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Tobacco industry is getting on board with e-cigarettes 0
Tobacco industry is getting on board with e-cigarettes

Tobacco industry is getting on board with e-cigarettes

The electronic cigarette is more than just a fashionable gimmick or a trend, it is a real alternative to the classic well-known "fake smoke". Because in contrast to the combustion of a classic cigarette, the liquids are only vaporized and high temperatures in combination with pollutants are not transported to your lungs. Conversely, this also means that the tobacco industry is in a state of upheaval. Manufacturers of classic cigarettes are threatened with a drop in sales. Does that mean the end for large manufacturers of cigarettes and thus also for tobacco farmers? With niece. Because even the tobacco industry knows how to take advantage of the popularity of electronic cigarettes.

You may now be wondering how the tobacco industry manages to jump on the e-cigarette bandwagon and thus open up new business areas. Let's take a look at one of the core parts of an electronic cigarette: the liquid. As the name suggests, the liquid is liquid. Various substances and aromas are dissolved in it, which are then evaporated. And especially for people who want to wean themselves from the classic cigarette or don't want to do without the well-known nicotine flash, there are also liquids with different nicotine contents.

Not only are different liquids available with a wide variety of flavors, but also with different nicotine contents. And the basis for this has always been the tobacco plant. And it is precisely this plant that the tobacco industry uses to provide the raw material for cigarettes.

However, the industry has now recognized that the increasing displacement of smokers from bars, pubs and restaurants, to name just one example, also threatens sales losses. And it is precisely these losses that the large corporations do not want to miss. The consequence is very clear: the tobacco industry is jumping on the e-cigarette bandwagon.

Tobacco industry sees great sales potential

Well-known corporations not only offer you liquids produced by companies themselves, but the large corporations now also produce their own electronic fags. At first glance, this is not immediately apparent to you, and for good reason. In many places the tobacco industry does not "peddle" the information that electronic cigarettes are now also being produced by a new company. Sometimes only a detailed search on the Internet for a specific electronic cigarette helps to find the manufacturer and, above all, to find the possible group from the manufacturer.

Consequence for the vape market

As a consequence, this means above all that an entire industry is in upheaval due to electronic cigarettes, since tobacco in the form of cigarettes is being pushed back and more and more is and is on everyone's lips in the truest sense of the word because of its electronic counterpart. Nevertheless, the tobacco industry is also saddled up on this train, with products such as liquids or its own production companies for e-cigarettes.

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