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Innokin Coil Heads

Looking for coils for your Innokin e-cigarette? On this page you will find all coils that are suitable for your Innokin e-cigarette! The coils from Innokin last between 1 to 2 weeks before you have to replace them. Usually Innokin coils are made of kanthal and organic cotton. Do you want to buy Innokin coils but don't know which one you need? Contact us for advice!

Innokin Coils

Innokin coil heads Online

The coils from Innokin are very tasteful! Thanks to the untreated, unbleached cotton, your e-liquid won't get any weird aftertaste! The Innokin coils are suitable for a wide range of different e-cigarettes and tanks. There are therefore different Innokin coils for different products. There is a matching Innokin coil for every wattage! Do you want to buy an Innokin coil? Then read on quickly!

Innokin: Innovation and quality

Innokin is a major player in the e-cigarette market. For many years they have been dealing with everything related to e-cigarettes. Innokin is known for the high quality they deliver. And that also applies to the Innokin coils! The Innokin coils are made with great attention and precision. Moreover, all this is done in the certified labs of Innokin all over the world.

Innokin's coils always use organic cotton for the wick. The cotton contains no further chemicals. So you don't have any weird aftertaste from the cotton in your coil!

In an Innokin coil you will often find a coil of kanthal, stainless steel or mesh in addition to organic cotton. Kanthal is the most commonly used type of wire in an Innokin coil. The wire gives a neutral taste and heats up quickly. A Stainless Steel coil is unique because it can be vaped on both wattage mode and temperature control! Handy if you want to use both modes. A mesh coil is also often made of kanthal but is completely different! Mesh is a large strip of kanthal that is processed in a coil like a kind of mesh. As a result, there is more contact surface with the cotton and therefore the e-liquid can be evaporated more easily! Mesh coils often last longer or give a better taste than kanthal coils.

Sub ohm and mouth to lung

The Innokin coils fall into two categories: sub ohm and mouth-to-lung. The Mouth-to-lung Innokin coils are coils that evaporate less powerfully and therefore also give off less vapor and taste. You often come across these coils in starter kits or smaller Innokin e-cigarettes. These Innokin coils most resemble smoking a traditional cigarette. The sub ohm Innokin coils against it are the opposite. They look the least like a normal cigarette and give a lot of vapor and a lot of taste. An Innokin coil is "sub-ohm" if the resistance of the coil is below 1 ohm. If you are going to use an Innokin sub ohm coil, keep in mind that more e-liquid is evaporated and that you have to top up your tank more often! An Innokin coil usually lasts between 1 to 2 weeks before you have to replace it.

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