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All you need to know when traveling with your e-cigarette 0

All you need to know when traveling with your e-cigarette

Are you one of the lucky ones to travel abroad? And would you like to have your E cigarette?
This little guide will tell you what you should know, from travel arrangements to certain destinations.

Imagine: you end up in fantastic Singapore. They walk through the impressive streets and enjoy the sights. You have not steamed for a while and pick up your e-cigarette.
You inhale and enjoy the wonderful scratching in the throat before you blow out a large, full steam cloud. Suddenly you notice a hand on your shoulder. They turn around and face a police officer with a very serious expression. Before you get paid your holiday has become more than 100 euros more expensive because you have caught a penalty.

Because the rules and laws for e-cigarettes vary widely from country to country, it is important that you know the rules on your destination before you set off. Otherwise, you may risk that your e-cigarette is confiscated, you will have to pay high penalties, or even see the prison from inside. The latter, however, almost never happens.
However, to avoid such unpleasant situations, this guide has been compiled. You will find that rules and laws may have changed with time, so you should always be informed about the current state of affairs. Nevertheless, this guide is a good place to start your research.

Can I take my e-cigarette into the plane?

The short and concise answer is here: "mostly yes". Most airlines allow you to carry your e-cigarette in your hand luggage on board. Make sure you find out more about the individual airline before you start your journey.
It is normally also not a problem to take small bottles of E-Liquid with you on the plane. These fall under the famous 100 ml limit. However, like all other liquids, you must also store the E-Liquids in a transparent, lockable plastic bag with a volume of no more than one liter. In addition, only one such bag is allowed per passenger. If you have larger amounts of e-liquid to stow this into the freight baggage.

Something else we would like to draw attention to is that some passengers have noticed that your evaporators have run out due to the pressure in the cabin. So take some handkerchiefs with you. In the normal case, the leak ends as soon as you have landed.

Can I carry an e-cigarette in my freight bag?

E-cigarettes are now forbidden in the freight baggage world-wide. All batteries and devices with batteries must be carried in the hand luggage.

Can I use my e-cigarette on board?

You should forget this thought right away. Almost no airline allows you to steam on board. Also, the steam in the toilet should be left to you. Smoke detectors on the aircraft are extremely sensitive and respond to everything.

It is particularly serious at Qatar Airways. Here you end up in jail if you use an e-cigarette on board.
British Airways recently banned the sale of e-cigarettes on flights to Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Dubai due to country-specific regulations.

Can I use my e-cigarette at the airport?

AirportIn this thing there is some more hope but also not just much. Some airports have lounges and areas where steam is allowed. In addition to this, the smoking areas outside or inside are available in many airports. But there are also many airports where the steaming is completely forbidden and thus equals smoking. Again, it is best to inform before misunderstandings.

With the e-cigarette through the security control

As mentioned above, it is important to ensure that the same rules apply to e-liquids as for all other fluids.
Otherwise, there should be no further regulations and you can take your e-cigarette without worrying through the airport security check. Make sure that your battery is fully charged and activatable, because there are rules here and there.

Can I take my e-cigarette with me when I'm in a country with a ban betweenland?

It is usually possible to carry an e-cigarette, even if you are in a country where it is normally forbidden. This can happen, for example, when you land on your way to Australia in Qatar. However, you should be sure to talk with your airline.

Where can I vaping legally?

E-cigarettes allowed E cigarettes are prohibited in some countries but in many countries the prohibition refers to the sale rather than the consumption.

When traveling to Indonesia for example, you can meet many vapers who report that you are allowed to import e-cigarettes for your own consumption even if the resale is illegal.

Other countries, however, are more extreme. In Singapore, for example, anyone who gets caught using an e-cigarette is charged with a fine of $ 200. The use of e-cigarettes in parks and public areas is also prohibited in many states in the USA. An example is New York.

Before you travel

Should I remove batteries before traveling?

Yes, it is a good idea to switch off batteries before the trip and unscrew from the evaporator.

Should I bring my own e-liquid?

To bring E-Liquid is always a good choice. In many countries it is either impossible or very difficult to get E-Liquid.

How do you encounter attitudes?

