10 tips for hunting the best E Liquids taste

10 tips for hunting the best E Liquids taste 

Arn't you hunting for the biggest steam cloud? Do not you belong to the steamers for who the steam is most important? Understand us correctly - nothing is wrong in the clouds but there are simply steamers that you would not find in a steam cloud competition. For many, however, it is most important to create a good, robust and nuanced taste from your electronic cigarette. Large clouds are not the focus.

The problem is perhaps that the Cloud Chaser are more in the trend. Guides and tips for a lot of steam are everywhere. What is not so easy to find is a guide that explains how to get the most out of your e-liquid. How do you get so much taste from your e-cig? What are the best tips for flavor hunters? 1. The correct setting of cotton effect and temperature Adjusting your settings is the easiest way to improve the taste you get from your e-liquid. Various elements of Liquid show up in different settings.

This is because certain flavors are evaporated at different temperatures and your settings (in combination with the resistance of your coil head) determine how hot your winding is. For taste lovers, this is the greatest advantage of variable power / voltage devices. The best tip is to start with a low setting and then work upwards until you find the perfect point. Each e-juice has a different perfect point and you have to experiment with every taste. A liquid tastes best at 20W, while another one shows its full potential only at 35W. If we take it, however, it is the temperature in the coil head that makes the most difference. Units with temperature control limit the maximum temperature in your coil head and make it perfect for flavorers.

The process for determining the right setting is the same: They start low and work as required, but the result is a more even taste experience. 2. The correct setting of the airflow For cloud hunters, a large, open airflow is an important factor. When a lot of air is passed through your coil head, the steam becomes less dense, but it just flows out and produces huge clouds. The downside is that this reduces the taste. For hunters, reducing the air intake is a better approach. This produces a warmer, denser vapor that brings much more flavor. Airflow Control makes this easy for you. However, you must find the right Balans. If your air intake is too small, little steam is produced and the steam may be too warm.

As with the cotton adjustment, you should start at a relatively closed and then open the air intake piecewise until you find the ideal balans for your taste. There is still more to consider. If you have a relatively wide evaporator head, reducing the air flow may cause the throat hit to become rougher. The same is true for self-winding evaporators having a large chamber. It is a good advice if possible to use coil heads of smaller diameter and smaller chambers to support the restricted air flow.

Careful selection of the clearomizer The type of clearomizer you choose will play a big part in how much taste you get out of your ecigarette. Personal preferences are important, but there are also some general rules for getting the best taste. Simple clearomizers, which have a top-coil top coil clearomizerhead become quite more unpopular. The coil head lies above the middle stem in the tank and is dependent on the liquid being sucked into the wick against the force of gravity. The result can be ineffective liquid flow and thus you get less taste.

Bottom coil clearomizers like the Boge CE5 have made progress. The gravity works for you because the coil head lies in the bottom of the middle stem and the wick does not have to suck the liquid upwards.

The next step in general performance is the Sub Ohm Tank. Sub Ohm tanks support coil heads with a resistance of less than one ohm. Examples are the Aspire Atlantis Evo or the Eleaf Lemo . These clearomizers significantly increase the steam production compared to bottom-coil clearomizers and often also the taste is better. The most important factor is the diameter of the coil head. The trend towards larger diameters leads to more airflow through the coil and as a result can reduce the taste. In most cases, it is better to choose a sub ohm tank with small diameter clearomizers. These coil heads (and the clearomizers for which they are suitable) are often praised in that they assist the baking of the baking oven. However, such clearomizer are not necessarily easy to find, and therefore clearomizers with smaller coil heads, e.g. The Aspire Nautilus is often better suited to the taste production. Even if it is not a Sub Ohm clearomizer. For many steamer fans the self-winding is the ultimate steamer experience. Here you have to put more hand on your own, but if you feel comfortable making your own windings, you might think about it. Here you have much more possibilities for individualizing your steamer experience than with any other device. If it is to be technically correct, there are many different, specific coils that you can try. The possibilities do not come to an end, but true tastefanatics should perhaps go to the search. The material you use for your wick can have a great impact on the resulting flavor. Silicate were initially the standard for e-cigarettes but these dampen the taste of your E-Liquids. This is one of the reasons why cotton has now taken the place of the standard wick material on many models and steamers. Koh-Gen-Do Cotton blouses made of organic cotton have long been the most popular option, but today there are many more possibilities for cotton. Biological Japanese cotton is most often recommended. These can be purchased in small, square-shaped bows and is used as a standard in many finished evaporator heads. This cotton gives you a very clean taste from your e juice and it also has good absorption properties.

The Japanese cotton is not everyone's favorite. Other possibilities with many trailers are, for example, cell cotton or "cotton bacon". Ceramic wicks are also back in fashion. These are not only heat-resistant (and often last longer), they also produce a fantastic taste on which many steamers swear. (Note that there is some concern about the safety of ceramic coils.)

