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iQOS - Marlboro Hybrid E Cigarette

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iQOS - Marlboro Hybrid E Cigarette


Processing and technical data

The true heart of the iQOS are however the heatsticks with which it is fed. These sticks, available in packs of 20, look like small cigarettes with filters. To deal with it feels just like a normal cigarette - so much so that you sometimes forget that it is not to the smoking and it in the mouth and wants to light. This should not be done, as it misses its real purpose and it does not glimmer anyway. Instead, push the HeatStick into the small round opening at the end of the iQOS. This is easier than you might think.



There he is held by himself. This means that you do not have to worry about falling out again. Then press the button to turn on and the LED starPhilip Morris Marlborots flashing. As soon as the flashing stops and the LED lights up continuously, the iQOS is ready. All you have to do now: take a good train.

There are still not many flavors of the HeatSticks, only Amber and Yellow are available. For menthol and red you have to go back abroad.
The iQOS itself comes in a small charging case, so you can recharge it on the road. The housing itself is loaded via a conventional micro-USB cable.


Taste and steam development

The e-cigarette industry tries with all its strength to isolate normal cigarettes from the steam - also the user experience is completely different. With the iQOS this is definitely not the case. It is aimed specifically at normal smokers, whereby it appears as if the most important thing in the design of the device was that it is as close as possible to the experience of normal smoking.

Philip Morris iQOSThe big question is: How can iQOS be used? Can this actually replace conventional cigarettes? With all this, it is important that enough steam is produced, which has enough taste and nicotine content and feels pleasant in the mouth and neck. We betrayed in advance: Yes - all this does.
Smoking with the iQOS feels and tastes similar to a conventional cigarette. The steam power is acceptable and the steam tastes warm, but does not leave any disturbing tobacco smell. You can pull about as often as you would on a normal cigarette. The iQOS can also be switched off, so that the stick is later smoked. Unlike e-cigarettes it really works exactly like with normal cigarette reinsticks, once heat, the whole thing empty smoke. Even if the device is even heavier than a cigarette, it is not too big and heavy. Especially when compared to a standard e-cigarette it is a lightweight. It can also be kept without problems like a normal cigarette. Also the filter is exactly the same as you are used to from conventional cigarettes, so you do not have to add anything extra. The removal could not be simpler: simply pull out the used stick and throw it into the ashtray. There are no tobacco residues, ashes or other dirt in the device.

IQOS evaluation in conclusion

Most of the iQOS feels well thought-out, all in all it is really quite amazing. Never had anything from the feeling so close to normal smoking. If the steaming of e-cigarettes is not for you or you want to try something new, more realistic to the normal cigarette without having to access conventional cigarettes, the iQOS could be the solution you have been waiting for. It works brilliantly and is very easy to handle. At the same time, we note at this point that the iQOS nevertheless still leaves a slight tobacco taste on the tongue. Also the wonderful taste variety which one has in the many E Liquids with normal E cigarettes falls out here. An E cigarette also feels "cleaner" in the lungs. Overall, it must be stressed that the iQOS is particularly worthwhile for people who want to stay as close as possible to the conventional cigarette.


Product reviews (1)

24 May 2017

Fantastic. Unbelievable. Like smoking a real cigarette. One month on it and it's better than real smoking.only downfall is I have to import the heet sticks to Ireland.

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