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What are the flavors in the liquid?

Aromas are flavorings that are added to the liquid for vaping. Depending on the variety, the steam tastes like tobacco or fruity or like confectionery and other sweets. The few drops of your favorite flavor are also called aroma fluids. However, vaping would not produce the desired taste without additives. That is why the aroma liquid also contains propylene glycol. About 80 percent of a filling consists of this food additive. Although the tobacco industry criticizes vaping as questionable, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment PG or E1520 (as it is called in the food industry) classifies the substance as harmless. In principle, the flavor carrier for the liquid also occurs in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

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The aroma itself is often obtained from plant extracts and microbiological substances. A few exceptions are nature-identical flavors. These are put together in the laboratory. When buying liquids, the difference is easy to see. Natural aroma must not contain any synthetic additives. If the package says “nature-identical”, then it is a combination from the chemistry laboratory. In terms of taste, even fantasy aromas can be created. The best manufacturers accurately identify the source of an aroma. In addition, the market leaders are SGS-certified, which guarantees purity according to the highest standards.

How are liquid flavors used?

Ready-to-use liquids are vapor liquids that already contain base, aroma extracts and, if you like, nicotine shot. These are filled into the tank of the e-cigarette, in which a heating coil causes the liquid to evaporate by pulling or adjusting it. Individual liquid flavors are popular to mix yourself. The desired taste is added drop by drop to a certain amount of base. Please note that you can also add the nicotine shot individually. This is how the individual mix works:

Mix the liquid yourself

You need four ingredients to mix your own aroma liquid. You enrich a liquid base either with aroma and nicotine shot or only with liquid aroma. The recommended dosage is about seven to 12 percent flavor, the rest is the tasteless base. If you want to do without an additional nicotine shot, you can choose one that already contains nicotine instead of a completely neutral base. It is mixed in a plastic bottle with the help of plastic syringes. This enables dosing in droplets. At the end of the mixing process, the empty bottle is closed and shaken vigorously.

Mixing it yourself has other advantages in addition to the individual taste experience. Buying base, nicotine shot and aroma liquid is cheaper than buying ready-made liquids in a 10 ml bottle. In addition, any taste can be combined without hesitation. This makes mixing it yourself a journey of discovery in terms of taste. Even with regard to the nicotine content, your own creations can be adapted much more individually to your own taste. Mixing is possible in different nicotine strengths and even completely without nicotine content. Once you have found your favorite flavor, instead of just a few 10 ml, you have a half or a full liter of liquid at your disposal.

Which flavors of aromas are there?

The liquid flavor market is still small. But gradually, SGS-certified manufacturers in particular are starting to travel to a greater variety of flavors:

Eirhorse Liquid Flavors

Avoria produces flavors in fruity and sweet tastes. The range also includes a small range of refreshing menthol aromas and tobacco aromas of various strengths. The range is offered in packs of 10 ml. Eirhorse in Ireland produces all flavors according to high quality standards. The company has been specializing in the production of liquids, flavors and accessories for e-cigarettes and e-hookahs since 2013. The high quality of the liquids is constantly ensured in our own laboratory tests as well as through external tests.

Infinty Cloud aroma

The brand abbreviation IC stands for the manufacturer Infinty Cloud. This company also manufactures all available flavors at Irish manufacturing facilities with verified content. Packaging sizes of 10 ml are mainly available in the Liquid Shop. Infinty Cloud has the greatest variety of aromas in tobacco and fruity nuances. In addition to the highest quality, Infinty Cloud flavors are also characterized by a low price. Many of the manufacturer's flavors are suitable for mixing yourself. If this is too much work for you, you can also choose from numerous flavor combinations.

Liquid Flamingo flavors

Flamingo Vape is an Irish manufacturer of e-liquids and accessories. Almost 20 different flavors have now been developed for aroma varieties. Flamingo voluntarily subjects its production steps to strict permanent controls. This includes clean rooms and special production facilities as well as constant controls for aroma quality at the food level. Well-known and extremely popular flavors from the company are Flampuccino or Blue Raspberry & Candy. With 30 ml per package, Flamingo flavors are also suitable for storing with e-cigarettes.


Liquid aromas are contained in every liquid for e-cigarettes. They can also be used in fine doses to mix yourself. The market already offers an incredible variety of flavors. The range of tastes is likely to increase significantly in the future.

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