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We offer honest vape reviews. It takes up to 2 weeks to test a vaping product. We start by evaluating the aesthetics of the tested device, the quality of workmanship, and all advanced functions. If you want us to review a specific product, write to us and send an inquiry! Our email:

See what our experienced vapers have to say

In our vaping experts' reviews, you can see how each device is rated after passing rigorous lab tests. You'll hear their thoughts on the pros and cons of the product first hand. You can also post your own reviews and share your thoughts with the rest of the world under each review.

Our vape lab

We know that some vapers care about the actual data of their devices. As such, we test vaporizers for their wattage, voltage, and charging speed to see if they meet the advertised specifications.

Opinions about e-cigarettes often focus on the handling of the equipment. Although it may seem complicated for beginners, after a while everything becomes trivial. We are talking about both filling and smoking. Regardless of the e-cigarette model, everything comes down to pressing a button and drawing steam. In addition, the electronic cigarette also has a lower environmental impact. Of course, the e-cigarette produces a lot of smoke, but in most cases it is a fragrant cloud that disappears very quickly. With regular cigarettes, smoke has a much greater effect on passive smokers.

What e-cigarette for a beginner e-smoker? E-cigarette models worth attention.

Switching to e-cigarettes is not easy. Many people give up this device because it does not meet their expectations. Meanwhile, the problem is primarily due to the fact that we bought the wrong e-cigarette. However, it so happens that on the market we can find many models that will prove to be very comfortable.

It is worth noting that thanks to e-cigarettes, everyday smoking will take place in much more comfortable conditions. What's more, we won't have to worry about the lack of a lighter or matches. Good e-cigarettes also ensure long life and trouble-free operation, thanks to which one device will last for a really long time. So what parameters should you pay attention to? Here are some tips for beginners.

Construction of the device - a good e-cigarette model should have a simple design so that opening and filling it with liquid is not a problem. The clearomizer must be capacious, preferably from 1.6 to 2 ml. This amount is enough for a whole day of smoking and, depending on the strength of the liquid, will correspond to one or two packs of cigarettes.

All this means that before buying, it is worth carefully following the description of the device, which should contain information about its construction and how to use it. The opinions of other users will also be extremely helpful. In the case of devices such as e-cigarettes, this is very important - especially for beginners. The information contained in them will allow us to deduce whether the device we are interested in is really worth attention or on the contrary. This applies, among others, to the durability of e-cigarettes and the aforementioned convenience of use.

Good to know

E-cigarette liquid is a liquid mixture of dissolved nicotine and propylene glycol or glycerin, and sometimes both. Although the operation of the device can be a bit complicated, the user usually only cares about filling the canister and replacing the mouthpieces. There are models of e-cigarettes available on the market, which differ primarily in construction and design, although some technical parameters may also be important.

Electronic cigarettes often differ significantly in terms of construction. On the market we can find e-cigarette pens, i.e. thin and very handy devices, as well as Boxy e-cigarettes, i.e. thicker "boxes", which are often distinguished by a very attractive design, stylized in many ways.

Battery – a discharged battery does not allow you to enjoy vaping, and a long charging time may make you reach for a regular cigarette. What battery capacity will be appropriate? It is to reach a value of about 1300-1500 mAh, which will allow us to use it for 2-3 days on a single charge. Of course, the frequency of charging the battery depends on how the e-cigarette is used. The more often we reach for it, the faster the battery will run out.

Fortunately, we can also find more capacious models of e-cigarettes on the market. E-cigarette batteries can have a capacity of up to 3000 mAh. Thanks to this, we are sure that our equipment will withstand intensive use for several days. Considering the similarity of the e-cigarette models offered on the market, when trying to answer the question of how to choose the best smoking equipment, the battery seems to be the most important.

Manufacturers sometimes also provide information on how long e-cigarettes are charged. Fast battery charging can be crucial for many people. A good solution will be to buy two batteries for the e-cigarette - when one is charged, the other will be used for further smoking.

The quality of the e-cigarette - the clearomizer should be made of good quality plastic or tempered glass. Ordinary glass clearomizers can break when dropped. Similarly in the case of the battery housing - it should be a solidly finished structure. Any breaks or loose connections can cause the electronic cigarette to fail quickly. Considering this, buying cheap devices may turn out to be a bad choice, also in financial terms. The construction of low-end e-cigarettes is usually characterized by poor quality, which translates into frequent failures. These, in turn, usually end with the need to purchase new equipment, and thus further expenses. Therefore, it is better to invest in solidly made e-cigarette models, even for novice users.