Test the different possibilities, but in general, you will achieve superior taste results with every high-quality cotton or a modern ceramic wick. Apart from the wicking material, the wire used is also very important in the steam process. Luckily for steaming hunters, Kanthal continues to be the most widely used material and it achieves a pure, natural taste from your e-juice. The biggest change in recent years has been the introduction of temperature control. Thus, new types of evaporator heads have been introduced with windings of e.g. Nickel, titanium or stainless steel. Nickel is just as powerful as Kanthal, Titanium and stainless steel can add a light metallic component to taste.

The difference between these materials will not be particularly extreme, but if you notice that your liquid is not as bright as you are used to, if you switch to temperature control, then your wire material may be the fault.

5. E-Liquid with more PG

Most steamers develop over time the preferences of the PG / VG distribution in your liquid. Cloud hunters often prefer VG-heavy E-juice because this produces a denser steam and larger clouds. But if you want to maximize your taste, VG is not really for you.

There are minor problems with VG. It is almost tasteless but it has a touch of sweetness and it is not as effective as flavors like PG. Therefore concentrated flavors are mixed with PG and not with VG.

The choice of E-juices with a higher PG content will generally lead to a better taste. The disadvantage is that PG produces more throat hit and that a too high PG portion can have a rough effect on the neck.

A 50/50 distribution is ideal for many steamers. So you get good taste with excellent steam development and a manageable throat hit. If you want better taste, then you can also use up to 60% or 70% PG.

6. Air flow under the coil head supports flavor

Like the strength of the airflow, the position of the air holes is also important. The air holes in most evaporators are accessible on the sides of the coil head and although this can work well, there is a better design.

When the air holes are below the coil head, the direct path to the mouth improves the taste. Some Sub Ohm clearomizer use this as a standard and it is one of the reasons why they can produce such good taste.

The position of the airholes is especially important for flavor enthusiasts who are looking for a trumper. Look for an option with airflow from below rather than from the sides.

7. The choice of the drip tip

You may not think dass die drip tip did you use has influence on the taste but did result does it. The trend with modern tanks and evaporators. This leads to a more airy steam and is good for cool steam and large clouds. However, this is not ideal for much taste. If you have an evaporator with a very wide drip tip attached, then it can help the taste when you change to a narrower. As far as this point is concerned, not all of them agree, but in general, narrow drip tips improve the taste. Of course, this does not have the same effect as the airflow.

8. The cleanliness of wicks, windings and tanks

A simple fact is that fresh coil heads and clean wicks bring better taste. The only problem with the plate comparison is that rinsing your wicks or replacing your coil head is somewhat excessive before each change of taste. The basic idea, however, still remains: E-Liquid tastes better with fresh wicks, windings and tanks.You do not need to rinse or change your coil head before every liquid change, but after 1 to 2 days of use the taste will begin to suffer. The rinsing of finished coil heads can in some cases extend their lifetime and improve the taste.

In our guide to the learomizer  you can find a more detailed guide but the principle is simple. Dismantle your learomizer  as far as it goes, rinse the components and give you plenty of time to dry. Let your clearomizer coil replacementheads dry until the wicks are completely dry (around 24 hours). It is a good idea in the meantime to have another clearomizer coil replacement head at hand. If you wrap yourself, then you can exchange your wick more easily. Here it makes more sense to change the wick before every liquid change. Remove the old wick, fire on your winding (without wick) to dry, let the coil cool down and insert a new wick.

9. The fight against the steamers

Your attitudes and your material is only a part of the taste experience. The other part of the equation is you yourself and the biggest problem is that you could become a victim of the "Vaper's Tongue". Many things can trigger this condition, but the simplest way to understand it is to be a kind of "taste fatigue". The taste of your e-liquid seems to have lost its momentum after prolonged use and perhaps you even have problems with tasting liquids with a similar flavor.There are many solutions to this problem, but the simplest is the change to a whole new taste. You can, of course, also try other means of home to set your taste to zero and beat the steamer tongue: drink plenty of water, smell fresh coffee beans or even suck on a lemon.

10. The correct handling of E-Liquid

Last but not least, we would like to take you on your way to the fact that it can also be easy on your E-Liquid. It is important to keep the E-juice correctly, as the quality of flavorings can be reduced when storage is poor. Do not expose your E juice to heat or excessive light, and minimize contact with room air to keep it in good condition.

Some e-liquids also improve by the so-called "steeping" or "ripening". This can be compared with the fact that wines age and improve their taste over time. If you let your E-juice ripen, then this can sometimes produce certain taste notes correctly. The tire can be tackled differently but all approaches have two things in common. The tire first involves, in most cases, the liquid being stored in a cool, dark place and occasionally shaken. Second, you should let the liquid "breathe" occasionally (for short periods) by leaving it open. However, it does not have to mature every e-juice and the result is also not fundamentally what one has expected. But if you want the best possible taste, then it is worth a try. Improving taste is easy, perfection is hard These tips should help you to enjoy the taste of your e-liquids more extensively, but of course, there is much more behind in the hunt for the perfect taste. Here one encounters a mass of different approaches, heated debates about the characteristics of different evaporator heads and, of course, also a lot of personal taste. In short, this article will take you on the right path, but the rest of the route through your personal taste jungle needs to cope with you. Just follow your taste buds and do not let your head disappear in the clouds.

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