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Clearomizer problems? What may be wrong and how to solve the problem

Clearomizer problems? What may be wrong and how to solve the problem. You probably had problems with your clearomizer Especially as a beginner you often encounter difficulties, because the handling of the device is not yet accustomed. Here are some common mistakes and problems you may have to struggle with.

Battery Safety - Are You Following These Rules?

All batteries can explode. This can also happen with e-cigarette smoking. A pity is that any incident we might have heard of. If you decide to take the right safety precautions, there is a risk that the battery of your E cigarette will explode at 1 to 10 million. In order to steer safely, you should stick to the following simple rules.

British researchers: e-cigarette less harmful

The London Cancer Research Center has declared the e-cigarette as much nontoxic in a study than the conventional one. Overall, the nicotine substitute provides for less carcinogenic chemicals, but provides the user with nicotine.

  iQOS - Marlboro Philip MorrisPhilip Morris - Marlboro

The iQOS is a newer version of Philip Morris's "HeatStick" concept. The basic idea here is that a short, special cigarette is placed in the end of the small electronic device, which then heats the tobacco sufficiently strongly. To approximately 350 ° C - so that tobacco vapor is released. This can then be simply breathed in by the pull as on a normal cigarette. The predecessors of the iQOS did not really perform well in tests, but the device has now been updated with a modern battery and USB charging capability - the technology is finally on the same level as Philip Morris's ambitions for heat-not-burn products .

iQOS - Marlboro Hybrid E Cigarette

iQOS - Marlboro Hybrid E Cigarette
iQOS - Marlboro Hybrid E Cigarette

The IQOS, the smokeless cigarette, is the second generation of the vaporizer. Therefore, it is also very different from modern electronic cigarettes in terms of their functionality. Instead of nicotine fluids, it uses actual tobacco in the form of small Marlboro cigarettes, which are heated at high temperatures but not burnt.

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