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Joyetech eGo 510 - Disposable e-cigarette - Review 0
Joyetech eGo 510 - Disposable e-cigarette - Review

Joyetech eGo 510 - Disposable e-cigarette - Review

Joyetech has recently presented its latest model of a disposable e-cigarette, referring to the iconic series of EGo 510 vaporizers. This hybrid device with a fantastic design, which gives you the option of vaping in the MTL and RDL system with extremely low energy consumption, allows you to choose between a refillable container or two pre-filled containers filled with disposable containers. Both versions have a 0.8 ohm mesh coil. The reusable tank can be filled from the top.


Design-Joyetech eGo 510

Well-chosen colors make the eGo 510 look attractive. The available color palette is: lime, blue, red, black and white.

A revolutionary solution is the use of disposable capsules in a color matching the rest of the device, which are already pre-filled with Vape-Juice. The capsules are equipped with a standard 510 thread, making their replacement very easy.

The look of the eGo 510, as always with Joetech products, is not too flashy. The oval shape pleases the eye and gives the impression of an elegant object. eGo 510 is also not a complicated device for vaporization, because it is equipped only with a standard 5-click protection that allows you to turn the device on and off, a fire button and an activation diode.

The USB-C charging port allows you to quickly charge the 850 mAh battery. It only took me half an hour, which was enough for about 6 hours of decent vaping.

The mouthpiece is an integral part of the capsule and is easy to use.

Joyetech eGo 510 Kit Specifications

  • Size: 22x113mm
  • Output: 14-18W
  • Battery: 850mAh (internal)
  • Display: LED indicator
  • Charge port: USB Type-C port (1A)
  • Charge time: 1 hour
  • Pods: Prefilled or Refillable (0.8Ω mesh coil)
  • Capacity: 2ml/4.5ml
  • Button activated
  • 510 connection
  • Top fill system with child lock

Joyetech eGo 510 – Performance

Joyetech eGo 510, using the MTL and RDL solution, works perfectly, and the entire vaporization process runs smoothly. For vapers who prefer more tight vaping, this model may not be ideal, although due to all other advantages, I encourage you to try it at least once because of the ease of use and taste sensations.

The aroma you get with each cloud is really good, and the 0.8 ohm coil attached to this disposable e-cigarette does its job 100 percent. To the last drop of e-liquid, the taste is perfect.

As I wrote earlier, the brilliant idea of equipping the capsules with a 510 connector makes it possible to use them with a much larger battery, using, for example, the Eleaf iStick Power Mono. This patent allows you to squeeze even the power range up to 14-18 W.

Joyetech eGo 510 flavor

The range of pre-filled capsules for the eGo 510 includes 20 flavors with something for everyone. It is also worth paying attention to some very interesting mixes, which I will describe below.

Lemon Kiwi- A bit of a strange idea to add sour lemon to sour kiwi alle… maybe someone will like it. Average for me.

Strawberry Kiwi - In this case, it is definitely better, the kiwi is clearly noticeable, and the strawberry beautifully enriches the taste. Noteworthy.

Blue raspberry - Blue Raspberry is one of the best aromas. It doesn't smell like chemicals. You can vape all day long.

Vitamix - After the first cloud, I felt the "vitamin" and the strong aroma of orange. I admit that joyetech surprised me with this invention. The Dekang once produced a similar aroma. You can have a lot of fun with it while vaping.

Energy drink - Well, you won't get wings from him :) but his characteristic taste perfectly imitates the well-known energy drink.

Pineapple Ice Cream - Nothing special. Pineapple ok but not enough cooling agent in my opinion.

Coffee ice-creams - Ooooh... here's a new high level. Coffee with ice cream to the max. You can vape and vape. Even now, as I write about it, I can feel its wonderful taste and aroma. I recommend

Guava - It must be admitted that in general the Guaway flavor is difficult to achieve and so it was in this case. In principle, you can make it to the end of the e-liquid, but I must admit that if I lost it, I wouldn't look for it :)

Double apple - It's definitely not the apple of knowledge like in the garden of paradise, but you can safely vape all day long.

Mango Peach - Quite a successful attempt to combine these two aromas. Pleasant, deeply fruity vaporizer.

Cherry - Very interesting intense cherry flavor and aroma. A recipe for time well spent.

Grape - Subtle with a characteristic taste and aroma of grapes ripening in the sun. Very pleasant to vape.

Cotton Candy - A bit too sweet. I can't find this flavor unique. For a change, you can vape from time to time.

Mint - This may surprise you. A wonderful mint flavor rich in mint aromas that will take you to a time of relaxation. Just sit in a comfortable chair and vape, vape.... vape.

Classic Virginia - Joyetech has achieved mastery in the production of tobacco e-liquids. I remember the first American e-liquid blend I tried and was blown away. This was also the case here. If there were a little tighter vaping and a softer mouthpiece, you'd feel like you were smoking a traditional cigarette.

Watermelon ice cream -  Every manufacturer of disposable e-cigarettes is trying to get this unique taste, probably because watermelon from ELF has made a dizzying career. In my opinion this is a bug as it should be creating a new one, not duplicating the old one. In general, watermelon ice cream in eGo510 may not lower the overall level, but they could afford more

Joyetech eGo 510 - Ease of use

It's hard for me to write anything more about its use. I have included everything in the description above. But for those who have not bothered to read my litany, I will say briefly:

Anyone can handle this Vapownai device without any problems. :0


eGo 510 has not yet arrived in Irish stores, so I do not know the price that will apply in our country. In the UK, a full pack of the Joyetech eGo 510 single-use e-cigarette costs £11.99 on average, with capsules starting at £5.99 and available in all colours.

Who will be satisfied with Joyetech eGo 510?

This kit has been designed with the needs of vapers who prefer the MTL system in mind, but also RDL vapers will not be disappointed. However, I am sure that all beginners will find a source of endless pleasure in it.

Joyetech eGo 510 - final verdict

Joyetech eGo 510 is a well-thought-out and well-designed disposable e-cigarette with replaceable capsules. I tested it for some time with my friends, using drastic methods as usual, i.e. falling on the floor, etc. Despite these experiments, the eGo 510 worked smoothly and the MTL/RDL vaporizer never let me down. Elegance, small size, simple operation, and above all aromatic and tasty e-liquid inside make Joyetech eGo 510 worth your attention.

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