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Vampire Vape E Liquid: Great taste

Thanks to its extraordinary liquids, Vampire Vape provides a real explosion of flavor when vaping. The British manufacturer develops and produces its high-quality e-liquid in Manchester (England). Regular quality checks guarantee a consistently high quality and purity of the products. A huge selection of over 50 unique flavors leaves much to be desired.

In our vaping shop, we offer all varieties of this manufacturer in five different nicotine strengths (0/3/6/12/18 mg/ml). The right taste is marked with a special color of the label, delivery takes place in practical 10 ml PET bottles. The "Cool" and "CONCEPT XIX" series are available as 50 ml liquids in 60 and 75 ml bottles.

Optionally, a base or nicotine injection can be added. Vampire Vape Liquid can be vaped in any e-cigarette - even in the sub-ohm range. Good steam development guarantees the correct PG/VG mixing ratio. The Heisenberg and Pinkman variants are absolute bestsellers. Are you looking for a unique liquid taste, far from the "mainstream"? Then you are right here! Be sure to try "English Exotic", you will be delighted!

Vampire Vape

Heisenberg - Pinkman - Ice Menthol - Black Jack Vampire Vape Liquid - The taste revolution from England

The Vampire Vape company

More and more companies are adjusting to the increasing demand for e-cigarettes and their products and also supply the Irish market with high-quality e-cigarettes. The UK-based manufacturer Vampire Vape has set itself the task of delighting Irish consumers with extraordinary and sometimes surprising Vampire Vape Liquid flavors. Since it was founded in 2012, Vampire Vape can look back on impressive successes. The liquids with the name Heisenberg & Pinkman are among the most famous liquids among vapers. On the Vampire Vape website, interested customers can take a 2-minute virtual tour of the Vampire Vape Liquid production facility and thus gain an insight into the Vampire Vape company and its products. Because Vampire Vape stands for transparency and a good price-performance ratio for its products, which also include flavors for mixing liquids yourself. At Vampire Vape, service and customer satisfaction come first. For each of the more than 50 products marketed, a copy is archived for 15 years. So it should always be traceable how which article was produced and what it contains.

The Vampire Vape Liquid

The heart and one of the most important components of an e-cigarette is the e-liquid, because on the one hand it is, so to speak, the fuel of the device and on the other hand, of course, the respective flavor carrier. After all, vaping an e-cigarette should not only be fun, but also taste good. As soon as the e-cigarette is activated, the liquid turns into vapor and can be consumed. In addition to the countless aromas, the liquid may also contain nicotine. Its dosage is freely selectable and depends entirely on the wishes of the customer. The nicotine value is normally given in mg per ml and is given as a quantity on the respective packaging, which are the most common quantities in Ireland:

0 mg / ml - for enjoyment without any nicotine
6 mg / ml - for occasional smokers, equivalent to less than half a pack of cigarettes a day
12 mg / ml - for the average smoker with up to a pack of cigarettes a day
18 mg / ml - for heavy smokers who smoke more than one box a day

Other components besides the flavor carrier and nicotine are VG and PG. VG, the vegetable glycerine is viscous and responsible for the sweet taste and at the same time ensures the compact vapor. PG or propylene glycol, on the other hand, is a thin liquid that perfects the simulation of smoking. Every new user of e-cigarettes should try out for themselves which mixing ratio suits them best. It is recommended to start with a mixture of 50:50.

In addition to the wide range of Vampire Vape Liquid, the company Vampire Vape of course also offers any accessories in its Irish online shop that should be of interest to e-cigarette lovers. You can either buy ready-made Vampire Vape flavors from us, or if you wish, you can also purchase the ingredients for your own mix. Because in addition to the Heisenberg Liquid and Pinkman Liquid as well as numerous other very popular and extraordinary flavors from Vampire Vape, e-cigarette lovers are increasingly choosing individual components and mixing their own unique taste experience. This is another benefit that e-cigarette users and Vampire Vape customers can enjoy. They have the choice between the many different flavors and do not have to put up with the taste that the tobacco industry offers them, as tobacco smokers do. Furthermore, everything on the subject of e-cigarettes is available on the Vampire Vape website, both for the experienced vaper and for the absolute novice in this field. The inexpensive starter kit with its simple design and various modern colors makes it easier to get started in the world of e-cigarettes.

The range of Vampire Vape

Due to the large variety of Vampire Vape varieties and flavors as well as the high quality of the products and the professional and friendly service, the company Vampire Vape guarantees full customer satisfaction. Thanks to Vampire Vape, the e-cigarette market in Ireland has been revolutionized, because Vampire Vape is always keen to create new and revolutionary brands and thus to be able to offer high quality Vampire Vape goods at affordable prices. Due to the excellent further development of its products and the transparency in all areas, Vampire Vape has quickly made a name for itself in the vaping scene in recent years. The high quality demands of the customers are guaranteed by constant and uniform quality tests. With the latest technology and constant improvement of production conditions as well as the latest research, Vampire Vape is always up to date and develops itself and its products to the full satisfaction of its customers. Therefore, the company Vampire Vape is always close to its customers and welcomes any feedback. Because only those who know what the customer wants or what moves them can develop further and establish themselves permanently on the world market.

Vampire Vape Ns20 Nic Salts e-liquids

Vampire Vape Ns20 nic salts e-liquids are one of the most talked about e-liquids on the market. The high nicotine salt concentrate provides a maximum nicotine delivery of 20MG with a minimum throath hit.

High nicotine and low troathit

Many vapers experiment with the search for the perfect nicotine level and often change the level. The Ns20 e-liquids provide a smooth, tasteful vaping experience where the maximum legally established level of 20MG has been applied. The natural salt within the tobacco leaves is used as the basis of the nicotine and results in a smooth experience when vaping. With the Ns20 e-liquids you have to vape remarkably less and you still retain the feeling of satisfaction.

Can I vape Nic Salts e-Liquid Sub-Ohm?

You can vape the nicotine salts liquids in both a sub-ohm tank and a non-sub-ohm tank. When you vape an Ns20 liquid in a sub-ohm tank, this can be experienced as intense. If you have no experience with vapors with a high nicotine content, we recommend using a non-sub-ohm tank.

Vampire Vape aroma

In addition to ready-to-use e-liquids and nic salts, Vampire Vape is also known for the many aromas they have released. Simply put, an aroma is a flavoring. With a Vampire Vape aroma you can therefore mix your e-liquid yourself, by adding a base liquid (and possibly) nicotine.

Heisenberg is available in the following forms:

Pinkman is available in the following forms:

  • Vampire Vape Pinkman e-liquid
  • Pinkman nic salt
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