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JoyeTech Clearomizers

One of the most famous brands and manufacturers of vaporizers is the Chinese company Joyetech. The giant from Asia is particularly proud of its high-end products and innovation. Joyetech vaporizers regularly conquer the e-cigarette market. Find the right vaporizer from Joyetech here, whether for beginners or vaping professionals.

Joyetech Clearomizers

Quality clearomizers and innovations from Joyetech

Joyetech is not only an important player in the vaping scene in Asia. In the last few years in particular, the interest in products and clearomizers from Joyetech has also increased among European and American consumers. The Joyetech success story began in 2007 in Shenzhen, where the company still has development centers and production facilities. Since then, the company has worked its way up to one of the most popular manufacturers of clearomizers, mods, batteries and electronic cigarettes.

On its way to the top of the world, Joyetech not only inspired other brands, but also regularly brought new products onto the market that are still models for many products this day. For example, Joyetech was the first manufacturer to ever build an e-cigarette that used a tank system and managed without cotton-wool depots for e-liquids. The Joye eGo-T has thus laid the foundation for modern e-cigarettes.

New products is the hallmark of the Chinese company. In addition to high-performance batteries, Joyetech convinces its customers above all with modern, high-quality evaporators. The investment of time and money in your own research and development has paid off. Today Joyetech clearomizers are considered top-class components. It's not for nothing that Joyetech is one of the most copied brands in the world.

Intense steam enjoyment and great designs

With products from Joyetech, the inner values are right. But what about the external presence? Battery mods and atomizers from Joyetech are of high quality and sit comfortably in the hand. The design of the atomizer is quite simple and elegant, but can be unusual in color. The Joyetech Cubis Pro Mini is available, for example, in the colors blue, orange, red or silver. If you prefer it inconspicuous and solid, you should choose the black version of the atomizer.

Vapers looking for the ultimate vaping experience can't go wrong with Joyetech clearomizers. Here you get really solid products that are worth the money. You only realize the charisma of Joyetech when you consider that brands like SMOK and Aspire use different components of the e-cigarette giant. In addition, with eLeaf and Wismec, two subsidiaries have been founded, which are themselves integral parts of the vaping scene.

Clearomizer - what is it actually?

The tank is basically the heart of every e-cigarette. This is where the process takes place in which the liquid e-liquid is converted into delicious vapor. Joyetech clearomizers, like most tanks from other brands, consist of three components: the tank, the mouthpiece and the atomizer head.

The e-liquid is in the tank, which later evaporates and can be inhaled through the mouthpiece. The evaporator head, which consists of a wound heating wire (coil) and cotton wool, is located in the evaporator itself. While the tank supplies the atomizer head with e-liquid, the cotton wool brings it into contact with the heated wire. The e-liquid evaporates and begins to evaporate. We all know the result: delicious steam.

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