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Nicotine shots with a concentration of 18mg to 20mg / ml for self-mixing

Nicotine shots are not absolutely necessary for mixing liquids, but most vapers add some nicotine to their liquids as this acts as an additional flavor carrier. However, the nicotine content of so-called nicotine injections, as the small bottles are commonly known, is not directly comparable to the nicotine strength of conventional tobacco cigarettes. It is important to know what exactly the 18mg or 20mg/ml notice means, which should be on all nicotine injections. This value is not only a warning about the nicotine content, but also provides data that is important for the correct calculation of the mixing ratio of flavorings, bases and nicotine. A 20 mg/ml nicotine shot in a 10 ml (standard size) bottle therefore contains 200 mg of nicotine.

Nic Shot

Nicotine shot and what next?

If the topic of mixing nicotine-containing liquids yourself is still new to you and you still have questions like

  • How do I mix liquids with nicotine shots?
  • Which nicotine shots do I need?
  • How many nicotine shots do I need?

we recommend that you use our practical liquid calculator to help you. This also supports you in calculating the mixing ratios of nicotine-free liquids. In addition, we have also created various mixing tables for you here, from which you can immediately see what quantities of aroma, base and how many shot bottles you need to use in order to end up with exactly the liquid you wanted. Of course you are also welcome to call us. We are happy to help you and answer your questions!

Incidentally, the preferred nicotine strengths of self-mixed liquids are 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml and 9mg/ml, whereby by omitting or adding shots, liquids with significantly less or a higher nicotine content can of course also be mixed without any problems.


Although the shot bottle size and nicotine concentration of 18mg or 20mg/ml is usually the same for all manufacturers and brands, there are still differences in composition. As with bases or ready-to-use liquids, there are also different mixing ratios of vegetable glycerin (vegetable glycerin, abbreviated as VG) and propylene glycol (PG) for nicotine injections. Glycerin is responsible for the subsequent development of the vapor in the e-cigarette. Propylene glycol, on the other hand, is responsible for the viscosity, i.e. the flow properties of liquids. In addition, the propylene glycol serves as a flavor carrier for the added flavor. The higher the propylene glycol content, the thinner the grit. Depending on the vaporizer in your e-cigarette, this should be taken into account when mixing liquids.

  • 50/50 nicotine shots have a mix ratio of 50 percent VG and 50 percent PG
  • 70/30 nicotine shots have a mix ratio of 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG


Classic nicotine shots and the newer nicotine salt serve the same purpose, and although both liquids look deceptively similar on the outside, the difference between a shot and salt is extremely large. For example, nicotine salts are much milder and usually do not cause a sore throat. It also doesn't have the typical bitter and slightly astringent nicotine aftertaste that every vaper or smoker is familiar with. Nicotine salt is especially suitable for self-mixing liquids as it is completely tasteless and reproduces an unadulterated taste. In addition, nicotine salt is absorbed into the blood faster than conventional injectable nicotine.


Of course, in our online store and in our local vape stores, we have products from your favorite brands for you. However, our great concern was to combine the best of all brands in one nicotine shot and so, after long development work, the popular Nic Shot Eirhorse was created, which you can of course buy in a 70/30 ratio with 18mg/ml. With our Nic Shot Eirhorse, we offer vapers the highest quality and extremely high purity product at a super low price. Try it now!


Vapers remember from the very beginning that nicotine was then still available in large bottles and with much higher nicotine content. This was quite practical as it meant only one large bottle had to be purchased instead of many small ones, while producing less waste. However, the "Tobacco and Related Products Act" regulated it for various reasons. Nicotine-containing liquids, such as shots or nicotine salts, can now only be sold in containers that cannot hold more than 10 milliliters of liquid. In addition, the maximum amount of nicotine in the container has been limited to 20 mg/ml.

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