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Aspire Zelos 3 Kit


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Buy the best ready-made batteries, battery carriers and battery cells now in the shop

In this category we have put together battery mods and ready-made batteries for vapers. Battery carriers (also called mods or box mods) are operated with external batteries, the 18650 batteries have become the standard, 20700 and 21700 batteries are newer formats with higher performance and capacity. If the performance of a single battery is insufficient, battery mods are also operated with two or more batteries in dual mode.

In contrast to the battery mod, the cells are firmly integrated in the prefabricated batteries, which means that they are somewhat more compact in construction and usually also cheaper. Anyone who has exhausted a ready-made battery has to wait until it is recharged. With the battery mod, you can continue vaping immediately after changing the cells and only buy the battery cells in the event of age-related wear. In contrast to the all-in-one e-cigarette, both battery mods and prefabricated batteries offer the option of combining them with any vaporizer, provided that the battery mod and vaporizer have a similar diameter.


Eleaf iStick Full Kit 30W Eleaf iStick Full Kit 30W
Vendor: Eleaf


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Aspire - Zelos Box Mod Aspire - Zelos Box Mod
Vendor: aSpire


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Aspire Dynamo Mod Aspire Dynamo Mod
Vendor: aSpire


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Ready-made batteries for easy vaping of liquids with compact devices

Ready-made batteries are housings with a built-in battery, onto which you screw a vaporizer and start vaping immediately. Anyone who loves it simple and compact, does not need ample power or huge capacity, is very well served with a ready-made battery. Ready-made batteries can be found with a capacity of up to 2,500 mAh, the Eleaf iStick Melo battery has set the bar high with 4,440 mAh, which is the performance class of a full-blown box mod. In the ready-made batteries category, you will find both new, state-of-the-art devices and replacement batteries for sets that have been on the market for a long time.

Battery mod for demanding sub-ohm vaping with maximum performance

Battery mods are all devices with exchangeable battery cells that have to be purchased separately. The variety among the battery mods for vapers is enormous, differences are not only found in the design, in the size and the performance measured in watts; but also in a wide variety of modes and setting options. Depending on the equipment, you can steam your liquid in variable watt mode (power mode), in variable volt mode or temperature-controlled in TC mode. Many current battery mods also have the option of warming up the atomizer head with a preheating function and storing their own performance curves for the perfect puff.

Box Mod or Tube Mod? Mainly battery mod

Battery mods are often referred to as mod, a term from the early days of vaping. Back then, so-called modders modified their devices so that they were suitable for vaping. Today, thanks to the large selection of battery mods, this is of course no longer necessary, but the name has remained. A tube mod describes a tube-shaped battery carrier, a box mod is an angular battery carrier - in the shape of a box. The biggest advantage of battery mods over devices with built-in batteries is that you can replace the battery cells inexpensively if they lose capacity over time due to use.

510 threads connect the battery carrier and the atomizer

A thread connects the battery carrier with the atomizer. The standardized 510 connection has prevailed over the eGo connection, which is hardly used today. When buying, don't just make sure that the mod and vaporizer have the same connection. Both should harmonize with one another with regard to the diameter and the envisaged performance range.

Battery cells for battery mods and e-cigarettes

Battery cells must be suitable for your battery mod, as the performance increases, you need battery cells with an ever higher continuous load capacity. The battery cells in our e-cigarette shop are classified according to type, the designation includes information on diameter, length and shape. A 18650 battery is a round cell (0 = round) with a diameter of 18mm and a length of 65mm.

Calculation of the required long-term load capacity of battery cells

The maximum power of the battery mod in watts divided by 3 results in the minimum necessary continuous load capacity of the battery in amperes. However, another 10% should be added to this for conversion losses of the step-up converter of the battery mod. For example, for a battery mod with 75 watts, you need a battery with a continuous load capacity of at least 27.5 amps. When using 2 battery cells, you can divide this value by 2 again. If 3 battery cells are used by 3.

If you never operate your battery mod above 50 watts, a correspondingly weaker battery will of course be sufficient. We do not recommend this, especially for beginners, as such a limitation is too quickly forgotten.

Where does the factor 3 in the long-term load capacity of battery cells come from?

The lower the residual voltage (U) of the battery, the higher the required current (I) with constant power (P). Or else: The emptier the battery, the greater the load on the battery because more electricity is required.

Regulated battery carriers normally switch off at approx. 3V voltage under load. The point of the highest load is therefore immediately before the protective shutdown of the battery mod intervenes.

P = U * I results in I = P / U, so I = P / 3 for a battery voltage of 3 volts.

As already mentioned above, the conversion losses of the step-up converter should still be estimated at at least 10%, and thus ultimately obtain the minimum required continuous load capacity of the batteries.

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