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Puffmi MeshBox 5500 Review 0
Puffmi MeshBox 5500 Review

Puffmi MeshBox 5500 Review Ireland: Great Performance and Durable, Crisp Design

Puffmi MeshBox 5500 is a new disposable e-cigarette solidly and elegantly built. The advantage of the MeshBox 5500 is the impressive number of puffs, reaching up to 5500. This amazing result is due to the capacious 13 ml e-liquid tank.

Puffmi MeshBox 5500 is also equipped with a 650 mAh rechargeable battery, so you can afford long vaping sessions.

The Puffmi brand released a model of the disposable MeshBox mini cigarette some time ago. If you are interested in the topic, read on to learn more about MeshBox 5500.


  • E-Liquid Capacity: 13ml
  • Battery: 650mAh, Type-C Charging
  • Puff counts: 5500

Puffmi MeshBox 5500 flavor

The Puffmi MeshBox 5500 has yet to be officially launched on the vape market, so it's hard to guess what all of its flavor variations will be. Considering the range of aromas of its predecessor MeshBox mini, which is available in 40 flavors, we can expect similar quantities, and that's a lot :)

We received four flavors for review:

Puffmint, red apple, kiwi, passion fruit, guava, blueberry, raspberry

Let's take a closer look at each of these flavors:

  • Puffmint

The Puffmint flavor is a very intense and rich mint flavor that is incredibly refreshing. This makes it the perfect choice for all fans of mint refreshment. The amazing sweetness of the mint adds an extra layer of flavor, so in my opinion the competition of mint disposables has to try hard to match the Puffmi MeshBox 5500. The taste was excellent, no weird chemical aftertaste.

  • Red Apple

Red Apple ... . The name is immediately associated with Quentin Tarantino and the fictional brand of cigarettes appearing in each of his films. Thankfully, the Red Apple with Puffmi MeshBox 5500 isn't as twisted as Tarantino's movies, and delivers a predictable authentic apple flavor that's fantastically balanced so you can enjoy vaping all day long.

  • Kiwi passion fruit guava

A perfectly balanced blend of kiwi, passion fruit and guava. Thanks to this perfection, you can enjoy the fruity aroma with every puff of this delicious smoke. Sweetness on the inhale, balanced with a slight bitterness on the exhale gives a lot of satisfaction from vaping.

  • Blueberry Raspberry

Blueberry Raspberry is a fantastic and refreshing blend, as if created in a magical forest by Gummi Bears. Try it yourself, and maybe you'll be able to jump into the sky :)

Puffmi MeshBox 5500 - Design & Quality

Puffmi MeshBox 5500 is a handy disposable e-cigarette with rounded edges. The lower, more massive construction of the add-on, the upper part is made of white plastic, which together gives the value of pure aesthetics.
The logo, model name and flavor are embossed on the white plastic part. The mouthpiece protrudes and is slightly shifted to the left. In the world of vaporization, this technical solution is called "duckbill", where the wide exit ensures adequate air flow. On the bottom of the device you will find the Type-C charging port.

Puffmi MeshBox 5500 does not have any other advanced features, which makes it easy to use.


Puffmi MeshBox 5500 is built to please all consumers. The aluminum housing, apart from the fact that it gives the impression of an exclusive item, is durable, which every user will find out.

Does Puffmi MeshBox 5500 leak?

During testing, we did not notice any leaks from the device, even if the device was placed on the side edge for a long time. Puffmi MeshBox 5500 is a guarantee that the e-liquid will not spill out of your pocket or purse.

Compact dimensions, lightweight design make Puffmi MeshBox 5500 unrivaled on the vape market. Smooth, rounded edges ensure a comfortable grip.

Puffmi MeshBox 5500 - Charge the Battery

The Puffmi MeshBox 5500 disposable e-cigarette has a 650 mAh battery. The device lasts up to 5500 puffs, which means that you will have to recharge it a few times before you use up the entire supply of e-liquid.

One charge should be enough for about 8-10 hours of vaping. The lack of a battery level indicator can be problematic at first, but after the first battery drain you'll already know that less cloud volume and poor taste is the time. Then, simply plug the Type-C charging cable into the port on the bottom of the device. And after about 30-45 minutes of charging, you're ready to go.


The Puffmi MeshBox 5500 disposable vape device is a decent e-cigarette that will deliver perfectly flavorful clouds thanks to its mesh coil technology.

One of the strongest features of the Puffmi MeshBox 5500 is the impressive number of puffs. With a lifespan of 5,500 puffs, this disposable vaporizer will last for days or even weeks, depending on your usage habits, thanks to the 13ml e-liquid tank. It's a lot of vaping pleasure in one compact, convenient package

For those who are proponents of the mouth-to-lung (MTL) method, this disposable device is the perfect solution. Just take a puff of the male flavor and the device activates, giving you a smooth, satisfying vaping experience with minimal effort on your part.


There is no reliable data yet on the price of Puffmi MeshBox 5500.


Puffmi MeshBox 5500 is an excellent, small disposable device that will surely satisfy every vaper. With a 13ml e-juice tank, you can enjoy up to 5,500 puffs with just one device. The technology solution using mesh coils ensures a smooth and even MTL strike every time. Even though we only had 4 flavors available, they all turned out to be delicious flavor mixes. So it's easy to predict that future flavor versions will be of the highest quality.

The Puffmi MeshBox 5500 has a clean, fresh design that is durable enough to withstand 5,500 puffs. It's simple enough to make it easy for new vapers to learn, but works well enough to excite even seasoned vapers.

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