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LiQua Mix&Go Shortfill

The LIQUA MIX&GO comes in bottles with a maximum capacity of 70ml, so you can add 2 nicotine shots to it to vape up to 6mg of nicotine. These LIQUA MIX&GO flavours, which are filled with 50ml in 70ml bottles, are a nice addition to your Shortfill range.

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LiQua Mix&Go Shortfill

Cool Lychee - LiQua 50ml Short Fill Cool Lychee - LiQua 50ml Short Fill
Vendor: Liqua


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Finally, you no longer have to choose between quality and price. With Ritchy LIQUA MIX & GO, you can get both at once, the best fluid at the best price. Find your E Liquid and buy it online in our Vape Store. All MIX & GO liquids have been developed in such a way that the aromas are perfectly suitable for mixing with each other, so you can easily create your favorite liquid.

These Liqua Shake&Vape liquids come in 60ml bottles. The 60ml bottles contain 50ml flavor concentrate, so that it can be mixed in the bottle. For example, you can supplement this with 10ml nicotine shots.

LIQUA Mix & Go Description of flavors

American Blend: A tobacco blend as if cut from stories about the Wild West. The best tobacco leaves grown in the USA are complemented by a tasty tobacco blend from other continents of the world. However, American tobacco dominates here, of which Virginia dominates. In the end, you will be pleasantly caressed by the sweet tones of honey. You will fall in love with this flavor during the first coatings.

Bright Tobacco: When vaping tobacco flavors, it is necessary to harmonize and harmonize sitting, for example, with a morning coffee or an evening glass. Therefore, enjoy the taste of Bright Tobacco, which meets the requirements of all lovers of honest tobacco with a Virginia base.

Traditional Tobacco is an ideal choice for true connoisseurs and lovers of tobacco flavors. It is a traditional tobacco with a strong woody taste. This flavor significantly carries the taste of sandalwood and quality woody tobaccos, which make vaping an extraordinary experience. It is more suitable for lovers of denser tobacco blends.

Sweet Tobacco: If you are a lover of the combination of tobacco, caramel and vanilla, you should sharpen it. The Sweet Tobacco flavor is preparing for you, a delicious combination of traditional fine tobacco flavored with caramel cubes and vanilla bean. You won't put this delicacy away anymore.

Tutti Frutti: Do you like to eat fruit? The Tutti Frutti flavor combines the most delicious fruits and combines them into one unique whole that cannot be resisted. Like the popular Tutti Frutti ice cream, this aroma is full of the taste of sunny fruits, which include tropical as well as local fruits.

New York cheesecake: Tasting a traditional New York cheesecake is a dream of every dessert lover. An excellent creamy taste with a soft dough that literally melts on the tongue, this is a real New York cheesecake. You can now enjoy it every day, for example during an afternoon break. Or even calmly throughout the day.

Cool Raspberry flavor is a tasty bowl of freshly picked raspberries covered with ice cubes. The unique raspberry aroma will be appreciated by all lovers of fruit flavors. Thanks to the cool cooling effect, it will also pleasantly refresh you on hot summer days and highlight the taste of raspberries during the year-round waxing.

Cool Lychee: Thanks to its uncompromisingly sweet and unconventional taste, lychee has won the hearts of a large number of people. And this circle of supporters is constantly expanding. In addition, this tasty fruit is complemented in this flavor by a refreshing cool cooling effect for better refreshment and enhancement of the taste.

Cool Green Mango: If you want to refresh yourself on hot summer days, or maybe just remember the tropics, you should try the new flavor Cool Green Mango. Here you will find real creamy mangoes chopped into fine pieces and covered with ice cubes for proper refreshment. Delicate combination, don't you think? It is guaranteed to refresh you in every situation.

Citrus Cream: This delicious flavor hides several excellent ingredients, after which this original fruit mixture was created. The basis is slightly sour citrus fruits, among which there are mainly classic lemon and grapefruit. The citrus fruits are drizzled with a delicious portion of sweet cream, and at the very end, an exceptional taste of raspberries and apricots is added to the scene.

Berry Mix: Do you like a little nature? The manufacturer has prepared the Berry Mix flavor just for you. In it you will find nothing but a traditional mixture of wild berries. You can easily discover tones of wild strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries and other popular fruits in the flavor.

Vanilla Tobacco: If you are a lover of sweet flavored tobacco, you should definitely not miss this piece from the Liqua Mix & Go line. The flavor offers a rich sweet tobacco leaves flavored with an aromatic and full vanilla flavor. The tobacco mixture with vanilla is pleasantly soft, creamy and sweet with subtle woody undertones, which give the whole flavor the right taste.

User manual Liqua Mix&Go

  • Step 1: Open the bottle. Press the cap down and unscrew it. Put the cap back on the bottle and remove the
    filling syringe by turning the cap at a 45 degree angle.
  • Step 2: Add the nicotine. The desired strengths are indicated on the bottle. Add nicotine booster (18mg/ml)
    up to the desired nicotine level as indicated on the label of the aroma bottle.
  • Step 3: Add the PG/VG base 0mg/ml. Continue to fill the bottle with the PG/VG base to the top of the sticker
    on the bottle
  • Step 4: Shake for 1 minute. Wait 1-24 hours before use

The Liqua manufacturer has prepared delicious fruit mixes for you, popular ice flavors, but also a series of famous tobaccos for ordinary smokers, but also for real connoisseurs. All Liqua Mix & Go flavors are made in the EU and meet all marketing criteria. They are made only from the highest quality ingredients, which guarantee excellent taste of all these aromas. They are supplied in a large bottle with a volume of 60 ml.

The bottle is extremely practical for those who want to enrich this liquid with nicotine. It is equipped with a scale for convenient control to replenish the nicotine booster. On the box you will also find an illustrative graphic representation of some popular conditions.

Always fresh taste and no lengthy ripening

Liqua MIX & GO is guaranteed to taste fresh because the free space in the bottle is filled with nitrogen at the factory. In this way, the distribution process does not oxidize fragrant essences. Also, the filling is ripe for the imparted taste and does not require any maturation.

We wish you a pleasant experience The new packaging design is in line with the new EU directives.

Beware of counterfeits

Check the authenticity of each e-liquid. You can verify the originality via the Q-code on the product packaging.

E-liquid is a liquid containing nicotine (or without nicotine), which is used as a refill for electronic cigarettes that work on a tank system. These are the types of electronic cigarettes that we have to fill manually, in contrast to the types in which we replace disposable cartridges (502C, etc.). We apply the liquid (e-liquid) with a dropper, which is usually part of the package or with a syringe.

Nicotine is an addictive and toxic substance. This product has not been approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation product. This product is only an alternative to tobacco smoking and should only be used by long-term smokers. This product is not a smoking cessation device. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, cure or ameliorate any disease or medical condition or offer any therapeutic benefit.

  • the volume indicated in the product name
  • flavor indicated in the name of the product
  • the nicotine concentration indicated in the product name

Prohibition of use for:

Persons under 18 years of age.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women. People with heart problems, people suffering from hypertension.

Non-smokers and substance-sensitive people. e-liquids for electronic cigarettes of the LIQUA brand are from a renowned Italian producer Ritchy in a wide range of flavors. Electronic cigarette vapors love this brand for its variety and wide range of flavors. They also appreciate the stable quality and high smokyness and consideration of the e-liquid to the glowing coil of the electronic cigarette atomizer.

The offer from Liqua is very wide.

Certificates: CE, ROHS, SGS, ISO, MSDS, FDA

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