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SMOK Morph 219 Vape Kit
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Flamingo Flampuccino Shortfill 50ml
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Choosing an E-Cigarette

Choosing an E-Device - Tips for the best e-cigarette

Finding the "best e-cigarette" is not an easy thing - beginners are rather overwhelmed. The starting point, experience and expectation of the curious (ex) smokers are too different. An occasional smoker will not be happy with a model that appeals to a strong smoker - just the opposite. Experienced Vapers have already done this search. For beginners, the price is often the most important - What if the steam does not suit you? They then attack a disposable e-fag - often already for € 5. These disposable e-pipes are, however, regularly of a simple quality and offer modest performance. However, just for the first starter kit: everything must be right, otherwise the vaping is no fun! For this reason, even the first Vapers should opt for a high-quality e vapor kit if possible - in the lower price segment, this ego is a recommended starter model. Beginners often also opt for an e-cigarette, which looks like a tobacco cigarette, works automatically and is steamed with depots. These are already under € 20 and they offer an easy entry and easy handling but can not be compared with the more powerful models. They are best suited for occasional Vapers and curious ones. Even non-smoking parties can thus be well above;) Starter kits with a "tank system" - around the € 30 - offer vaping models with all accessories: This makes it easy to get a first-rate experience at an affordable price-performance ratio. With increasing experience, the focus is on enjoyment, technical quality and range of the device. High-quality vaping kit with tank systems can be used here: great battery performance and high level of cloud development and technical diversity open the door to the wonderful world of cloud. By the way: for non-smokers and ex-smokers the e-mods is nothing - so hands away and continue to inhale pure air. And of course not for children! And pregnant women! Nicotine is a strong nerve pest and is highly dependent. In the following, we try to facilitate the first orientation.


The e-cigarette does not burn - this is actually the main difference. It follows from this: The e-cigarette does not contain the many thousand carcinogenic additives of the tobacco cigarettes, but offers the nicotine in a so-called "aerosol" (air-vapor mixture). The comparison of e-cigarette and tobacco cigarettes shows the most important differences.


The vaping is not healthy. It maintains your nicotine dependency and nicotine is a dangerous nerve pest. However, it is certainly healthier because it completely lacks tobacco smoke. It is therefore a better alternative for smokers.

Smoking ban:

The smokers are almost everywhere in the rain, ice and snow in the fresh air ban - smoking prohibitions everywhere. The stench in closed rooms forces us all to kneel; Already there are first judgments against smoking tenants in their own apartments!

Many flavors

In the main, tobacco cigarettes are restricted to the tastes of "tobacco" (in many variants) and "menthol". Cigar smokers have "better" only in this respect - grass, earth, coffee, chocolate and fruit notes are widespread.
The electronic cigarette, however, offers the 100 different aromas - with or without nicotine. Tobacco smokers pollute your "in-world" and your environment. Everything is affected: body, clothing, home, environment, fellow human beings dirt and stench. In comparison, the Vaping Kits is "pure". Teeth, fingers, wallpapers and curtains do not yellow, no ashes, no overturns, no odors, and in contrast to dangerous passive smoking, "passive steam" is considered harmless. Even though the Box mods is now partly covered by domestic law in such smoking bans, there remain many freerooms. In pubs and restaurants helps to avoid misunderstandings.

