How to use E Cig

How to use E Cig - Vaping: the main differences

Most smokers only know the characteristic tobacco taste of their cigarette. On the other hand, there is a variety of different flavors in addition to liquids with tobacco flavor. If the steam comes into the mouth, these flavors can not be completely grasped by the tongue, since they can only distinguish the different tastes, but can not differentiate them more precisely. The details of the aroma become clear only when the steam reaches the nose, which reacts much more sensitive to it. The smell epithelium, which is located in the top nasal passage, is responsible for the absorption of the taste. It is essential, therefore, when steaming, that the steam penetrates the nose, which is more optional with the smoker - most smokers breathe the smoke over the mouth cavity again.

Another difference is the type of nicotine. In the tobacco cigarette it is in its pure form, which is why it can unfold its full effect, its flash, by the inhalation of the smoke. The desire for nicotine is almost immediately satisfied, as it is directly in the brain. In the vaping devices on the other hand, the nicotine is dissolved in the liquid. When it enters the body in the form of the vapor, it must first be converted. The train of the steamer is therefore much slower and it takes longer, until the flash finally arrives.

Too fast pulling = unwanted side effects

The smoker wants to satisfy his need as quickly as possible and therefore often pulls his cigarette at a very high rate and at short intervals. If beginners attempt to pull the same with the vape starter kit, this may end in a cough attack. However, the wrong steaming of an e-cigarette has further consequences if one exaggerates it: Dry mouth A headache Lick nausea The dry mouth is due to the fact that liquids can dry out the mucous membranes due to the ingredients.

Apart from the fact that this effect is a little unusual at first for beginners, it increases as the pull of the vape starter kit increases. In this case, however, it is sufficient to initially drink more to supply the mucous membranes adequately. The remaining symptoms, on the other hand, are due to an overdose of nicotine. This is not dangerous, but it causes discomfort.

These short-term symptoms can best be cured with a steam, plenty of water and some rest. However, you are a clear indication that you are not steaming the vaping devices correctly. Vaping train technology: the most important tips So that you can get into the full enjoyment of your liquid right from the start, you should pay attention to the following tips for the correct steam traction: To make the steam in the vaping devices, press the fire button. Instead of pressing it, if you already have the mouth in the mouth, press it already one to two seconds before. The clearomizer can thereby preheat and more steam is generated. When they started smoking, you probably did not smell the lungs right away, but "pounded". Remember how it works - because when you steam, you start the same way.

Pull slowly at the vaping devices and allow your entire mouth to fill with the steam. Only then pull it into the lungs. Through the collection of the vapor in the oral cavity, a small amount already reaches the nose. You will notice the aroma much more clearly and the flash will become clearer. Breathe the steam over your nose. It is enough if you put a small quantity over your nose, because already you will notice the taste much more clearly. The rest of the steam can also be exhaled through the mouth. Tip for a particularly intense steamer experience If you want to taste the full flavor of your liquid, you can also try to reverse it: breathe the steam through your nose. That may sound funny, but works.

And it will lead you to perceive the flavor of your liquid without detours and directly. The steamer experience is thus once again much more intense. Although this is not the standard method for each day, it is an excellent choice if you want to test your own flavor combination when mixing liquid to the smallest detail. To do so, place the steam in the mouth as usual. Then allow it to escape gently with a slightly open mouth and pull it through the nose and further into the lungs. This is even easier if you hold your hand in front of your mouth while the steam escapes. Now that you know how to "smoke" the e-cigarette properly, you have nothing to stop you from entering the world of clearomizers and liquids.

E Cigarettes and E Liquids user manual


Most of the eGo type batteries have 5 click Power ON/OFF option. To turn on battery click promptly five times power button. You will see three short blinks on your Led button. Another five clicks will turn off you cigarette.Most of new cigarettes come in Switch off mode s o you need to activate battery before first use.

All our models wi ll work only when you press the LED button. Press the button and inhale at the same time. The LE light will be on. Release the button after inhalling.
Don't forget that pressing button too long may couse overheating and damage your cigarette.

Refilling clearomizers.

Please unscrew clearomizer from the battery and then pour the liquid gently through the wall. In most models you are not allowed to use central hole - that is for the air flow purposes.
Do not overfill clearomizer. For the first time users we would suggest fill clearomizer in half only. Make sure that the clearomizer is dry outside and there is no leaking. Give a few minutes to liquid go through the coil head. You can shake it as well. Put the clearomizer back to the battery and your cigarette is ready to go:) 


How to safely use the electronic cigarette?

The answer to this question seems trivial: the safe use of vaping devices consists of applying to the manufacturers recommendations. I apologize in advance that I will write here about the obvious, at least for most users. However, experience has taught me that the obvious very often is not obvious for everyone. Most people forget about carefully reading the instructions for the device.

Attached to the vape starter kit manual should contain accurate and detailed description of the guidelines defining the method of operation necessary for proper use of the device. However, using the e cigarette users often forget to become acquainted with it. With presuppose that they know the guidelines, if only intuitively know how to use the e cig. We all like pleasure, fun and relaxation with an smokers Whether at home with the family, or at a party with friends we like to inhale. However, are you sure you know how to safely use our devices? Most problems are generated by people who are just starting their adventure with vaping. the transition from traditional cigarettes to vape starter kit. The most common problems faced by users are: leaks that flood the heater, burning, a small amount of blown vapor, impalpable taste. Sources of these problems can be found in different places. A common cause is the improper use of vaping devices. Keep in mind that the type of equipment also has an impact on the comfort of Vaping.

Here are a few tips that may be useful for both the more experienced and novice.

1. Never leave the battery unattended, especially while charging the battery. This principle is very important because used in the e-cigarette lithium ion cells, may pose a threat. Stored in improper conditions are not safe for us.

2. Buy from reputable manufacturers and distributors only. It's a guarantee of safety. Not always low price ensures a high quality product.

3. If you have already bought an e cig, remember that you need to use it differently than a traditional cigarette. Inhales slowly. This principle is of great importance for bottom coil clearomizers. It prevents the problem of leakage. And if you were able to counteract and e liquid is spilled, clean the equipment immediately.

4. Press button initiating heating about half a second before entering.

5. To prevent leakage of e liquid, be sure to keep e-cigarette in a vertical position. Vertical arrangement, however, concerns mainly bottom coil Clearomizers. In the topcoil clearomizers it works a bit different. We must then remember to periodically tilt the e-cigarette, e liquid so that it can be heated. This avoids the effect of burning.

6. If you start to feel the lasting flavor changes during inhalation - reducing the intensity of burning aftertaste, it means that the time has come to replace the heater. Depending on the type of e-cigarette, the useful life of the heater increases or decreases. The average time of use, with intensive smoking is approximately three weeks.

7. Be sure to regularly, better from time to time, remove the electronic cigarette and clean it. Especially not abuse the heater and battery.

8. It may happen so that the liquid enters the Clearomizer. There shouldn't be any liquid in the air duct. If that happened It should then immediately be purged, cleaned and dried. Otherwise, the problem will continue to grow.

9. In the event of persistent problems you should invest in another new Clearomizer. Of course, in case, if we are sure about the fact that the source of the problem is hardware. Along with increasing experience during inhalation, minor flaws, users will be able to remove themselves.

10. There might be also some problems with the battery, but very rarely. Uncontrolled increase in battery voltage can results in stronger puffs and increases the risk of leakage. In this case, replace the battery.

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