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Flavour Concentrates, endless creative possibilities

Flavor Concentrates are agents that are added to the e-liquid in order to diversify the Vapowna effect. We offer a huge selection of diverse and often surprising flavors that you can use to create e-juices with an individual flavor profile or to spice up the one you already use. Just add a few drops to make your Vape-Juice taste exceptional.

Flavor Concentrates

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What are flavor concentrates used in the vape industry?

The aroma itself is often obtained from plant extracts and microbial substances. A few exceptions are nature-identical flavors. They are combined in the laboratory. When buying liquids, the difference is easy to notice. The natural flavor must not contain any synthetic additives. If it says "identical to nature" on the package, then this is a combination from a chemical laboratory. In terms of taste, even fanciful aromas can be created. The best manufacturers accurately identify the source of the odor. In addition, the leaders of the vape market have the SGS certificate, which guarantees purity in accordance with the highest standards.

How to use flavor concentrates?

Ready e-liquids already contain a base, fragrance extracts and nicotine are used to fill the e-cigarette tank, in which the heater under the influence of high temperature causes the e-liquid to evaporate. Flavor concentrates give you the opportunity to create a unique flavor mix in a very simple way. Just add a few drops of the selected aroma to the e-juice you use and in an instant you have something new, unique that no one else has. You can combine mint flavor with tobacco e-liquids or mix banana e-juices with a bit of cream flavor. Experiment and create unparalleled aromatic blends that will surprise all your vaper friends. The desired flavor is poured into a certain amount of VG/PG base, which you will also find in our store. Note that you can also add a nicotine shot.

Create your own E Liquid

Everything you need to compose your own - you will find, of course, in our Vape Shop.

  • Bottle: We offer three types of bottles with a capacity of 40 ml, 60 and 120 ml.
  • Base VG/PG: You can choose the appropriate ready-made VG/PG base. The 50VG/50PG mix is the best choice to start with. This VG to PG ratio hides the best aromatic and flavor results and decent cloud coverage. Remember that the carrier of flavor is PG. The 70vg/30PG base offers a moderate orgaloleptic experience giving huge clouds in return,
  • Glycerin and glycol :You can buy pure glycerin and glycol to make your own blends.
  • Flavor concentrates: Here you have a huge choice, it all depends on your imagination. The recommended dose is 7 to 12 percent of the flavor added to the finished VG/PG base.

After adding everything, close the bottle and shake vigorously. You can vape immediately after creating a unique blend, or set the bottle aside to allow the contents to mature and enrich the flavor. Every vaper has their ways so you have to be patient.
You can also enhance your creation by adding a coolant to it, which will add some frost to your e-liquid.
Nicotine shots are also available to satisfy nicotine cravings.

Eirhorse Flavor Concentrates 

Eirhorse produces fruity, sweet, basically anything you can imagine. The Eirhorse range also includes a cooling agent or fruit flavor enhancer. The range is offered in packs of 10 ml. Eirhorse in Ireland produces all flavors to high quality standards. The company has been specializing in the production of e-liquids, flavors and accessories for e-cigarettes and e-water pipes since 2013. The high quality of e-liquids is constantly guaranteed by internal and external research

Infinty Cloud aroma

The brand abbreviation IC stands for the manufacturer Infinty Cloud. This company also manufactures all available flavors at Irish manufacturing facilities with verified content. Packaging sizes of 10 ml are mainly available in the Liquid Shop. Infinty Cloud has the greatest variety of aromas in tobacco and fruity nuances. In addition to the highest quality, Infinty Cloud flavors are also characterized by a low price. Many of the manufacturer's flavors are suitable for mixing yourself. If this is too much work for you, you can also choose from numerous flavor combinations.

Liquid Flamingo flavors

Flamingo Vape is an Irish manufacturer of e-liquids and accessories. Almost 20 different flavors have now been developed for aroma varieties. Flamingo voluntarily subjects its production steps to strict permanent controls. This includes clean rooms and special production facilities as well as constant controls for aroma quality at the food level. Well-known and extremely popular flavors from the company are Flampuccino or Blue Raspberry & Candy. With 30 ml per package, Flamingo flavors are also suitable for storing with e-cigarettes.


Liquid aromas are contained in every liquid for e-cigarettes. They can also be used in fine doses to mix yourself. The market already offers an incredible variety of flavors. The range of tastes is likely to increase significantly in the future.

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