Which e-cigarette for which Vapers type

Not all smokers are equal - and not all Vapers. Among the "real" smokers there are those who turn their fluke themselves, others fill empty pods with cigarette machines. And the vast majority buy cigarettes in boxes. Some people smoke only occasionally, others always pull at the cigarette. So different the needs - so different must be the recommendation for a best e-kits. The heroes of the Nicotine scene are non-smokers. In the first row, of course, those light shapes, which have renounced the nicotine in every form - the ex-smokers. For both: hands away from the e cigarette.The term "consumer" does not, of course, originate from the "Vapersr's lexicon" and is also not approved by the "electronic cigarette police";) These Vapers really do nothing more than continue the nicotine consumption in another way. They have no interest in technology, do not want. But simply use an e-cigarette without problems. Just as they are accustomed to from "Pyro". Simply intelligent "smoke"steaming laturally: D For those e fags users, one-way e-cigarettes with depots (cartomizers), which may also work "automatically", are suitable at least initially. In terms of taste and cloud development, however, you have to make a significant compromise when compared to refillable systems. It is striking here that the "maintenance" can be kept to a minimum. If the depot is empty, you can simply unscrew it and replace it with a new one. Savings, cost-conscious and cunning, of course, use refillable depots and have already the foot in the next group:) The best starter kit for serious seekers, firmly determined and confident Vapers is a tank model with Clearomizer and Bottom Dual Coil technology. Here, the broad variety of cloud is the easiest. These e-mods require minimal handiness and minimal technical skill for refilling the clearomizer and maintenance. Anyone who can refill a lighter will not encounter any difficulties. Even beginners should better use such a model - because this makes the change the safest.

Check out these reviews! model

Kangertech eVod Traders are not afraid of technical hurdles or difficulties. They welcome the endless variety of possibilities and know all the ingredients of an e cig by name and weight, where you can relate them. You've tried a lot of combinations and you know how to screw what when.
Bastler and tinkerer know no problems. "Problems" are challenges that offer the opportunity to test their own knowledge and skills. In other words, problems are solutions in the original state! The best vape kits is built by the hobbyist or "professional Vapers " itself! 

  • Whether you buy cigarettes in boxes
  • Whether you cigarette stuff

If you spend € 5 for the day, the € 150 per month. A Vapers may spend € 50  per month for e-Liquids; But there are still acquisition costs and costs for wearing parts. Even if you charge these costs with a cautious € 220 per year (2 e-cigs plus wear parts), you will get € 820 per year (€ 220, - + 12 x € 50, -) Cheaper - 12 x € 150, - makes € 1.800, - for tobacco cigarettes per year. What do cost? Gives an overview of the acquisition costs and also a sample calculation for consumption costs. All of this depends very much on you and your smoke or cloud behavior.

Cartomizer or Clearomizer Both - Cartomizer and Clearomizer - have the same function in the e cig: they supply the cloud with e liquid. The Cartomizer is closer to the original technique of the e kit; The Clearomizer is the current state of the art and is particularly popular in combination with "Dual Bottom Coil". In the Cartomizer, Watte takes up the e-Liquid. It often resembles the filter of the "normal" cigarette and is screwed onto the battery holder. There are pre-filled cartomizers in different container sizes; They vaporize them empty and can simply discard them after use - with integrated clearomizer. This kind of cloud is perhaps the most similar to the tobacco smoking: two battery carriers, a "packet" cartomizer and the bower is finished. However, this is not the most cost-effective form of vaping. Refillable cartomizers are a true loyal fan base despite the old but proven technology. They praise a better taste experience. Others, on the other hand, consider the taste experience to be weak and prefer refillable tank systems.


The Clearomizers belong to the tank systems. These keep the e-liquid directly in a tank before - without cotton deposit. The special feature of the Clearomizer is that the tank is made of clear material ("clear"). This allows you to check the fill level of the tank at any time. Bottom Dual Coil - BDC "Clearomizer with Bottom Dual Coil Technology is the state-of-the-art technology: Here are two (" dual ") heating coils at the bottom of the Clearomizer. This creates a lot of cloud and the replacement of the coil heads is very simple.The electronic cigarette is a technical device - a tool, an instrument - and you must maintain it regularly. If you do not, it loses its taste and vaping power. Once a week:

  • Parts that come into contact with liquid in a vodka bath
  • Please do not charge the battery!
  • Rinse with water
  • Allow to dry overnight

Not all clearomizer can tolerate this treatment! Read carefully the operating instructions! Coil head sare wear parts. They must be replaced regularly. How often depends on your cloud behavior. Also the battery - that you know from your handi - can fail. Ensure timely replacement. If you are careful with your e-fag, you have a long time to enjoy it. Also your purse.

