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Vape Pod - Festival of Premieres And Announcements

Manufacturers of vaporization devices spoiled us to such an extent that it is fully justified to look at the coming year 2023 as a time when the vape market will be enriched with more interesting devices. You can expect surprising news or technological revolutions, which you will certainly find in our Vape Shop.

Vape Pod

POD e-cigarettes

E-cigarette with POD system You can buy a POD e-cigarette here. POD system means that the respective tank only fits the corresponding model and cannot be used on any other battery. This system creates visually beautiful and unusual models, which usually also have a significantly larger tank volume.

Most of the e-cigarettes offered here work with POD tanks, which are refillable and where the atomizer head can be changed separately. With some devices, the coil cannot be changed separately and has to be replaced by a completely new POD tank, where the coil is permanently installed.

With the SC Easy 3 e-cigarette, neither the tank nor the atomizer head can be replaced. A new cap, which is equipped with liquid and atomizer head, must always be used here. For inexperienced users the simplest but not the cheapest choice.

The Top 6pod systems in the test & comparison

Since e-cigarettes are enjoying ever increasing popularity and the market is constantly developing, it is obvious that the pod systems are now also available in a number of designs and from a large number of manufacturers. Even if the principle is actually the same for all e-cigarettes and pod systems: Electrically generated heat ensures that the liquid is heated. You can then inhale the resulting vapor through a mouthpiece. However, there are some differences and advantages and disadvantages between the various models. We have tested our top 10 pod systems for you and give you a brief overview here:

1. VooPoo Vinci X e-cigarette set

The VooPoo Vinci X e-cigarette set is an innovative pod system that is available in many different colors and is not too expensive at € 44.99. The supplied set consists of the Vinci X battery mod and the Vinci Pod. Attached are two different heads that are optimized for vaping in the sub-ohm range. To change the head, simply disconnect the pod system from the battery / battery carrier and insert the head into the pod system. The fundamental difference to the Vinci e-cigarette is that the Vinci X is not equipped with battery cells. This means that you have to order these separately. Use an 18650 battery cell for this, which can provide a maximum of 70 watts.

2. Smok E-cigarette Nord

The Nord e-cigarette is another top product from the Smok brand and costs only € 28.99. It is a small and practical e-cigarette that still has a long-lasting battery with 1100 mAh and a pod system with 2 ml tank volume. However, the set does not include an integrated head, which is why you can vaporize your favorite liquid using different heads. The scope of delivery already includes a Nord Regular Head with 1.4 ohms, which is suitable for moderate vaping, and a Nord Mesh Head with 0.6 ohms for vaping in the sub-ohm range.

3. Aspire BP80 kit

Beyond your imagination - Aspire sets an example with the BP80.

Wrapped in a robust coat made of a zinc alloy and equipped with a leather grip area, Aspire underlines the high quality of the materials used, while optical decorations in the form of contrasting seams refine the appearance.

In addition, thanks to its rounded edges and slim design, the device is easy to grip and thus enables safe operation.

Furthermore, a 2500mAh battery works inside, which with the built-in ASP chipset achieves a power of up to 80 watts, whereby the automatic coil detection makes a direct adjustment and is therefore designed for beginners.
At the same time, an additional configuration can be made using the two buttons on the side, while the 0.96-inch color display shows all relevant information to keep you always up to date.

In addition, the 4.6 ml cartridge is attached magnetically and, thanks to the simple plug-in system, enables the BP coils to be exchanged quickly. The coils, which work in the sub-ohm range, with their tried-and-tested mesh grid, in combination with the adjustable bottom airflow, create an intense taste and dense vapor development.

4. I.O Kit from Innokin

The Innokin I.O Kit is a new small pod mod vape from Ladies and Gents at Innokin.

