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ElfLiq E Liquids Ireland - Elf bar flavor for refillable vaporizer

We've been waiting for this for a long time and it's here! ElfLiq, liquids from Elf Bar that easily transfer the well-known flavors of legendary disposable vaporizers to a reusable vaporizer! To date, there are hardly any e-liquids that offer a truly similar vaping experience as the Elf Bar 1500 and Elf Bar 2500 products. Elf Bar finally fills this gap and offers 12 flavors in liquid form under the name ElfLiq, which you can familiarize yourself with well known disposable vaporizers. Vaping with ElfLiq not only saves you a lot of money, but also protects the environment, especially because you no longer have to throw away the entire vaporizer after using up the liquid. All you need to do is pick up a bottle of ElfLiq liquid and fill the liquid reservoir of the reusable vaporizer. You can choose a reusable vaporizer, but we can highly recommend the MTL (mouth to lung) systems from Uwell and Lost Vape. Going from a disposable vaporizer to a reusable system has never been easier! Take this step now and enjoy the delicious flavors of Elf Bar more ecologically and cheaper thanks to Elfliq!

ElfLiq e Liquid

E Liquid ElfLiq Varieties – All Flavors

ElfLiq Liquids are currently available in 12 different flavors. You don't have to do without the well-known flavors that you know well from disposable vapes! We have collected all ElfLiq flavors for you:

  • ElfLiq Watermelon: The probably best-selling flavor from Elf Bar also convinces as a liquid for reusable vapes. Get the aroma of fresh watermelons in your tank!
  • ElfLiq Blue Razz Lemonade: One of Elf Bar's classics now in the form of pure e-liquid. Get the taste of blue raspberries in your reusable vape!
  • ElfLiq Pink Lemonade: The much-celebrated taste is now finding its way into Elfbar's liquid range. Get a bottle of Pink Lemonade and enjoy the taste of delicious grapefruit lemonade!
  • ElfLiq Blueberry: The Blueberry flavor is undoubtedly one of Elf Bar's bestsellers and now brings the taste of fresh blueberries to your liquid tank!
  • ElfLiq Pink Grapefruit: A lesser-known taste of pink grapefruit in this form, with a great aroma of sweet and sour fruits.
  • ElfLiq Apple: PeachIntense taste of apple and peach offers you a first-class fruity taste experience!
  • ElfLiq Blueberry Sour Raspberry: Another well-known Elf Bar strain that spoils you with a stunning blend of blueberries and sour raspberries!
  • ElfLiq Cotton Candy Ice: Candy floss with a cool note in the finish, this is exactly the taste offered by Elf Bar's Cotton Candy Ice.
  • ElfLiq Cream Tobacco: You like the taste of tobacco but in a creamy and slightly sweet form? Then you will love Elfliq Cream Tobacco E-Liquid!
  • Elfliq Elfbull: Do you like the taste of energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster? Then the Elfbull e-liquid will give you wings!
  • ElfLiq Kiwi Passionfruit Guava: Another blockbuster from the Elf Bar brand in the form of a 10ml liquid bottle: Elfliq Kiwi Passionfruit Guava with the taste of fresh kiwis, passion fruit and guava.
  • ElfLiq Spearmint: Refreshing mint in the form of a flavored nicotine salt liquid. Treat yourself to the delicious ElfLiq Spearmint!

ElfLiq nicotine salt liquids

Nicotine salt is installed in the ElfLiq liquids, which offers you a particularly pleasant vaping experience. While normal e-liquids containing nicotine often scratch the throat, nicotine salt products are significantly gentler while still offering a noticeable throat hit.

Price comparison: Elfliq versus disposable vape (Elf Bar 1500)

You've probably already noticed that consuming disposable vapes can be quite costly in the long run. With the new Elfliq Liquids you now have the opportunity to consume the delicious flavors of Elf Bar in a much cheaper and also more ecological way. If you decide to use the Elfliq Liquid in combination with a reusable vape instead of disposable vapes like the Elf Bar 1500, you will save a lot of money in the long run.

Finally an ecological alternative to the Elf Bar disposable vapes

No goat will lick that away: The disposable vapes from Elfbar and other brands are a nightmare for nature and the environment. Because once the liquid has been used up, the entire vape must be disposed of. In addition, unfortunately, many consumers simply dispose of the vapes in the normal household waste after use. Although the empty e-cigarettes should urgently be disposed of in electronic waste because of the battery and electronic components they contain. With the ElfLiq Liquids you finally have the opportunity to consume the extremely popular Elf Bar flavors in an ecological reusable vape system. You protect the environment and last but not least your wallet! Tip: If you find it too tedious to refill the liquid yourself, we recommend that you also take a look at the Elfbar Elfa reusable system, which allows you to change the liquid cartridges individually.

ElfLiq FAQ

We have waited a long time for the extremely popular Elf Bar flavors to also be available as nicotine salt liquids. Finally the time has come! We have compiled the most important questions and answers about the new ElfLiq products for you.

Are ElfLiq e-liquids TPD compliant?

All ELf Bar ElfLiq e-liquids have been tested to the highest standards and are fully TPD (EU Tobacco Products Directive) compliant. They come in handy 10ml bottles and have a 10mg or 20mg nicotine salt content.

How much nicotine does ElfLiq e-liquid contain?

ElfLiq E-Liquids come in a 50VG / 50PG blend with nicotine strengths of 10mg and 20mg, offering the best vaping experience for both novice and experienced vapers. A nicotine content of 20mg/ml nicotine salt is well suited for heavy ex-smokers and habitual vapers; a nicotine content of 10mg/ml nicotine salt is recommended for beginners and moderate ex-smokers and vapers.

Which ElfLiq e-liquids are there?

ElfLiq e-liquids are available in 12 flavors, including the following flavors known from Elf Bar disposable e-cigarettes: Watermelon, Blueberry, Pink Lemonade, Blue Razz Lemonade, Cotton Candy Ice, Elfbull Ice, Cream Tobacco and Kiwi Passionfruit Guava and others.

Can I use ElfLiq e-liquids in any reusable vape?

ElfLiq E-Liquids are designed to provide the best vaping experience and flavor in all popular refillable pod kits and MTL vape kits, including most starter kits. They are suitable for reusable vape devices with low wattage between 15W and 40W.

Is there Elfliq without nicotine?

No Unfortunately, Elf Bar liquids are currently only available with 10mg or 20mg nicotine. A nicotine-free alternative to the popular liquids is not yet available.

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