Life e-device

Certain models (rather the small ones) work fully automatically by simply pulling the e cigarette. Then a vacuum sensor switches on the equipment and "evaporates" the liquid.This is more convenient for some. Actually, this is just like a tobacco cigarette - but you should not try to light your vapor kit, right? These e-cigarettes resemble ordinary tobacco cigarettes, are more vulnerable to leaks and this can also make the battery go out. In order to prolong the endurance (the so-called "range") of the battery, the train length is limited. That is, After a few seconds the device switches off - not everyone wants that.


For others, you must press a button simultaneously. This protects the battery and ensures a longer operating time. You also have more influence on the quality of the "train" - thus longer, "deeper" trains are possible.
You have quickly become accustomed to pressing the activation buttons and the manual operation of an e-cigarette should not prevent you from testing them. On the contrary, manual operation indicates a better eGo experience.

The e-mods differ not only in shape and color, but of course also in the size:
Minis: often similar to the tobacco cigarette with rather low-power battery - automatic or manual, light Tanksystems (eGo): significantly larger than a tobacco cigarette, manual operation, large tank, large battery capacity, higher weight Actually, the size does not play an important role. Small e cigarettes can be stored more easily in the chest pocket, but are usually not as powerful - especially not so persevering. At the top of some e-pipes is a LED light. The "glows" at some as red as tobacco smoke. This can be a messy process, but it also leads to confusion. If you smoke this in a smoking area, you may have a hard time explaining that you can not distinguish a smoker from a distance. Experienced Vapers therefore come to models that either shine blue or not at all. Basically, this lamp is nothing but a nice gimmick and completely dispensable. Make sure that the battery is working, remember the vapor that you inhale. A great way to experience exactly what "vaping" is and whether you like it. However, not as cheap as a disposable e-fag. Has the advantage that everything you need to steam is included. You should get a E-Cig Starter kit from € 30, - and it is not a bad idea to get one or the other in addition: Experiment with different nicotine strengths and flavors. That's why it is better to have several smaller smaller than one or two large depots. As a widely used model, a mini is a good choice, since you can make a wide selection in all areas (batteries, clearomizer, e-liquids, etc.). Also the possibility to test the mini prefilled and later to change to self-filling is a plus.

  • About as big as a cigarette (90-130mm)
  • Can also be "freehand" smoked
  • Weighs from 8 to 21 g
  • Diameter 7 - 9.5 mm
  • Batteries up to 350 mAh
  • With Cartomizer or Atomizer +
  • Nikotindepot
  • Charging via mains, USB and / or Autoladestation
  • Portable charger (PCC) is recommended

If you want to know exactly what you are looking for and you do not want to miss the higher entry price (Starter kit ~ € 30 - € 60, -), you will find an extremely flexible introduction: a wide range of high-performance models and accessories.

  • Batteries up to 1,100 mAH and more
  • Weight from 30 to 42g
  • Length of 130-170 mm
  • Diameter of 11-14.5 mm

EGO with tank system are larger, have less similarity with the tobacco cigarette, and they are almost only with manual operation. These electronic cigarettes can be "refueled" - refilled. This requires a minimum of handiness and a few lint-free cosmetics towels:). Spare parts and accessories. You can not have too much of that. Seriously on the side and quite fun. The e-Advanced Kits consists of parts not least wear parts, which can give up the spirit at any time, so you need replacement! For how long the individual parts hold, you can see the technical data at the time of purchase and plan accordingly. In principle, spare parts and accessories of a model series should be interchangeable, i.e.. Parts from dealer A should come with dealer B accessories, but that is not always the case.

Buy two identical e-device!

If you have found the best electronic cigarette for you, buy a second! So you always have replacement and your spare parts supply fits for both.

