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Nasty Juice - Liquids with lemonade notes

What better way to spend your weekend in the best of summer weather than to make yourself a refreshing orange lemonade with ice cream and lean back outside on the terrace? The soda tastes wonderful, the clatter of the ice cubes in the glass makes you want more. And this is exactly the feeling you can have all year round. Even in the stormiest autumn and coldest winter. With the Nasty Juice-Migos Moon Liquid and many other summery varieties. Although the brand name hardly bodes well (the name "Nasty" translates as "hideous, disgusting"), the liquids from Nasty Juice enjoy great popularity. Discover the beautiful variety of varieties that we have in store for you in our shop.

What are the characteristics of Nasty Juice liquids?

Classic liquids with a simple vanilla or menthol taste exist on the market. In addition to those liquids that dare to experiment with completely new flavors and contain, for example, cake flavors or the most unusual tropical fruits. Nasty Juice is somewhere in between with its articles. In fact, the various liquids from this Malaysian brand can hardly be put into any drawer. You are just something special. The company writes on its website: “Nasty Juice's articles are already having an undeniable influence on the vape industry. With these we try to combine the culture of vaping with a lifestyle that is sustainable in the broad masses and thus continue to grow into an internationally successful company. "

Nasty juice liquids taste much better than they are called.

At least that's what hundreds of positive product reviews on the web attest. Nasty Juice is a liquid manufacturer from Malaysia. Far East, then. And when you consider that the brand has become known and loved around the world since it was founded in 2015, their products can only be outstanding. For example, Nasty Juice describes the latest liquid series “Nasty Berries” with the following words: “The taste experience of the“ Nasty Berries ”series can best be described as a sensory overload of all senses. Your taste buds will thank you for the full taste. ”This taste experience is accompanied by innovative and very valuable packaging. For this and for the rest of the product range, Nasty Juice has received eleven representative industry awards so far.

Only steam the Nasty Juice Liquids with base.

One thing is special about the nasty juice liquids. Because while you can put most liquids straight into your e-cigarette and vape, you have to stretch those from Nasty Juice with a little base. The reason for this is that the liquids contain overdosed aromas and cannot be enjoyed pure. Order a base and mix at least 10ml of it into the liquid. The liquid bottle has a filling volume of 60ml and holds 50ml of liquid. So you can simply add the base until the bottle is full. Then shake once and you are ready to vape. If the liquid is still too strong, we recommend mixing it with a little more base.

When selecting the base, the mixing ratio must be taken into account. The Nasty Juice Liquids come with a 70/30 base mixing ratio, which creates a lot of steam when vaping. The base mixed for this should also have a 70/30 mixing ratio so that the amount of steam remains the same. Of course, you can also opt for other mixing ratios. Nicotine is not contained in the liquids. To get nicotine in and to imitate the taste of real cigarettes, ideally use our nicotine shots or nicotine salts. You can also mix these in, taking the expected nicotine strength into account. Because of the limited capacity of the bottle, you may need an extra bottle for mixing and other mixing accessories.

With StarGazing, Nasty Juice delivers a fruity liquid made from fresh, slightly sweet blueberries. Refined with a secret.

Broski Berry from the Nasty Berry Series brings us the full load of fresh berries.

Sicko Blue is a wonderful raspberry mix made from selected, sweet and sour raspberries. Rounded off with a berry juice.

Wicked Haze is a sparkling lemonade with a fruity, blackcurrant taste: 'currant,

Bronze Blend is a slightly spicy tobacco with a sweet note of caramel. An absolute must for all tobacco lovers.

Mango Grape. A fruity mixture of sweet, ripe mango with a splash of dark grape. There is also a slight cooling effect.

In the Crush Man aroma, juicy mango and fresh mint meet and ensure a fruity, fresh experience

The sweet aroma Fat Boy is a composition of fruity mango, balanced with fresh mint. Taste: 'Mango, mint

Slow blow the tangy, tangy lemonade aroma with sweet exotic pineapple. Taste: 'pineapple, lemonade content

Bad Blood is a mix of dark currant and fresh mint. Flavor: currant.

Devil Teeth. Fruity, juicy honeydew melon combined with a unique acidity that pimples when steamed. Taste: 'honeydew melon

Bloody Berry is a fruity composition of dark berries with a sour dash of lemon. For the fruity, sour.

Passion Killa is a fruity, exotic blend of tropical fruits with passion fruit in the foreground.

Migos Moon the fruity, tangy orange lemonade aroma with an extra kick of lemon taste: 'Orange, lemon.

Golden Blend is a spicy tobacco with a hint of almond. An absolute must for all tobacco lovers.

The Mango Strawberry Flavor is a fantastic mix of juicy mango mixed with sweet, deep red strawberries. In addition.

Hippie Trail is a refreshing mix of lime and lemon. Taste: 'Lime, Lemon.

Mango Banana. The fruity, sweet mix of mango and banana is refined with a slight cooling effect. Taste: 'Mango, Banana.

Trap Queen is a refreshing mix of freshly picked strawberries with a fresh note of mint. Taste: 'Strawberry,



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