Additional functions – in the case of the simplest or disposable e-cigarettes, there are few of them. On the market, however, you can often find devices that support the air flow regulation system, which allows you to adjust their operation in a specific way. In addition, some newer models of e-cigarettes allow you to view the battery charge status and operating temperature or the puff counter. Although an e-cigarette with basic functions is enough for beginners and occasional users, the charge level indicator will be useful to everyone.

Equipment - in answer to the question of how to choose an e-cigarette, it is also important what is included in the kit. We can count not only on the smoking device itself, but also on the atomizer, battery, heaters, mouthpieces and chargers. Fluids can do this too. All this makes it worth carefully analyzing the product card when buying an electronic device.

Of course, all these accessories can be purchased separately - we are talking about e-cigarette batteries, mouthpieces, atomizers and chargers. E-cigarette heaters are also offered separately and in sets. It is worth noting that although the amount of additional equipment may initially be overwhelming - if you are just deciding on your first electronic cigarette - in fact, the process of use is very easy for any beginner.

Good to know

It is best to use the heater that was included in the set, and in case of burnout, buy another one with the same parameters. Choosing the right heater is very important - if the e-cigarette had a 1.8 ohm heater at the factory, the 2.0 ohm heater may cause problems, although it is not a rule.

E-cigarettes - models from popular manufacturers

There are also often questions: which brand of e-cigarette is the best? Which models to choose? Unfortunately, there are no clear answers to these questions. However, we can assume that the best solution is to buy an e-cigarette from well-known and respected brands. Why? Because we are sure that the selected e-cigarette will be distinguished by a solid construction and appropriate durability, thanks to which it will serve us for a long time.

You can learn a lot about the usefulness of e-cigarettes available on the market thanks to the opinions of users who often share their experiences of using specific equipment. Taking into account the rankings, the Smok, Vaporesso, Innokin and Joyetech e-cigarettes are particularly popular.

It is worth considering that e-cigarettes for beginners should have features that will allow you to get used to the device faster. For most people starting their adventure with electronic cigarettes, the transition from classic tobacco products can be difficult. Therefore, you should consider all of the above parameters - including the case, which will hold better. Even more important is the battery, because with a quick discharge, for people starting to limit smoking, it is an excuse to reach for a regular cigarette. The most popular manufacturers usually try to adapt the product to the preferences of the majority of users, so paying attention to the brand is the right decision.

E-cigarette - frequently asked questions

Many people are afraid of electronic cigarettes. This is, of course, due to the lack of sufficient knowledge about these devices. E-cigarettes can be confusing, especially for beginners. Taking this opportunity, we decided to answer the most frequently asked questions about the devices themselves, as well as how to use them. Below you will find everything about e-cigarettes.

How to charge an e-cigarette?

A USB charger is included with each e-cigarette kit. Charging is usually indicated by a diode on the charger, battery or in more advanced models on the display. If the LED is red, the e-cigarette battery is charging, if it turns green, it is fully charged. The charging time of the battery depends on its capacity and usually takes from 2 to 5 hours.

Of course, battery capacity alone is not always the deciding factor. Much depends on how often we use the device. For occasional smoking, standard models with a battery capacity of up to 2000 mAh are sufficient. If the electronic cigarette is used much more often, you should of course buy a more powerful battery. It is worth noting that it is difficult to clearly indicate which e-cigarette model will be suitable for beginners. Some people starting to smoke electronic cigarettes use the device occasionally, while other users use the new gadget with increased frequency in the first weeks.

E-liquid Selection

Liquids have specific strengths - from 0 mg of nicotine to even 20 mg of nicotine. A heavy smoker should primarily decide to buy a capacious e-cigarette with a durable battery. It is worth choosing a strong liquid, preferably Nicotine Salt. It is recommended to start with the content of 20 mg, which is strong enough - this amount corresponds to a pack of "red" cigarettes. For beginners, the choice of e-liquid should depend on previous experience with nicotine.

While smoking, we can feel that such a liquid is already too strong - then it is worth reducing its strength to 18 mg, and over time even to 12 mg. Some smokers gradually lower their powers, until they reach the point where they smoke e-liquid with zero nicotine content. In this way, the electronic cigarette contributes to the reduction of addiction, and thus the lower impact of harmful substances on the body.

E-cigarette - is it worth buying?

Electronic cigarettes can be extremely convenient to use. In some cases, they also allow you to reduce smoking, which will undoubtedly contribute to better well-being and health. However, in order for them to fulfill their functions, you should think about how to choose the right equipment. This, in turn, requires an analysis of the technical parameters described above, the construction of the equipment, as well as the attached equipment. The opinions of other users, on whom we can also rely, are also important. Thanks to all this information, we can find high-quality e-cigarette models that will meet all our expectations.

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