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Smok E Cigarette Technology

Smok is the leading brand of the world-renowned manufacturer IVPS Technology Co. Ltd., which has already committed itself since 2010 to the development and manufacture of innovative e-cigarettes and high-quality steamer accessories. The company IVPS has succeeded in obtaining a very good reputation internationally within a few years. Especially in America and Europe, the success of IVPS Technology Co. Ltd. Not long in coming and the demand for their products continues to grow steadily. With its broad sales network and targeted online marketing, the e-cigarette manufacturer is striving to drive the consumer behavior from the electrical alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes. They invest a lot in the research and the development of first-class products and thus also invest in the future and sustainability of the shooting star E-cigarette. Guiding principles of the brand Smok - Fashion, Vitality, Responsibility The Smok brand is the flagship of IVPS Technology Co. Ltd. And has written great leitmotifs in their flag.

According to this, Smok stands for fashion, vitality and responsibility, and fulfills demands on all levels. The e-cigarettes or box mods, clearomizers and evaporator heads impress with their enormous innovative power. It is therefore hardly surprising that a whole series of patented products are under the Smok label - thanks to continuous research and development of the latest technologies. With the revolutionary and technically advanced TFV4 Subohm Clearomizer, Smok launched a whole new era of evaporator heads, which could not be more innovative. Their patent is based on a novel design of the heads in which up to 8 heating coils, separated in individual chambers, are provided, which ensure a particularly uniform evaporation of the E-liquid. This has not only an intensification of the taste, but also huge megadamp clouds, which put everything hitherto unprecedented in the shadow.

Smok products are the ultimate in advanced steaming The employees of the Smok brand set themselves daily to create a very special vaping experience for their customers. Their focus is on product design as well as high security and functionality. Your products stand for the extra steam, the more flavor and the more endurance. Experienced steamers experience a steam spectacle of the absolute extra class with battery carriers, clearomizers and evaporation heads from Smok.


SMOK Online Vape Shop

SMOK is a brand that started in 2010 and has quickly become popular among more advanced vapers. SMOK mainly focuses on the more extensive vapor devices, which is why this brand is well known among the so-called "cloud chasers": people who want to blow large clouds of vapor and enjoy their e-liquid taste to the fullest.

In recent years, SMOK has mainly released products that are more accessible, and therefore more suitable for the newcomers to the vaping world. In addition to the large box mods and subohm tanks, they have now also launched some simple vape pens and pod systems. SMOK e-cigarettes therefore come in all shapes and sizes.

The design of the vape devices from SMOK is recognizable, sleek and rock solid. However, in terms of price, it differs little from the other well-known brands. You do not have to buy a SMOK e-cigarette for this.

Buy SMOK E-cigarette?

Looking for a SMOK e-cigarette/battery/coils or clearomizer? Then you've come to the right place on this page. Tap on one of the categories below to go directly to your desired product category:

SMOK E-smoker Online

The SMOK brand has some very popular models. For example, SMOK e-cigarettes have been awarded over the years mainly on performance, but also for their competitive price. For example, some of SMOK's most popular e-cigarettes are:


SMOK is a brand originally from Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co Limited. This manufacturer is located in China. The brand is known for the many innovations that have been made in this market. For example, SMOK is very popular among e-cigarette users who use advanced MOD e-cigarettes. SMOK's Box Mods often have very advanced functions such as temperature control, but also touch screen Mods and voice controlled mods.

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