Do not forget that vaping is not as popular as you are used to anywhere in the world. Moreover, not all people in other countries are particularly well informed about the product. That is why it is possible to encounter prejudices and accusations.
So you should know your facts and have patience. However, most people will probably not be disturbed by your e-cigarette, and you may even experience people respond positively and show interest because you have never seen an e-cigarette before.


In the introduction, we have promised that we will present you with a guide which also informs you about possible bans in different countries.
So we have looked at a few countries where German preferential holidays. We also want to point out that laws and regulations are constantly changing! Before you leave, you should inform yourself about your destination in order to avoid problems. Many countries are not represented in our list. Therefore, the responsibility remains with you.

In Australia, nicotine is seen as a toxin and the sale is prohibited without permission. The import and possession of products with nicotine is therefore not generally prohibited, but often a medical permit is required. The rules for the use and possession of nicotine are different and complicated in the different Australian states. So check out the laws of the state in which you are traveling.

In Austria there was previously a ban on e-cigarettes, but this was now lifted. In Austria, you can vaping.

Even if e-cigarettes are illegal in the country, it is legal to vaping.

In Bulgaria, e-cigarettes are completely legal.

In Denmark, e-cigarettes are classified with nicotine as a medicine. For the sale you need an authorization. Importing nicotine hemp for personal use is allowed. Steaming is generally legal.

Dominican Republic
Here the import of e-cigarettes is prohibited. Products brought in are confiscated by customs.

 If you travel within Germany, you will find information on how to handle e-cigarettes in public places and in public transport in Germany.

In England and the rest of the British states, steaming is legal.
In France too, e-cigarettes are legal, but there can be prohibitions in public places. You should look at signs and similar things. In parks, beaches and similar places, steaming is often prohibited.

Vaping is legal in Greece. There are so far no legal prohibitions or rules in connection with e-cigarettes.

For many, this is probably self-evident. In the Netherlands e-cigarettes are, of course, legal. So you do not have to worry about anything at all.

In the boot in the south, e-cigarettes are not very common, but there are also no regulations concerning the steam.

In Canada, carrying E-Liquid is not a problem. It is allowed to own E-Liquid for own consumption.

In Croatia it is illegal to use e-cigarettes in public places. Steaming must therefore be confined to private space. Many, however, report that this law is rarely enforced.

E-cigarettes are legal in the small island state of Malta. It is, however, the case that e-cigarettes are equated with tobacco products and are therefore prohibited in closed, public spaces.

The legal situation in Morocco is somewhat unclear as regards e-cigarettes. Many travelers report that there are no problems with the use of e-cigarettes in Morocco and it should also be possible to take the e-cigarette through the airport.

E-cigarettes and related parts are legal in Norway. In return, the sale of e-liquids with nicotine is illegal. If you want to smoke in Norway with nicotine, you should bring your e-liquid.
South Africa
The same is true in South Africa. E-cigarettes are legal but the sale of e-liquid with nicotine is illegal. So you should bring your own E-Liquid even if it is still sold in the country in a big style.

In Spain it is legal to use e-cigarettes. There are, however, a long series of public places where you can not steam. Check out the local rules.

Although there are regulations in Sweden for many things, it is legal to use e-cigarettes. Again, the sale of e-liquids with nicotine is illegal. So: bring your own.

In Switzerland, e-cigarettes are legal, but the sale of nicotine-containing E-Liquids is not. The import for own consumption is permitted. So here too: bring your own.

In Thailand, the import of e-cigarettes and e-liquid is illegal. In contrast, the ownership is legal and you can therefore use your e-cigarette in Thailand. However, it is a good idea to talk with your airline before trying to get your e-cigarette through the customs.

The legal rules for Tunisia are unclear and unfortunately we could not find a suitable answer.

E-cigarettes are also legal in Hungary, but the sale of nicotine-containing products is prohibited. This is also the place to go on holiday.

In Poland too, e-cigarettes are legal, but there can be prohibitions in public places. You should look at signs and similar things.

Overall, e-cigarettes are legal in the US. However, the individual states and municipalities have the possibility to make their own laws for the perimeter. So you should inform yourself about the rules in the destination / state before you travel.

In Cyprus, it is permitted by law to use e-cigarettes and there are no restrictions. But you should bring your own batteries as these are expensive in Cyprus and of low quality.

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