Put spare parts in stock!

Two batteries and several (5) coil heads are mandatory. If you have identical e-cigs, you always have replacement in an emergency.

If you're really interested in steaming, you'll immediately get an e-cigarette with Clearomizer and Dual Bottom Coil. A normal smoker (20 cigarettes / day) has the initial costs and accessories and replacement costs back in the first month.

Start with higher nicotine strengths. This makes it easier to change, and you will notice that you are happy with an ever-low level of nicotine; Then change to "medium" or "low". Or "nicotine-free"!

Buy a few small bottles of e-liquid!

Do not reach the largest bottle immediately. Better are several vials with different flavors in the usual size of 10 ml. This corresponds to about 40 to 60 cigarettes. You have to pay about € 6 per e-Liquid.

Most beginners start with a tobacco flavor - the fewest remain exclusively. The 100 flavor varieties are at your disposal - experiment from the beginning. You will soon realize that you like this variety.

Disposable e-cigarettes convey only a limited picture of the steam. Your equipment is designed to throw away - technical high performance can not be expected here.

  • Inexpensive
  • Maintenance-free - unpack, displace, dispose of
  • Casual steamers and cautious beginners

Starter Kits are recommended by a favorable entry price and solid equipment. If you want to steal only occasionally, but do not want to be a throwaway technique is right here.

  • Reasonable price-performance ratio
  • Entry into clouD
  • Beginners and Vapers

Starter sets with tank system are a good compromise between technically high-quality vaping products and entry costs. Normal smokers feel comfortable here.

  • Strong price performance ratio
  • Tank system
  • Models also with Bottom Dual Coil Clearomizer, powerful batteries (1900 mAh!)

An electronic cigarette of the price class from € 60, - offers a reliable entry into the wonderful world of vaping. Demanding beginners and smokers of strong tobaccos are here in the best way.

  • Powerful - large range
  • Full steam development
  • Bottom Dual Coil Clearomizer
  • Big variety
  • Successful entry into the wonderful world of vaping
  • Determined beginners and confident vaper

Who knows what he wants and that he wants it, finds here easily a best e-cigarette.

Two recent studies on e-devices, two different views: critics see in them the entry into a smoking career for young people, proponents point to the smoking cessation potential.

The use of e-cigs remains controversial. Not only Vapers and smokers argue about the pros and cons of the electronic inhalation products, but also scientists. Two recent studies from the BMJ show which heterogeneous potential and risk potentials are seen in the e-cigarette. The health-promoting possibilities of e-cigarettes in supporting a smoke exit have been highlighted by Californian researchers. The team around Dr. Shu-Hong Zhu of the University of California concluded in a study that the current increase in the consumption of e-cigarettes is associated with a significant increase in smoke outcomes in US adults (BMJ 2017, 358: j3262). For the study, the researchers analyzed five population surveys, which took place between 2001 and 2015. Of the 161,054 participants in the most recent survey of 2014 and 2015, 22,548 current smokers and 2136 subjects were recently ex-smokers. Of this, 38.2 per cent of the current smokers and 49.3 per cent of the recent abstinent had experience with e-cigarettes.

With e-device the smoke exit succeeded more often In the 2014 and 2015 survey, 350,000 additional US citizens managed the smoke exit for at least three months. This corresponds to 5.6 per cent of the smokers surveyed, compared with 4.5 per cent in 2001-2011. To identify the cause of the positive trend, Zhu and his team investigated the use of the e device. Not only did their users smoke a smoke exit as non-users (65.1 versus 40.1 percent), they were also more successful. 8.2 percent of the steamers left the fingers of cigarettes for at least three months. Only 4.8 per cent of smokers managed to do this. With electronic steam, almost twice as many smokers managed to stop as without. The researchers, however, concede that other interventions that took place at the same time were not investigated. These may also have had an influence on the number of smoke exits. During the period under investigation, a national poster campaign took place.

