Philip Morris IQOS Hybrid E-cigarette - The new Vaping engines

Philip Morris IQOS Hybrid E-cigarette - The new Vaping engines

The number of smokers goes back, cigarette manufacturers are looking for alternatives. Philip Morris is now selling tobaccos in Frankfurt. Is this less harmful? The consumption theme. The sweaty cowboy with a tipping at the warming camp fire-that was once. The new cigarette world of Philip Morris is cool and clean. The smoker no longer smokes, he enjoys, or he consumes. "The new way to enjoy tobacco" is to be found on posters, for example, which are currently being held on advertising pillars in Frankfurt and are so sober in the language of the picture that one could also assume that an insulin pen would be advertised for diabetics and not a new one Cigarette type.

Philip Morris IQOS

The number of smokers is decreasing What they sell is, if you will, an interdisciplinary between conventional and electronic cigarettes, which is why it has already been read by Hyprid cigarettes. As with the e-cigarette, the consumer needs a holder and a charger. At Iqos, a tobacco pen with a filter about five centimeters long with a filter and a tank with liquid as with e-cigarettes is not used. The highly compressed tobacco is heated at the touch of a button - and not burnt.

Compared to the nicotine evaporator, Iqos comes closer to the taste and mouthfeel of the classic cigarette than the liquid devices. The smell smells less than the cigarette. A pack of 20 sticks costs 12 euros, the device costs 100 euros. Philip Morris has announced a paradigm shift with its new product. Other corporations are also eager to develop new solutions. Still, they earn good money, but the number of smokers in western countries is declining, in contrast, the market for e-cigarettes is growing. The studies on harmfulness are still ongoing "At the moment, everyone is trying to place their product on the market," says a tobacco merchant in Dublin. He also noted the decline in the store.

That is why he has now also three e-cigarette of Irish manufacturers and EirHorse E-liquids in the program. "You have to try to compensate for the losses." Philip Morris also wants to sell Iqos through shop-in-shop solutions at tobacco dealers. In the new branch there are training rooms for traders. The Iqos cigarette is said to be less risky than the classic cigarette but as more dangerous than the evaporation of liquid. Who in the store questions about possible health benefits, is referred to a hotline and there in turn on ongoing studies. The employees are unsafe and nervous. It would seem that Philip Morris would not make any mistakes and annoy German authorities.

According to the new, much stricter rules for tobacco and related products, e-cigarette manufacturers now have to print warnings such as "smoking can be fatal" on their packaging. On official request in the company it is said, one must say clearly: Iqos is an alternative for adults and not harmless. It is addictive and is also not suitable for people who wanted to quit smoking.

Philip Morris e cigarette IQOS

The state of research on e-cigarettes In this group, the e-cigarette with liquid evaporator now has many fans. "Happy non-smokers thanks to the switch to steaming" is said in Internet commentaries by former chain-sweepers. Whether and how the new evaporators minimize the health risks, however, the opinions among scientists differ. It is certain that with a classic cigarette, much more substances (including tar, carbon monoxide, ammonia, benzene) enter the body than through the inhalation of a nicotine-containing liquid. However, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment categorises both nicotine-containing and nicotine-free electronic cigarettes as "no harmless products". Health risks are then caused by the inhalation of a vapor, which - regardless of nicotine - contains harmful substances.

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