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With Mesh Tanks for the perfect aroma

With a mesh clearomizer from you not only ensure the best possible taste when vaping, the amount of steam can also be easily regulated. But the service life of the mesh tank is also impressive. Mesh rebuildable Tank.The most commonly used coil system these days is mesh. Mesh coils are very popular in modern times due to the amazing flavor and cloud production. These coils are commonly found in sub-ohm tanks, however there are rebuildables that use these coils. Wotofo and Vandy Vape have achieved amazing success in making rebuildables like the Wotofo Profile RDA and the Vandy Vape LIT RDA.

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A mesh tank offers exceptional flavor and tons of vapour!

If you are still looking for the right tank with mesh coils for you, then you should continue reading this page. Maybe a mesh clearomizer is just the thing for you. In any case, the advantages are clearly on the table. Let's do it.

So: The basic difference that a mesh clearomizer has compared to the classic clearomizer is the design. Where the conventional version is equipped with a coil, the mesh atomizer features a metal mesh equipped with fine mesh. This is exactly what the term "mesh" refers to, by the way; translated from English it means something like "meshes" - in this case they are not particularly big. But we don't want to bore you with English translations, we rather examine how these atomizers work. They are well made and therefore stable, refilling the liquid is relatively easy to do. With a little practice you'll get the hang of it quickly, at the beginning it's not wrong to have a handkerchief or something similar ready, sometimes you have to use it to wipe away a few liquid residues that are squeezed out.

The padding of a mesh clearomizer is also not particularly difficult, even beginners have no problems with it. It may take you two or three tries at the beginning before you get the correct amount of cotton, but that should be it. But now away from the technical aspects and towards vaping - the mesh atomizers do well there too. All mesh atomizers have in common that they respond almost immediately at relatively low power levels. Always a good sign. In terms of taste, nothing falls by the wayside, on the contrary, the aroma of the liquid remains pure and unadulterated. The mesh, i.e. the fine metal net, also ensures that the liquid is transported very quickly. This still applies even if the filling level is already relatively low.

With all these plus points: what are the disadvantages of the mesh vaporizer? After all, there has to be one. But far from it. Even the fear that the amount of vapor might not be particularly large, so it is not possible to form nice clouds, does not have to be believed. Although this is exactly what some supposed luminaries in social media channels claim again and again. Don't let that fool you, it's best to test the mesh evaporator yourself and form your own opinion. If you want an unbiased opinion:

The amount of steam that is possible with mesh is completely fine, of course you can really fog yourself up with it.

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