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What is a POD system?

Most POD systems consist of two components, which can only be combined with each other but not with other systems or devices. An e-cigarette POD system consists on the one hand of the battery carrier, in which the battery is always permanently installed (the batteries cannot be exchanged). On the other hand, pod systems consist of an exchangeable vaporizer unit, which also serves as a coil, as a tank for the liquid and the mouthpiece; the POD. They are also called cartridges.


Sub Ohm Tanks
Refillable pods

Refillable pods

For unbridled fun while vaping - your replacement pods

Pod systems are an innovative and exciting invention in the vaping industry and are ideal for vaping on the go. First and foremost, they have made vaping easier and more accessible and have already helped some smokers to move away from traditional cigarettes and towards e-cigarettes.

At you can get replacement pods for your favorite vape pod kit. Regardless of whether you are following the hype and vaping with the popular Joyetech or relying on the Smok pod system, you will find the right replacement pods for every size of vaporizer tank with us. We carry replacement pods from all common top manufacturers so that you can find exactly what you are looking for, such as

  • Aspire
  • GeekVape
  • Smok

and many more.

It goes without saying that we always pay attention to the quality of our products and, in particular, to ensure that legal and medical standards are adhered to - for a safe vaping experience. Buy replacement pods online now at!

When to use new replacement pods?

With most podkits, the pods are exchanged using a simple snap-in / -out mechanism. Open pod systems, in which the liquid can simply be refilled before a replacement pod has to be used, are particularly practical. A new pod must always be used for non-refillable pods. But when is the right time for it? It's not exactly clear, but here are a few things you can do with it:

  • Darker color of the liquid: While you don't have to worry about a slight darkening of the liquid color, you should refill or replace your pod as soon as the liquid looks more like a sticky mass.
  • Reduction in the amount of steam: If there is less steam development despite constantly pulling with the same firm force, this is a first point of reference for you to consider replacing the pod.
  • Less taste: Less, no taste at all or a slightly burnt taste when vaping shows you: Change now.

Assessing when to replace the pod is one of the most helpful skills of any vaper who obviously doesn't want the coil to burn. These tips should make it easier for you to estimate when to get a new pod. If the worst comes to the worst, you should replace it too early rather than too late if you want your favorite podkit to accompany you for a while. Stock up now with replacement pods from!

Replacement pods and more at

With the replacement pods from our shop, you will always be prepared in the future should the pod burn out again. In our online shop you can also find ready-made coil vaporizers, self-winding vaporizers, flavors & bases and nicotine shots.

If you have any questions about our range, just contact our customer support. Whether you've been a loyal vaper for years or have just discovered vaping for you - our staff will be happy to help you via WhatsApp, phone or email. In our blog you will stay up to date on current topics and discussions on the subject of e-cigarettes and Co. Buy your replacement pods now on!

Pod systems and pod cartridges on Freevap

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced vaper: If you are looking for a compact and discreet e-cigarette that is extremely practical to use and delivers a good taste, then it is worth taking a look at the pod systems!

The great advantage of the pod systems are the pod cartridges (“pods” for short), which can be exchanged easily, cleanly and quickly as soon as the tank is empty or a new aroma is required. While with a normal e-cigarette the respective liquid has to be refilled and the tank may have to be cleaned, with the pod system the pod can be changed quickly and you can continue to vape!

Especially when switching to the electronic cigarette, pod systems are a pleasant solution, as they are usually equipped with a tight draw resistance (MTL) and are compatible with high nicotine values and nicotine salts.

The pods come in a form that you can fill yourself so that your personal favorite liquid can be used, as well as in pre-filled disposable and reusable versions.

POD System vs Open System

If you read or hear about a POD system, these are of course e-cigarettes, but do not consist of a (single) battery carrier and a (single) vaporizer. These universal and independent systems are called Open Systems. Open systems can be used and combined independently of one another.

For example, in an open system, thanks to the standardized 510 thread, a brand X vaporizer can be screwed onto a Y brand battery mod, but also the X, Y, Z brand vaporizer. With a "closed" e-cigarette POD System, this is usually not the case.

In the meantime, however, there are also “hybrid systems” of open systems and PODs on the market. With these, for example, the battery or the evaporator head can be changed.

With the actual POD systems, the coil cannot be exchanged or replaced individually, the entire POD as a whole must be disposed of after extensive use.

The evaporator of the POD system is not screwed onto the battery carrier with a thread, as is the case with open systems, but mostly "plugged". Means; The POD is inserted, attached and held in place by a magnet in the connector provided. Just connect it like a USB stick and you're done. But first add liquid - should be clear - then done.

How does a pod system work ?

The functions of a pod system differ from one another. In principle, however, they are straightforward and simple to set up. There are refillable pod systems and those that cannot be refilled. Non-refillable pods are also known from the so-called cig-a-likes or as disposable e-cigarettes.

A common feature is that the majority of the pod systems are equipped with automatic pulling and are optimized for the pulling technique of a smoker. Simply to make the switch as easy as possible for the smoker. But there are already pod systems on the market that produce more steam with the appropriate pulling technology.

As a smoker, you will not have thought too much about the pulling technique. When it comes to vaping, however, there are two main differences and are abbreviated to MTL (mouth-to-lung) and DL (direct-lung). These are the two pulling techniques in vaping. The one with the big clouds is guaranteed to be a steamer that uses DL steaming (with appropriate hardware).

Classic pod systems are rather moderate in terms of the amount of steam produced.

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