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How to choose the best e-liquid 0

How to choose the best e-liquid

For new vapers, the world of e-liquids is a completely new experience. Hundreds of different flavors, numerous different types of liquids, and finally there are flavors. The best liquids have to fulfill two aspects above all: they have to be tasty and free from harmful substances. The latter is standard in Europe, the former is a matter of individual taste. We not only introduce you to the best liquids and the best flavors, but also explain the difference between the individual types of liquid.

What types of e-liquids are there?

Not only is there an almost infinite variety of flavors, the different types of liquid are often confusing for beginners. But don't worry, in the liquid test we will introduce you to all the relevant liquid forms and bring light into the dark.

1. Ready-made liquids for particularly simple steam enjoyment

Ready-made liquids are ideal for beginners and also popular with professionals. These were also extremely popular in the liquid test. Finished liquids are sold in 10 ml bottles and are now even available at petrol stations and supermarkets. Good for vapers who suddenly ran out of liquid on the way. You can also find the best e-cigarette liquids in abundance on the Internet.

The small 10 ml. Vials contain a liquid that is already ready to steam. You don't have to mix anything, add nicotine, just fill your vaporizer and you're good to go. If you now think that ready-made liquids are boring, you are mistaken. You will find all imaginable varieties for every taste, from A for apple to H for hemp to Z for lemon cake.

When buying, you should make sure that you choose the right nicotine strength for you. Usually finished liquids are offered in 2 - 6 different strengths. The best liquids are also available nicotine-free, because not every vaper wants nicotine.

What are liquids with nicotine salt?

E-liquids are now also available with so-called nicotine salt. Here a salt is added to the ready-made liquid, which is intended to lower the pH value in the liquid. The result is that as a vaper you will feel a less unpleasant scratchy throat and nicotine satisfaction will be achieved faster. If you are a beginner and have previously been a smoker, liquids with nicotine salt could be the solution for you. You reach your usual nicotine level very quickly and the pressure of addiction is reduced.

What are the advantages of ready-made liquids?

  • Can be steamed directly, from the bottle into the evaporator
  • Composition of the base variable
  • Available with and without added nicotine
  • Well suited to find the preferred favorite taste
  • Very beginner-friendly for beginners
  • Practically small packaging for less waste

2. Shortfills - mixing for beginners

There are also the best liquids among the shortfills, they have a lot of fans. The shortfill system is a very beginner-friendly mixing system in which you mix your own liquid indirectly.

With the purchase you receive a so-called Chubby Gorilla bottle, which is already filled with an aroma and nicotine-free base. You now only have space to add your desired nicotine content using nicotine shots. If you don't want to add a nicotine shot, you can also fill the bottle with base.

Since the aroma has already been extended with base, you can vape shortfills immediately and don't have to wait. You simply add the nicotine or the rest of the base, shake vigorously and you can fill your tank directly.

The advantages of shortfills:

  • No maturing time, just shake and fill the tank immediately
  • Very many different flavors
  • Concentration of nicotine and aroma is variable
  • Great value for money

Longfills - you have to be a little patient here

The counterpart to the short fill system are long fills. You will also get a shabby guerrilla bottle here, but it is only filled with liquid. Your task is now to fill up the aroma with base and, if necessary, with nicotine shots. This creates the best liquids that you have almost mixed yourself.

The advantage of mixing completely yourself is that you get the aroma in the finished shake-and-vape bottle. So you don't need a measuring cup or other measuring methods, just tip your base into the bottle.

The difference to the shortfill method: Longfills should be left to rest for between three and seven days (depending on the aroma). Only then will the best aromas unfold and you will experience an enjoyable vaping experience.

The advantages of longfills

  • very large selection of different flavors
  • you can use your own base for mixing
  • low price for high taste
  • short maturation period of 3 - 7 days maximum

3. Flavors - the delicious variety to mix yourself

The best aromas are a dime a dozen, but what is behind it? The aroma is responsible for the taste in your liquid. Flavors must not be vaporized pure - you only get a nicotine-free liquid in combination with the base. You are of course very flexible with the mixing ratios and can mix intensive, but also weak e-liquids. However, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions, because a lot of aroma can also develop an unpleasant taste.

Best flavors are only suitable for home mixers, which is not as complex as it sounds. In order to mix your liquid completely yourself, you need propylene glycol, glycerin and your aroma. If you want to vape with nicotine, you will also need nicotine salt or nicotine shots. In terms of equipment, you should now have a knife cup and mixing bottles in which you can mix your liquid.

Also, always make sure to stick a label on the bottle so that you know when you mixed your liquid. There is a maturing time for self-mixed liquids, which is specified by the manufacturer. You can steam your mixture beforehand, but the taste is not yet fully developed.