The Innokin I.O Pod Kit is an extremely handy and also high-performance e-cigarette, which is ideal for switching from smoking to vaping and also for the everyday vaping of all professionals. This excellent kit combines perfect MTL performance with a particularly high battery capacity and this with incredibly small dimensions. This kit from Innokin is hardly longer than a conventional cigarette and can therefore be carried comfortably in your pocket.

The Innokin I.O Pod System is ideal for everyday use

With the Innokin I.O Pod System, the steamer gets a real top-of-the-line device, the built-in battery with a capacity of 310mAh. Considering the extremely small dimensions, this battery performance is truly enormous. The battery is conveniently charged via quick charging via the device's micro-USB port. Basically, this compact kit is designed for the subtle baking draft, for which the device offers an ideal amount of steam. The manufacturer has provided the kit with a highly functional automatic pull system, so there is no fire button on this pod system. A small LED informs the vaper about the current status and the charge level of the battery.

The exchangeable pods from the Innokin I.O Pod Kit offer a tank volume of 0.8ml and can be filled. Innokin made these pods out of transparent plastic, which means that the steamer always has control of the current liquid level. The coils are permanently installed in the pods and are available in two different designs. Depending on the coil used, the pod kit has an output of between 5.5 and 8.5 watts. If desired, the steamer can opt for a pod with a coil made of either ceramic or kanthal. Both coils have a resistance of 1.4 ohms and thus enable perfect MTL enjoyment.

5. Vaporesso XROS Pod Kit

With the XROS, Vaporesso brings a new pod system onto the market. With its high-quality workmanship, the kit ensures a very noble and excellent look. The built-in battery has a capacity of 800 mAh.

Thanks to its compact design, the kit lies perfectly in the hand and can be easily stored anywhere. The battery of the XROS Pod Kit is fully charged within 45 minutes thanks to the USB type C cable. The three-color LED shows the current battery level. All important protective circuits are also built into the Axon chipset. The maximum output power is 16 watts

The mesh pods hold 2 ml and can be easily filled from above. Two pods with a mesh winding are supplied, each of which has 0.8 ohms and 1.2 ohms. Thanks to the slider, the airflow can be set very comfortably.

Vaporesso XROS 0.8 ohm sieve pod

Vaporesso XROS 1.2ohm screen pod

6. Exceed grip

At first glance, the Exceed Grip is a nice, small and colorful e-cigarette - and thus apparently just one of many. But far from it, because the Exceed Grip is a real all-rounder with great features that you will not find anywhere else.

It should be mentioned, for example, that this almost tiny e-cigarette can be operated in both DL and MTL mode thanks to its exchangeable cartridge or pod system. Furthermore, it has a number of important safety functions, can be quickly refilled on the go, has a great taste thanks to mesh technology and is equipped with an impressive 1000 mAh battery.

The highlight (in addition to its stylish, multi-colored look) is definitely the DBP technology, which is slumbering in the built-in chip of the Exceed Grip. The so-called Dry Burn Protection automatically detects the "moisture level" of the atomizer head and automatically switches off the e-cigarette if the liquid level is too low and the cotton wool becomes too dry. Pretty clever, right?

And did we already mention that the Exceed Grip has been optimized for use with nicotine salt liquids? No? Well - already now.

Pod systems from

Compared to "classic" e-cigarettes, pod systems have a number of advantages: They are characterized by the fact that they are particularly compact and handy and, moreover, easy to operate and handle. Therefore, they are aimed primarily at beginners, but also for experienced vapers. The mostly smaller devices are really practical, especially for your pocket and for on the go. Although the batteries are usually much smaller, they still have enough power to guarantee a good taste and a noticeable nicotine flash.

When choosing the device you should pay attention to whether you prefer a lot or little steam and whether you want to steam MTL (mouth to lungs) or DL (direct to lungs). Please note, however, that MTL is the more comfortable or more suitable variant for vapers who are boarding and transferring.

If you have any questions about this or any other questions, it is best to seek advice from a specialist dealer and read the reviews and experiences of other customers.

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