Juvenile vaper smoked more frequently Of the 2125 pupils surveyed, 183 (8.6 per cent) in 2015 claimed to have tried an e-cigarette and in 1942 (91.4 per cent) did not. Best and their team found out that 40.4 percent of students with smoking cigarettes a year later smoked - with the students without steam experience, it was only 12.8 percent. Teenagers who have already vaping are, according to Best's study, three times as often with smoking as young people who have not previously steamed. This seduction of teenagers to smoke is also known as a "gateway hypothesis". "We have found that the e-cigarette has a strong influence on the probability of a young person experimenting with smoking or not," says Best. And further: "This is also the case with the non-smokers who have a firm intention not to smoke, or whose friends do not smoke. Traditionally, this is the group of young people who are the least likely to start smoking." Best. The effect was still statistically significant even when the researchers adjusted the study results to other factors that influence a smoke incidence. These included smoking, whether there were smokers in the circle of friends, family members smoking, age, sex, family prosperity, ethnicity, and the nature of the school. "Young never-smokers experiment with cigarettes, if they have tried an e-cigarette before," is also the conclusion of the study by Best and her team.

Reduced offer for Vapor products

Cigarettes and e-devices will be subject to restrictions as of May 20th. Affected are certain tobacco products, electronic-cigarettes and refill containers. The reason for this is the expiry of a transitional period governed by the Tobacco Certificate Act. Tobacco products and herbal smoking products produced or marketed before 20 May 2016 and which are in accordance with the provisions in force until then may be placed on the market or remain in circulation until 20 May 2017. This means that products which no longer comply with the EU tobacco product directive may not be sold as of May 20. Ownership is still allowed.

Concretely, cigarettes and tobacco, in particular, disappear with a characteristic flavor or aromas which can alter smell, taste or smoke intensity. This also applies to filters, cigarette paper or capsules containing such substances. However, menthol cigarettes are not affected by an exception until May 2020. Packaging is also without health warning. The same applies to e-mods or refill containers with the following characteristics. In the future, a maximum dose of 20 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of e liquid will be given for e juice.

A e liquid may only contain a maximum of 10 milliliters. Also affected are certain models of e-fags. Additives such as caffeine, taurine or additives such as vitamins, which give a health benefit, are forbidden in the future. This also applies to substances, which discolor the smoke or smoke in the case of cigarettes. There are also registration rules for the trading of liquids. A complaint against the underlying tobacco directive failed in May 2016 before the European Court of Justice.

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Electronic Cigarettes, E-Liquids, Batteries, Clearomizers, Replacement Coils, chargers and more accessories.Browse through our large selection to find the product that best suits your needs. Guaranteed best prices and discounts. We offer free shipping on all orders. Find that perfect gift for you or for someone closest to you.

Vaping system: Perhaps you want more nicotine and less? Time will tell. Both systems have one thing in common: they are based on system coil heads and are compatible in themselves. Both of these are the same for each vaping starter kits of the system.
If our handy e-pipes have convinced you, you can buy a device with more capacity for example for the office insert, or for the couch at home and stay with the coil heads. Steampots of the first generation and also us as heads pioneers can sing a song of how almost the drawers are full with incompatible Clearomizers and coil heads.

With our systems, you have all the options and SUPPLEMENT your first e cigarette, rather than getting new e-pipes as a replacement. If you understand your taste, but you can not leave it, you need an efficient device. Do not worry! Our two small vaping system can provide you with nicotine reliably! Due to the different variants of coil heads, which differ by their electrical resistance, the air passage, etc., your first Vape Mod can already accomplish quite different performances and aroma development. To give you a first impression, the sets already contain different cores! So you get a rough idea where the trip will go with you. Then you have a wide range of brand-new mod kits to work with the same clearomizer! Today, we can provide such a great variety of steam and quality with our consciously clear vapor system. Any vapor system  that you can conserve in resources and is environmentally friendly. And it's your money bag! Try the alternative to everyday carbon monoxide poisoning, ash and stench. Our eGo cigarette are easy to handle, look good and are fully everyday.

