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What is DL Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub Ohm or DTL tanks have a very large air passage and are drawn directly into the lungs without an intermediate stop (direct to lung). Due to the large tank, the very low resistance in the coil head and the high output, very large tanks can be created. The disadvantage of pure tanks is, of course, that the liquid consumption and the battery consumption are very high. They are therefore not really useful as a pure substitute for smoking.

In contrast to the DL tanks, MTL tanks are more recommended for beginners because they are vaporized like a conventional cigarette and have less vapor with less battery power
to produce.

The exact difference between MTL & DL can be read in detail here.

Sub Ohm Tanks
Refillable pods

Sub Ohm Tanks

What is the tanks for?

he tanks are a mostly cylindrical connecting part between the battery and the mouthpiece of e-cigarettes. At the bottom of the vaporizer - also called a clearomizer - there is a thread where you screw the battery up. The tank, into which the so-called evaporator head protrudes in the middle, sits on the thread. It contains the heating wire, which heats up when the battery is operated and the liquid in the tank evaporates. With some vaporizers there is no tank and only a few drops of liquid fit in, these are called drip vaporizers. On the other side of the tank is the mouthpiece through which you inhale the resulting vapor. The tanks is essential for your e-cigarette, as vaping would not be possible without it.

How long does a vaporizer last before you need to replace it?

The tanks as a whole component lasts a lifetime, provided you handle it with care. You only have to change the atomizer head regularly. To do this, disassemble the atomizer, remove the old head and insert the new one. If you vape daily and often, you can expect a lifespan of 3-4 weeks. If you vape less often, the lifespan can increase to 6-8 weeks. The fact that you have to replace the atomizer head is mainly due to the heating wire. It comes into direct contact with the liquid in your e-cigarette. As soon as it evaporates, a small amount of the liquid burns into the wire due to the aroma contained in the liquid. This makes it unusable after a certain time. Unfortunately, you cannot replace the wire itself, which is why a completely new atomizer head is required. The cotton wool contained in it also has an influence on the service life of the e vaporator head. After a certain time, it is no longer able to properly pass the liquid on, which leads to replenishment problems.
You should replace the coil of your atomizer if ...

    Despite a fully charged battery, hardly any steam is produced (heating wire problem)
    the steam is strangely charred or just tastes different than usual
    the bubbling in the tank keeps increasing (cotton wool problem)
    Small amounts of liquid run out of the bottom of the evaporator
    When inhaling the vapor, liquid liquid often comes along

If you notice anything of this, you will also find a large selection of exchangeable atomizer heads in our shop.

How can you extend the life of the atomizer head?

The lifespan of 3-4 weeks with frequent vaping is very short. However, you can easily extend the service life by following a few tips.

You should always have enough liquid in the tank and not steam “dry”. In addition, after filling it for the first time, you should wait a few minutes before vaping for the first time. When filling, follow the instructions for use and only fill in the liquid through the opening provided and up to the indicated maximum fill quantity. Also stick with a liquid if possible with a vaporizer. If you want to vape different liquids, you can get a set of vaporizers and, depending on your taste buds, screw on the appropriate vaporizer. Furthermore, do not always operate the vaporizer at maximum power - and if the e-cigarette is left lying around for a long time, remove the liquid and clean the clearomizer according to the instructions for use. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give an exact indication of how much the life of the atomizer head is extended, it depends on the individual case.

What's up with the sub-ohm atomizer?

Sub-ohm vaporizers are the new trend among vaporizers and are already very popular with many vapers. This is particularly due to the fact that the taste of the liquid can develop better with them. In an even denser and more intense vapor. However, please note in this context that the amount of steam also depends on the ingredients of the liquid. With the sub-ohm evaporator, a distinction is made between two power ranges (with a low electrical resistance).

Power <1.0 ohm = sub-evaporator
    Output <0.5 ohm = sub-ohm evaporator

Please note: the lower the electrical resistance, the more powerful the battery of the electronic cigarette must be. Many commercially available rechargeable batteries cannot handle the high load on the sub-ohm atomizer. If you operate such a vaporizer with a battery not designed for this purpose, it can outgas or even explode. Therefore check whether the battery installed in your cigarettes can deliver the required high performance.

How do you choose the right vaporizer or dripper vaporizer?

It is better to invest in a model with a higher price for your vaporizer than in a particularly cheap product. Most vaporizers can usually be used with ordinary electronic cigarettes. They differ mainly in terms of performance and material. You should make the choice of your clearomizer based on the setup of your e-cigarette (in terms of battery mod), which liquid you want to use and how big the tank should be.

As a reminder: A drip tanks has no tank and is correspondingly smaller. It only holds a small amount of liquid, which is very likely sufficient for moderate vaping on the go. In addition, many vapers swear that the steam tastes more intense with a trickle vaporizer. If you need help with the selection, we are there for you. Call us and let us answer your questions.

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