If you do not know exactly what quantities you need for the perfect liquid, you can use liquid calculators on the Internet that will give you precise results.

The advantages of flavors:

  • individual and very precise aroma dosing possible
  • Nicotine dose can be adjusted to your needs
  • the value for money is best
  • a lot of possibilities to create your own combinations

Who are the different types of liquids suitable for?

If you're new to it and have never vaped before, ready-made liquids are clearly your best option. Here you can experiment in peace, find your desired nicotine dose and then at some point decide on an Allday liquid. But that is not mandatory either. There is such a large selection, as the Liquid Test proves, that you can easily choose several favorite varieties and enjoy them.

Short and long fills are also very beginner-friendly and allow you to make your first attempts at mixing. All you need are nicotine shots and base. The rest of the equipment (liquid bottle, aroma) comes in a practical set. Add the base, shake, done - suitable for beginners and professionals.

Flavors are the supreme discipline when it comes to giving the liquid taste. Before you dare to mix it yourself with flavors, you should first consider your own taste. If you know roughly what you like and you use your e-cigarette without problems, you are ready to familiarize yourself with self-mixing.

Components / Ingredients Whether homemade, pre-purchased or short and long fill system, e-liquids always contain the same ingredients, only the taste varies. Liquid ingredients:

1. Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol is also known as PG for short. The substance is colorless, odorless and binds moisture. PG is also found in classic tobacco cigarettes. Propylene glycol is approved as a food additive in the EU; it has the designation E 1520.

In addition to e-liquids, you can also find PG in standard hygiene products such as creams, deodorants and toothpaste. Here the substance serves as a moisture binder or as a plasticizer. Emulsifiers, antioxidants or dyes also often contain PG.

2. Glycerin

The short form of glycerin is VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and is the second important component of every liquid. It is a simple variant of the trihydric alcohol. VG tastes slightly sweet and, like PG, is otherwise colorless and odorless.

VG is also approved by the EU as a food additive and bears the designation E 422. You can find VG in tobacco products as well as in the food sector. VG is also added to numerous cosmetics.

PG is approved by the EU as a safe food additive.

3. Flavors

The task of the best flavors is to give your liquid the ultimate taste. Theoretically, you can also steam your base without any liquid, but then it tastes at most slightly sweet and otherwise like nothing.

Artificial and natural flavorings can be found everywhere in food. There are more flavored foods out there than those without flavorings added. You can even use aromas when baking, here they are particularly known as vanilla or rum aromas.

The EU has published a list of all approved food additives and flavors on its official website.

5. Nicotine

Nicotine is not a mandatory component of e-liquids, here you decide for yourself whether you want to vape with or without nicotine. Nicotine is a neurotoxin, but it is not toxic in commercial quantities. However, it has been proven that nicotine creates addiction. Smokers and also vapers whose liquids contain nicotine are usually dependent on nicotine.

The 3 best ready-to-use liquids

Of course, the question of the perfect liquid is always a question of taste. Nevertheless, there are manufacturers who satisfy a large number of people and are therefore among the most popular.

1.Eirhorse liquids for exquisite enjoyment

Eirhorse liquids have become an indispensable part of the shelves in numerous steam shops. The high-quality ready-made liquids are not only cheap, but also extremely tasty. There are a total of 20 different flavors, fruit above all being very popular with vapers.

2. Dinner Lady - the lady for the vaporizer

Dinner Lady is one of the most popular manufacturers of liquids that can hardly be imitated in terms of taste. There is a large selection and the manufacturer not only offers classic ready-to-use liquids, but also shake-and-vape bottles with a capacity of 60 ml. The range is available with and without nicotine.

The best dinner lady liquids:

     Dinner Ladys Lemon Tart
     Dinner Ladys Strawberry Macaroon
     Dinner Ladys Apple Pie

3. Ohm Brew - Liquids with nicotine salt

Ohm Brew is committed to making it easier for ex-smokers to switch. The manufacturer's liquids contain nicotine salt, which can lead to faster addiction satisfaction. But at the same time Ohm Brew creates a new addiction, because these liquids are really tasty and you will never get enough of them.

The best Ohm Brew Liquids:

     Ohm Brew Punchin Pineapple
     Ohm Brew Banana Caramel Waffle
     Ohm Brew Black Jacked

The 5 best shortfills

Black Curant Menthol Eirhorse : contains a delicious blend of strong black currants mixed with cool menthol for a refreshing all-day steam.

Vampire Vape Pinkman : delicious red berries in an incomparable composition.

Vampire Vape Heisenberg : some love it, others hate it. A distinctive blend of menthol, anise and blueberry.

Flamingo Blue Raspberry & Candy :sounds simple, but tastes extremely fruity and fresh.

Infinity cloud : On hot days, the chilled strawberry-kiwi liquid tastes particularly cool.

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