The system e-vapor at are modular, exactly matched to one another and cover a very wide range of vapor preferences. Basically, you can be happy to have just come to the e pipe, because what you would find in our online shop at MOD systems and accessories for your eGo Cigarette would have been desired two years ago.

With the E-juice, we have followed our consistent line for a long time and are currently expanding it. The new tobacco product law regulates the quality of the e-liquid very precisely. EirHorse, had been the first producer of E-Liquid Ireland to vaporizer cells some years ago. EirHorse has also invested heavily in the scientific investigation of its products in collaboration with independent laboratories, scientists and in certifications, and has constantly improved its quality vaping products. In addition, EirHorse is specifically developing the flavors for the e juice specifically at the molecular level. This has the advantage of being able to determine the exact composition of the e-liquids. And that's what the new legislation demands. We have been friends with EirHorse for many years, a reliable and future-oriented partner. For our customers, the highest product quality and future-proof availability.

Enjoy already our premium tobacco aromas of EirHorse, which are all produced and bottled at EirHorse and are ideally suited for entry. You will always enjoy new flavors in every of our Liquid series, such as Tobacco Liquid, Fruit e-juice, Menthol Liquid and our Fun Liquids. In the online shop of you buy e MODs with system, premium e-liquids, accessories and clearomizer, which in all our vaping products ensure perfectly balanced liquid flow, best cloud development and intense aroma. E MOD and liquid for connoisseurs of the ritual in everyday quality buy in the online shop of

  • For several years, more and more popular in our country are electronic-fags. Their manufacturers tout: they are far less harmful than regular cigarettes, are not addictive, and even help smokers escape from addiction, no risk of passive smoking. Let us see which of the advantages of e vapor kits are true and which are just plain marketing trick

1. Smoking or vaping?

Vapers do not inhale the smoke produced during the combustion process (like in traditional cigarettes), but the vapor-liquid in which the nicotine is dissolved. Although the name of the e cigarette somehow makes the use of the term "burn", but in fact there is no combustion in e cigarettes. Users of these devices do not inhale smoke, but only the liquid vapor in which nicotine is dissolved. It is very important difference because during combustion - the rapid oxidation - tobacco in traditional cigarettes, there are many dangerous substances to health. Scientists estimate that tobacco smoke is at least 5,000 chemicals. In an e cigarettes their number was reduced to just a few. This makes it easier to assess their potential harmful or not.

2. E Vaping harm passive smokers ?

In the case of the electronic cigarette, there is no risk, described by scientists as "passive smoking"The vapors created during inhalation besides harmless flavors, massively used in the food industry and glycol, do not contain anything that could cause a danger to people staying close to the Vaping user.

3. Vapor, gum or inhalers ?

These devices deliver to the body appropriate doses of nicotine. However, they may vary in effectiveness. The e vapor kit is unrivalled and that is why he won so great popularity, leaving its competitors far behind.

4. Vaping helps people quit smoking?

Healthier, is not addictive, does not harm others, more convenient, more extravagant - whether that really is an e cigarette? Crowning argument for vaping is a wonderful therapy, which allows you to break free from addiction. But you have to remember the e cigarettes may contain twice the dose of nicotine than eg. the popular therapy anti-nicotine inhaler. Even in those advertised as "Non-nicotine" or "menthol" there are a lot of big doses of nicotine.The fact that vaping can free us from the traditional cigarette does not mean that we are not addicted to nicotine. E Cig contain nicotine, which is highly addictive.During burning tobacco, as a side effect, produced is highly carcinogenic substance called nitrosamines. This process not occur in an vaping. All anti-smoking therapies are effective only if they are used properly. And what does "properly" ? First of all, e vapor kits as well as patches or inhalers, have become a means to exit the addiction rather than an excuse and permanent replacement for the Vaping.

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