like e-hookahs, e-pipes and e-cigars. Their principle is similar: As a rule, a battery-operated heating element vaporizes a liquid with or without nicotine, called a liquid. Users draw in the steam through a mouthpiece. At the same time, on many models, a switch must be pressed to activate the evaporation process. E-cigarettes in the “sub-ohm” category are noticeably large and wide. The devices have a larger battery, are more powerful and emit more steam.
Hundreds of models and flavors to choose from

Disassembled. E-cigarettes can be unscrewed.

In 2003, the first commercial electronic cigarette was developed in China. She quickly got competition. E-cigarettes are sold online, but also in local shops, such as supermarkets and kiosks, at petrol stations and in specialized shops. The abundance of models is enormous, as is that of the liquids. This liquid consists of the evaporation agents propylene glycol and glycerine. Nicotine is optionally added, as well as fragrances and flavorings.

From apple to cheesecake to lemon

In addition to the classic tobacco taste, there is a multitude of flavors - from apple to cognac and cheesecake to lemon. According to a representative survey by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, 90 percent are former smokers who use e-cigarettes. Most of them are men.

Eletronic cigarettes - harmless alternative ?

For some time now, the electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) has been receiving increasing attention and spreading in Germany. E-cigarettes consist of a mouthpiece, a rechargeable battery, an electric nebuliser and an exchangeable cartridge that contains a liquid. The liquid is nebulized when the mouthpiece is pulled and inhaled as an aerosol (vapor). E-cigarette consumption is known as "vaping". The main components of e-cigarette liquids contain a nebulizer (propylene glycol or glycerine), water, ethanol, nicotine and often various aromatic substances. Liquids without nicotine are also available.

In the short term, after using e-cigarettes, there may be irritation of the airways and possibly also inflammatory reactions in the bronchi.

Long-term damage from the consumption of e-cigarettes has not yet been adequately investigated, as e-cigarettes were only introduced a few years ago. It is therefore currently difficult to estimate what consequences, in particular, regular and long-term inhalation of the ingredients of the steam will have.

Compared to the consumption of tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes are probably less harmful to health overall. However, health risks cannot be ruled out, especially with long-term use. Non-smokers are advised against consumption!

For heavily dependent smokers who have already failed several times to quit smoking, a complete switch from regular tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes can bring health benefits. It should be noted, however, that the effects of e-cigarette consumption on health will probably only be able to be reliably assessed in a few years. In particular, people with previous illnesses (especially those affecting the lungs) take a - currently unknown - health risk. Because smoking habits are often retained when switching to e-cigarettes, a number of people turn to tobacco cigarettes after a while. The 'dual use', the use of both tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes, harbors an additional health risk, as more toxins are absorbed here overall. Studies have shown that the aerosol can contain carcinogenic substances (carcinogens). Under certain conditions, however, individual substances could also reach concentrations that are similar or even higher than those in tobacco smoke.

The nicotine contained in many liquids is also addictive and could promote the growth of existing tumors, cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.

It is conceivable that some people become addicted to nicotine through the consumption of e-cigarettes and thus the risk of starting smoking regular (tobacco) cigarettes is increased. It is also unclear in what composition the vapor generated by e-cigarettes is exhaled by users and pollutes the indoor air and whether this creates health risks.

Since April 2016, e-cigarettes and liquids in Ireland have been subject to uniform regulation in the European Union. The guidelines define uniform quality and safety requirements for nicotine-containing e-cigarettes. The concentration of nicotine in the liquids must not exceed 20 mg nicotine per ml. Consumers must also be informed about the exact ingredients of the liquid by means of instructions on the packaging. E-cigarettes and refill containers may only be sold with package inserts. In terms of advertising restrictions, e-cigarettes have been put on an equal footing with tobacco products. Further regulations can be found in the "Act for the Implementation of the Directive on Tobacco Products and Related Products".

Products without nicotine, however, are not affected by the provisions of the Tobacco Directive.

E-cigarettes could be very attractive to children and adolescents due to their sweet aromas and thus possibly represent a gateway for tobacco smoking and nicotine addiction.

Is the e-cigarette suitable for quitting smoking?

The scientific data on the safety and effectiveness of e-cigarettes in smoking cessation is currently insufficient. The e-cigarette is therefore not recommended as a means of quitting smoking.

Using a nicotine-containing e-cigarette instead of tobacco cigarettes runs the risk of maintaining physical dependence. In addition, rituals and habits familiar from smoking are mostly retained. Successful smoking cessation requires a change in habitual behavior.


Very high currents can flow with sub-ohm vaping. This can lead to overheating and outgassing of the battery. Sub-ohm atomizers may only be used with suitable battery carriers and battery cells.


Before screwing in, drip some liquid into the atomizer head. After screwing in and filling the tank, let it stand for about 30 seconds so that the cotton wool can draw liquid.

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